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Published on June 4th, 2012 | by Alan Danzis


‘Game of Thrones’ – Season 2 Finale (Episode 10) Review: ‘Valar Morghulis’

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After last week’s incredible and very focused episode Blackwater, Game of Thrones this week was back to spending like five to ten minutes with all the main characters. It was a great set-up for season three, but was it a great episode? Not necessarily but still very strong thanks to superb acting by all around—but especially Tryion, Theon and Dany. (As usual.)

So what happened last night?

  • Tyrion. Alive with a nasty, but bad-ass scar on his face. He know knows his sister, not necessarily Joffrey, was behind his attempted murder. And his father Tywin has stolen his job as Hand of the King. Shae returns his love, but he won’t leave King’s Landing with her. Was I crazy that I wanted him to leave and join the Starks? He’s the only Lannister I don’t want to see dead after all…
  • Tywin. While I could have done without the horse shitting in the court – GoT producers… I was eating at the time! – it’s going to be fascinating to see how much power he exerts next season. Will he pretty much be King except in name?
  • Joffrey. Ditched Sansa so he could marry Margaerys Tyrell—who’s going from being married to a gay man to being about to be married to a sadistic one. She knows how to pick them right? Joffrey tried to assert himself as the King during court by awarding gifts to those that stuck by him, but while Tyrion tolerated him while he made his own plans, I have a feeling his grandfather Tywin won’t.
  • Sansa. Even though she no longer has to marry Joffrey, it doesn’t mean she gets to leave King’s Landing. Perhaps she should have left with The Hounds after all? (And perhaps the producers should have showed her making the decision not to.)
  • Littlefinger. He gets Harrenhaal. Does that mean we’re going to see less of his scheming ways next season? I hope not…
  • Brienne/Jaime. That woman is loyal to Catelyn, no? I mean… FIERCELY loyal. I was surprised her journey with Jaime did not reach it’s end in this finale, but I have to imagine they’ll get to King’s Landing very early in season 3. (And she might be in trouble with Robb even more now that she killed those three men.)
  • Stannis. This to me was the most boring part of the episode. While it was great to see Melisandre – because where the hell has she been since she birthed Smoke Assassin – and to find out Stannis was able to escape last week, I kind of wanted to see what he saw (or thought he saw) in the fire. I’m surprised he’ll still be in play next year and I wonder how he’ll regroup.
  • Arya. Dammit—I so wanted to see her become an assassin. We’ll definitely see Jaqen again next season since the title of the episode is his new name: Valar Morghulis. With that said, I was surprising how little we saw of Arya and Jaqen in last night’s episode given the title.
  • Theon. He refused to listen to Maester Luwin, who held on to life just long enough to say goodbye to his beloved Stark boys, and decided to full embrace his mwa-ha-ha nature. He delivered an incredible Tyrion-like rallying speech to his troops, only to be knocked in the head (in a serious laugh-out-loud moment) and dragged off home.
  • Robb. Defies his promise to marry another and marries his true love, the field medic. And wasn’t he supposed to be saving his beloved home of Winterfell?
  • Bran/Rickon/Osha. I’m still confused why they had to leave Winterfell if Theon’s men left—plus, wasn’t Rob’s army supposed to be outside? Or was that a trick? Either way—they’re now heading to see Jon at the Wall… who’s not there.
  • Jon. Instead, Jon is busy killing his Night’s Watch mentor (Qhorin Halfhand) to gain the trust of the wildlings. Something he appears to have succeed at—at least with Ygritte.
  • Dany. She found her dragons, as we knew she would. And easily got them back (at little too easily, plot-wise.) But it was amazing (and a shocker) to see Drago make a return to the show. And her son in one of the more touching parts of the series. More importantly, she and Ser Jorah lock up Xaro and her handmaiden in an empty vault only to loot Xaro’s palace for gold to buy a ship with. Will she finally make it to the other side of the ocean next season? One can hope!
  • Varys. What are he and Ros up to? We’ll have to wait until season 3.
  • Sam. I have a feeling Sam isn’t long for this world, what with zombie men and zombie horses coming towards him! That lasting image is going to stick with me for a while. It was haunting and makes me excited for a battle that I assume will be at least double or triple the size of Blackwater’s.

Everyone else excited for Season 3? Anyone else planning to read the books this summer as I have been doing? I’m currently on about page 550 of 800 of book one…

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  • Valar Dohaeris

    Valar Morghulis means “all men must die” a saying of the followers of the god of many faces, whos temple is in braavos. 

  • got reader

    this reviewer clearly has not read the books – why bother

  • Ser_Pounce

    I’m glad you’ve decided to read the books! It will clarify some of the show, but more importantly it’s superior to show and you’re better off experiencing it that way first.

  • Dr M2776

    joffrey tywin robb and stannis all die.

  • Roids

    Its good to see a review that ignorant of the books. That shows what the non-book reader gleans from the HBO series. Theon is not being dragged home…

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