Halo 4 – Yes, The Battle Rifle Still Kicks Butt – Even ‘Ancient Evil’ Butt

by Bags Hooper on June 4, 2012

in E3 2012, Xbox 360

Halo 4 kicked off the Microsoft Xbox 2012 E3 Press conference with the banner: “An Ancient Evil Awakens.” And, one thing was certain. The Battle rifle is still the sickest weapon known to first-person shooter fans. Even the Assault Rifle had a stronger kick.

When Master Chief lands in a jungle environment, ripped right out of the first Predator movie, he’s waiting for just that. Jungle creatures with a touch of sci-fi creativity. Instead of the Covenant, new enemies looked like a mixture of General Grievous from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and xenomorphs from Alien. Also was presented was a plasma rifle that looked like a variation on the Covenant sniper rifle.

It’s clear that Halo 4 fans will be thrilled by the new iteration of Halo. And, the multiplayer action will have an even deadlier feel with more powerful weapons and kickback from Halo rifles.

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