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Published on June 5th, 2012 | by Ernie Estrella


E3 2012: ‘Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition’ Leads Lackluster Wii U Game Launch

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Now that Nintendo has stepped up with a more serious gaming console, here comes the games. Titles that avoided the Wii’s inferior graphics and awkward controls, welcomed the challenge to incorporate second-screen technology, HD graphics, and more ambitious gameplay. The biggest score is Batman: Arkham City, but unfortunately it won’t be a whole new experience.

Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition will feature all of the great gameplay from Arkham City with all of the available downloadable content but introduces Battle Armored Tech (B.A.T.) mode and new battalion suits for Batman and Catwoman. What do these new suits do? Batman and Catwoman can earn additional power-up because they can build kinetic energy during combat. Once activated each player enters “B.A.T.” mode with more power than what was previously given to them in earlier versions of the game.

“The new controller allows for a different twist on the Batman: Arkham City game,” Reid Schneider, Vice President and Executive Producer, WB Games Montréal said. “As players now have the power of the Batcomputer and gadgets in the palm of their hands.”

How will the Wii U Game Pad be used? Batman now has a wrist-mounted computer that users can access without having to interrupt their flow of the game, or have a friend work the Game Pad. The modified controls will allow the game pad to be used to “choose their gadget, track forensic evidence, upgrade their gear, detonate explosive gel, and more, all while remaining immersed in the action. Additionally, all gadgets have been reimagined to utilize the power of the GamePad, offering an unprecedented level of accuracy when using the Batarang and scanning for clues.”

Wow, I just had a thought… I can just see all of the gamers racing to be a “Game Pad Bitch.” Well, either that or gamers are going to find ways to mount that giant Game Pad to their wrist.

Other third-party games announced:

Sadly, there was no great first party games announced. It was the classic Nintendo catalogue re-imagined for the Wii U. Nintendo’s Shigery Miyamoto came out to present at E3 2012, rolling out the expected New Super Mario Bros. U where players can play as their Mii characters in addition to new evolutions of Mario. There’s a new game mode called Boost Mode to add blocks, avoid enemies and allow multiple players to work together.

Other first-party Nintendo Wii U games:

Pimkin 3 – The Wii U GamePad creates real-time strategy by reinventing the control scheme and challenging players in exciting new ways. Pikmin 3 also takes advantage of the HD capabilities of Wii U to more elaborately depict the rich nature landscapes, various creatures and the lovable Pikmin.

SiNG (working title) – An interactive musical performance game for everyone at the party involved in the music. With dozens of popular songs to choose from, everyone from novice singers and dancers to budding stars can join in on the fun. The main performer holds the GamePad while others in the room sing, dance and clap along with the music. It’s not bad enough people think they can sing like Black Eyed Peas, now they can act like them too.

Wii Fit U – In addition to using the existing Wii Balance Board, and Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus owners can transfer their existing workout data. There’s a new Fit Meter, which is an advanced activity monitor that will be packaged with the game and enables users to track fitness activities throughout the day and upload that data back into Wii Fit U. Is anyone else creeped out by sweat and electronics?

In LEGO City: Undercover As Chase McCain, an undercover detective who uses disguises to run, drive and even fly through the city. The Wii U GamePad is used as a map, communicator and indispensable crime scanner. Nintendo claims that this is the first time that the LEGO City play sets have come to life on a gaming platform.


Um, where’s Zelda? Kid Icarus? Mario Party? Duck Hunt? Excite Bike? Where’s Tiger Woods’ Golf? I was really expecting more games, even if they were classic Nintendo licenses. The most exciting Wii U games are still the ones from Ubisoft, and our roundup of their presentation can be read here. Rayman Legends looks to be the head of the class so far, but Nintendo will have to bring something new, something truly original to blow our lids off. I’m sure a great deal of their attention was given to the hardware but right now my arms are still folded. Third party games are great, and thanks to Ubisoft the future Wii U investors may have something great to play, but this first wave of games, especially by Nintendo, left us very underwhelmed.

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