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Published on June 1st, 2012 | by Ernie Estrella


DC Comics Heroes Go Mano A Mano In ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Trailer and Screenshots

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DC Injustice Banner

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announced yesterday that they’re launching Injustice: Gods Among Us, a cross-platform DC Comics fighting game with NetherRealm, the folks who created Mortal Kombat, BuzzFocus’ Best Fighting Game of 2011. Now we have screenshots and a trailer so you can get a close-up of the renderings and the game in motion. First check out the trailer below.

You’ll notice that there are some extremely powerful moves in the demo of Superman vs. Flash, and Batman sends Solomon Grundy into the next town with a roundhouse kick to the jaw. The action looks fast, and the animation sequences look sick. We’re not given any more characters than Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Solomon Grundy, but there’s at least one more obscured in the early half of the trailer as it looks like one character is in a battle suit. Lex Luthor perhaps? Deathstroke? Cyborg? And if there is one more character, we can assume they’ll round up to eight playable characters, right?

In appropriate DC vs. Marvel comics affair, as Marvel aligned itself with Capcom and the Street Fighter franchise, DC is going to flourish with the Mortal Kombat engine and it makes sense. The most popular DC Comics-related game is the Batman: Arkham franchise, which portrays a realistic and gritty style to the Batman franchise, why not roll that look out to a fighting game? The only other thing I need to know is, are we going to have fatalities in this game? If so, gamers are going to camp out for this game.

grundy v flash
flash v grundy

Taking a look at these screenshots, it looks like Batman walked off the set of The Dark Knight Rises, Harley Quinn was borrowed from Arkham City, and Superman has some of the New 52 costume stylings. Or is Kal-El sporting his movie threads? Also whoever prepared these photos made sure that Solomon Grundy was getting his pale white ass in nearly every shot. C’mon DC, Show Grundy some love!

Flash still looks to be the character that designers had the most creative license on the look with lots of yellow trim on his once-streamlined costume. Now he’s been given heavy-duty boots, a hybrid helmet-cowl and shoulder pads? Wonder Woman has pants, but she’s ditched her tiara and wields her Amazonian shield and golden lariat. The other fun design is Solomon Grundy who wears a noose around his neck like a tie, and has several knives lodged into his back. Makes you wonder if he can throw them… if he can reach them.

supes v grundy
harley v grundy

Everyone outside of Flash and Superman has weapons at their reach. Superman has his cold breath and heat vision though. I can’t wait to see the variety of attacks Flash has at his disposal. Harley Quinn even has an arsenal of guns… and giant balls (?!) and Batman has his usual bag of tricks as shown by the screen shot below where he’s got Flash tied up and hanging upside down with his grappling gun. I’m hoping that we get full access to the utility belt?

batman v flash

harley v batman

If fighting games seem passé, tell that to thousands of people who flood Vegas at the Evolution (EVO) Championships every year. You can bet that Injustice: Gods Among Us will make next year’s schedule–if it comes out early enough next year. Right now it’s scheduled for a 2013 release for the XBox 360, Playstation 3, and the Wii U.

superman v flash

grundy v ww

Well, now that you’ve seen the trailer and the screen caps, what do you think of Injustice: Gods Among Us? Who do you think is the mystery character in the trailer is? Share your thoughts below!

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