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Published on May 29th, 2012 | by Alan Danzis


Best (and Worst) Season Finales of the 2011-2012 TV Season –Danzis Picks

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It’s that time of year… shows are going off the air (some for good) and the summer season is about to premiere. We decided to take a look at all of the season finales that have aired thus far and here are our picks for the best and the worst for the 2011-2012 season.

(Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t seen these season finales!)

Alan Danzis’ Picks:

Best: The Vampire Diaries

This show is never shy about going for the emotional jugular in their season enders, but season 3 ended with the biggest shock ever. (Unless you’ve read the books.) In addition to killing off Alaric (I’m still not over that), and Klaus’ body possibly being burned beyond recognition and making him take up residence inside Tyler’s body… Elena is going to become a vampire! The twist was not only shocking, but it seemed inevitable. A simple “mistake” by Dr. Fell put vampire blood inside Elena, and a choice by Stefan that Elena herself demanded, ensures she’ll be a vampire next season. Will she adjust somewhat quickly and without hurting people like Caroline (save for that one person) did? Or will she be an uncontrollable monster first? (And clearly this puts Damon back in play for her attention, right?) I can’t wait to find out.

Best: Once Upon a Time

This show started with one of the best pilots of the season, but then quickly meandered under the weight of a 22 episode order and the fact they didn’t want to unveil too much until the season finale. However, this was one of the rare cases where the revelations were worth the slow pace earlier in the season. As I wrote in the season finale review, we had shockers in the first few minutes as well as the last few, but nothing could prepare us for the fact that not only was the entire curse broken, but magic is coming to the real world. Now, as we go into season two, we may finally start to see fun, interesting stories told in Maine which to-date had usually been the slowest and least interesting part of the show.

Best: Person of Interest

This was a show I wasn’t even planning on watching since critics were so lukewarm on it, but I couldn’t resist a show starring Ben Linus. Over the course of the season however, the show got stronger as it built out its world with recurring characters besides our two leads and the two cops who eventually, but unbeknownst to each other until the finale, worked with them. Recurring villains like Elias, played by Veronica Mars’ Dad, brought gravitas to the episodes they appeared in and made lasting impressions compared to villains-of-the-week. The finale had a few good twists—even I didn’t see Amy Acker being a bad guy until the very end, let alone having her be the hacker Root that had haunted the team earlier this season. The ending was even more surprising (and more interesting) when it appeared The Machine somehow was reacting to what Reese was saying. Season 2 definitely looks promising, especially with rumors that Acker/Root could be sticking around.

Worst: How I Met Your Mother

how i met your mother

And I had such hopes for this episode. While there were parts of the episode I liked (the incredibly adorable photo of Marshall, Lily and Marvin in bed together for instance), I found I didn’t laugh very often and in fact, I cringed quite a bit. Ted is breaking up a potential marriage? And it appears we’ll spend time next season on yet another girl who we know for a fact ISN’T the mother? While that can work (Robin and Ted together in season two was one of the best story arcs), I’m just not sure coming into season 8 it’s worth spending time on a relationship we know is doomed to fail. And of course, there’s the final twist of Robin being Barney’s bride, not Quinn. While I’m glad that’s the case as I believe Robin and Barney belong together, the producers are definitely in a hole next season as they not only have to plausibly break up Barney and Quinn, but they also have to put Barney and Robin together, AND put them on the path to marriage. That’s a lot to deal with, alongside Marvin being added to the group and Ted and Victoria and whatever happens there. I’m going to keep watching – I’m in this till the end folks! – but I’m probably not going to be happy most of the time, just as I wasn’t when watching this finale.

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    That was it?! What about Fringe? And Dexter? What about the Walking Dead and Castle? Glee? Perhaps it was just because you were ONLY listing the BEST and WORST of the entire season however, I think you left out a good number of shows that could have easily ranked as best and worst finales for the 2011-2012 season.

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