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Published on June 5th, 2012 | by Ernie Estrella


E3 2012 Roundup: With ‘Watch Dogs,’ ‘Rayman Legends’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed III,’ Ubisoft Draws Lots of Oohs and Aahs

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After a ho-hum morning, Day 1 of E3 2012 was put into high gear at the Ubisoft Presentation. We got our first real demonstration of what a Wii-U game can be, thrilling footage from the company’s most exciting franchise, and a new IP that will have gamers talking for a long time. Star of FX animated series, Archer and self-proclaimed gamer geek, Aisha Tyler hosted the presentation and was a notable upgrade over Mr. Caffeine.

Here were some of the highlights:

just dance 4

Just Dance 4
Rapper Flo Rida performed with a bevy of dancers kicking off the presentation to segue into the announcement of Just Dance 4 with a release date of October 9, 2012. Flo Rida explained his enthusiasm for being a part of the game and his music reaching dance gamers, so expect him to be one of the big names attached to the game. There was more of the same you’d expect from the #1 dancing game that helped sell a lot of Kinects and Wiis across the world. Can it sell Wii Us? Nintendo’s next-gen console was added to the Just Dance family with an additional mode called “Puppet Master” and Ubisoft was very vocal about being a big third-party developer for the new Nintendo console. Speaking of the Wii U…
rayman legends wii u

Rayman Legends
The classic Ubisoft side-scroller flexed its muscles its Wii U version of the game supporting up to five players at once. One of the characters must be used with the Wii U Game Pad and utilized the touch screen capabilities of the innovative controller, creating an iPad game experience while traditional gamers can navigate the other characters and other parts of the game. There was a clear delineation of the simultaneous but varied experiences. Based on your comfort with console controls, a novice could come in and play the one character on the Wii U Game Pad right away and flourish. The gameplay was fast, crisp and smooth with plenty of 3D-like action. I don’t know if all Wii U games are going to be this fun, but Rayman Legends looks like a must-play game with the Wii U Game Pad as well as the Wii Pro Controller.


And the exclusive support for the Wii U keeps on rolling. We did not get any live action gameplay but we did get a trailer of what appeared to be stills of the game play for a zombie FPS, a bloody savage one at that. The Wii U will be targeted for the niche family and party gamers but if it wants to step up to the big leagues and get into the console war, then it has to pump out a selection of mature games too. The graphics were amazing in this trailer and got everyone whispering but we want to see live-action gameplay. Tyler said that this used to be the Killer Freaks from Outer Space title that was announced for the Wii U at last year’s E3 Expo. We don’t care where the zombies come from, we just want to play this game.

avengers battle for earth

Marvel’s Avengers: Battle For Earth
We got to see a trailer for this motion-controlled action game starring the Avengers as drawn from the current comic books and not the feature film. Wanna know how you can tell the difference? Wolverine and Spider-Man are prominently featured in the trailer. Also making an appearance was Thor, Captain America, and Hulk. This will be based off the Secret Invasion storyline that ran through the comics in 2008 where Skrulls were discovered to have populated and infiltrated the Earth and have been posing under the disguise of heroes and allies for decades. It’s being developed for the Wii U and Xbox 360 Kinect.

assassins creed 3

Assassin’s Creed III
A new assassin (Connor), a new time period (The American Revolution), and a whole new environment, but the Templars are still the bad guys. You have to love the new world we get to play in and the potential story ideas that could come out of this. The Free Masons? Maybe. The British? Most certainly. Benjamin Franklin and George Washington? You better believe it. The gameplay was brilliant as Connor’s main weapon is an assassin’s tomahawk that creates a resounding thud when it’s swung deep into a red coat. Later at Sony’s Playstation presentation, the demo shown was a colonial navy battle straight out of Master &camp; Commander. This latest installment looks to cover anything and everything you can imagine from this era.

Watch these two videos. The first is a trailer and the second is the game demo; look for the creative ways Connor uses a bayonet. Look for it October 30.



Far Cry 3
A very um, revealing trailer showed more themes of kidnapping and jungle war tactics that will all be exposed on September 4 when this game will be released. In conjunction with the Sony footage, there will be a single-player game and a four-player co-op mode that will each have their own storyline. PS3 users will have access to exclusive DLC on the release date.

watch dogs

Watch Dogs
Everyone expected great things for the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and yes, there’s no denying that Just Dance 4 is a no-brainer, but people wanted to see something new from Ubisoft and they delivered that in Watch Dogs. This new IP is an open-world game that investigates the underground world of hackers and the power they have in their hands, wreaking havoc on the ever-growing connected world based on electronics and computers. Aidan Pearce is the new anti-hero and gamers will be able to control the world around them whether it’s jamming communications, taking hold of the traffic, gain access to security cameras and being able to get information on anyone with a wave of his cell phone. Information is as dangerous as an automatic pistol and in this game you’ll have both. The city footage in the demo was remarkable and it felt completely alive from LED billboards to the rain soaking the urban locale. Not much was spelled out but that kind of mystery just leaves the observer wanting more, much, much more.

Other Ubisoft News:
• Ubisoft announced that they are the leader in Wii U games expected to his streets by the first half of 2013. In addition to Assassin’s Creed III, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Just Dance 4, Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth, the other games to support the partnership are Rabbids Land, Sports Connection, and Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013.

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