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Published on May 31st, 2012 | by Melody Simpson


Best (and Worst) Season Finales of 2011-2012 – Simpson Picks

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It’s that time of year… network shows are going off the air (some for good) and the summer season is about to premiere. We decided to take a look at all of the season finales that have aired thus far and here are more of our staff picks for the best and the worst for the 2011-2012 season.

(Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t seen these season finales!)

Melody’s Picks:

Best: Being Human

What a fantastic season finale Being Human delivered! Josh, Aidan, and Sally were in the fight of their lives, giving us an even more exhilarating finale than in the first season and cliff-hangers that have us wanting more, more than ever before! Josh found himself at odds with Nora and Ray and it may have cost someone their life. Redemption comes at a cost, freedom comes at a cost, and that is what these three were faced with during the stand down. Great way to leave us hanging there! Then there’s Sally who goes to her mother, asking her to shred her so that she can go to limbo and find a way out for those she shredded. We were all hoping to see Sally’s mother before the season was over but none of us wanted it to happen this way. No way was Sally’s mother going to shred her own daughter and no was Sally going to take her mother’s door. So, she shred herself. Sad as that may be… who else is anticipating getting to see limbo in season three? Oh the places that the writers can go with this story line! Fantastic delivery with this cliff hanger. Finally, there’s Aidan. Too bad Aidan was not as patient as Suren has been all of these years. He’s got an eternity yet the rush to kill Mother got his help, Henry tied up and tortured and Suren, the love of his life killed. Aidan was completely misguided, clouded by love and made to believe that urgency in this situation was absolutely necessary. Good things take time. Long suffering does not end over night. Where he is now, he’ll understand that quickly. Who will find him buried deep below Mother’s grounds? Wonderful job writers, making Mother the most hated villain on TV today. “It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To” was a beautiful and heartbreaking telling of the lengths people, human or not, will go for the people that they love. It’s tragic but it’s what being human is all about, the give not just the take. How much are you willing to give?

Best: Grey’s Anatomy

Whether or not you’ve been following this season of Grey’s, the finale will gut you. We lose Lexie not at the end of the episode but barel halfway through. We watch each character react in completely different ways to the shock of being in a plane crash. And we watch the uncertainty linger as the end credits roll and those stranded have not been saved. Shonda Rhimes is brilliant, brilliant I tell you! People may have hated how she left us hanging but I absolutely loved it. This was one of the best episodes of the season but you knew that already. This show is known for its phenomenal finales and this one does not differ. Doctors need saving too and this series acknowledges that in the most heart breaking ways. And since no rescue team has come, we could still potentially lose someone else! Could you imagine? Ha. That would be something. We also said goodbye to Teddy which I was actually very satisfied with. I love Kim Raver but I was never a fan of Teddy, so Teddy’s exit was long overdue in my eyes. There were plenty of goodbyes, more tears shed in sadness than in happiness but remember, there was an engagement. So we’ve got at least a wedding to look forward to. But the emotions that this episode garnered really… this episode really embodied why I love this show so much. Everything about this episode was pure gold. If there’s one ABC finale you catch up on, let it be this one.

Best: Fringe

What made this finale so emotional was the uncertainty about its renewal while shooting. This could very well have been the series finale and in many ways, it succeeded at being such. But with many questions still left unanswered and two polar opposite cliffhangers (a baby on the way as well as the end of freedom as we know it possibly), there was plenty to anticipate just in case. Thankfully, we are being given a fifth and final season, so we can explore the avenues that this season has shown us. It took awhile for the season to really catch on and then it threw us for a loop when we were sent into the future but the pieces came together nicely in this finale. The best way to describe the finale would be looking at a puzzle consisting of thousands of pieces from afar and it looks complete but when you step closer, you see that there are still some missing pieces. So while we do need to put in those final missing pieces next season, the finale was very satisfying and had all of the elements that made us fall in love with the show in the first place. Great job.

Best Notable Mentions: Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, Make It Or Break It

Worst: The Office

“Free Family Portrait Studio” sounds just as bad as you think. As a long time fan of The Office, it is safe to say that things just haven’t been the same since Steve Carell left the show but it wasn’t exactly as hysterical as it was right before he left anyway. It had potential in those first few episodes afterwards but then it just went downhill and became quite a circus. And it never recovered. There’s just way too much drama and scandal and shame all across the board with these characters… it’s overwhelming and at times so far out of character that they sometimes I found myself asking just what it is I was watching. It couldn’t possibly be The Office that I fell in love with. No, it’s not. Andy said it best when he said, “I just want one motherf’ing delicious moment. Is that too much to ask?”

Photo Credit: ABC, Philippe Bosse/Syfy, Cate Cameron/FOX, Chris Haston/NBC

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