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Published on May 19th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Supernatural Season 7 Finale – Final Goodbyes & Season 8 Expectations in Limbo

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It’s been a tumultuous seventh season for the Winchester brothers on Supernatural. If you haven’t checked it out yet, turn away because there will be Spoilers.

Castiel became a demigod, unleashed the Leviathans and then vanished when the Winchesters needed him to undo the damage he caused. Sam’s head remained hellishly damaged so he was seeing visions of Lucifer at every turn. Then, Bobby went up against the head Leviathan, which was posing as Dick Roman, in order to secure the Leviathans’ ultimate plan. It resulted in the loss of Sam and Dean’s surrogate father. Bobby was dead. Castiel was gone.

Then, both of Supernatural’s supporting characters came back, but not necessarily for the good of the Winchesters or mankind. Castiel lost his memory, but regained it just in time to fix Sam’s brain by shifting the damaged parts over to his own angelic mind. Castiel too saw Lucifer, but only for a short period of time before he turned into a peace-loving, boardgame playing flower child. He’d rather play Twister and Chutes and Ladders than head into war.

Bobby chose not to cross over into the next life and became a ghost. It was nice having him back, until he started going off the deep end and embracing his inner vengeful spirit. He accidentally attacked Charlie (Felicia Day) on the way to pummeling Dick Roman. Next, he got into the dirty business of body possession. Finally, he choked Sam until his “adopted” son almost died. It was a dark moment in the Supernatural Season 7 finale, but one that was quickly rectified.

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The Winchesters got to say their final goodbye. Bobby implored them to burn his flask so that his spirit could move on. It was a little anti-climactic. The goodbye didn’t have the resonance of Episode 710, “Death’s Door,” nor did it add anything new to the story. Basically we just got to see that the Winchesters were finally able to let Bobby go and Bobby was finally able to say goodbye. No screams. No tears. No flat lining. A touching moment – sure. But, we could have kept Bobby dead at “Death’s Door”, the episode where we really savored his last breath. It was great to have him back for a short stint (and if you’ve read my past articles, I was advocating his return), but ultimately and regrettably Ghost Bobby did little to add anything to the overall saga.

The finale gave us a few fun moments. I enjoyed Crowley’s long contract negotiation with Roman. There wasn’t much to it, but I like that Crowley is becoming a smarter, more dangerous adversary. Going into Supernatural Season 8, it looks like Crowley will be the leading baddie. He’s got the prophet. Why? We have no idea, but his end game can’t be anything good.

What’s worse is that Dean is gone. After killing Dick Roman, both he and Castiel vanished in an explosion of Leviathan blood. Sam was alone. No Bobby. No Castiel. No Dean. No one to help guide Sam. It’s a role reversal of sorts. Usually, Sam is the one who vanishes and Dean is left to fight.

However, Dean is now trapped in purgatory. The season 7 finale ended with the older Winchester surrounded by all those vile spirits who were trapped for being just a little too annoying. At first, Castiel was with him. But, then Castiel too disappeared.


What does this mean going into Season 8? If we time jump, we can most likely expect a bolder, badder Dean when we return. Fighting demons in purgatory will do that. Dean has always been the badass demon hunter, now he’ll take it to the next level. It could make for a darker show with more severe consequences. Sam will have to step up his A-game – alone – so that he can figure out what Crowley means to do with the prophet. As we learned in “There Will Be Blood”, the alpha will be returning so that could be a potential reluctant ally in the war against Crowley. Or perhaps the Alpha will be an even bigger enemy as Crowley’s dominion grows.

As for Bobby, he is probably gone for good. Castiel, of course, is free to return whenever he wants to save the day at just the right moment. Or, perhaps, he’ll just rescue his demon girlfriend, Meg. Let’s just hope Castiel rescues Dean from purgatory before things get too messy over there.

I can’t say that I would want Season 8 to start off with too many episodes of the brothers apart: Dean trying to find his way out of limbo and Sam searching for his brother. For me, I’ve always loved the playful banter the two have even when shit hits the fan. Also, we’ll have to see just how important “the Prophet” is going to be moving forward. At first Kevin was a simple translator of The Word. He helped to move the plot along so that the Winchesters could discover a way to beat the Leviathans. But now Prophet Kevin appears to be something much more – at least as far as the story goes.

What were your thoughts on the Season 7 finale? Expectations for Season 8?

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  • Krish207

    i want to see more of the Purgatory ;)

  • Harry

    I hope they find a way to bring bobby back, and I also hope Sam proves that he is already a grown up, that can take care of himself, hope he doesn’t get trick by Meg, like Ruby tricked him with the demon blood addiction. I dont want Sam to get addicted to demon blood again. Really excited for season 8, and I dont want it to be its final.

  • Andrea

    I think Sam and Dean should change roles, especially Sam, he must stop being the freak, I think that now that the show is almost reaching a decade long, Sam must change his personality, he must get a girlfriend, enjoy life like Dean does, stop focusing on the job so much, in other words stop being an emo.

  • Mario

    Looks like the seasons are getting smarter, badder and darker. Keep on!

  • Rick

    Now that season 7 is over. What am I going to watch? Thank God I have all seasons recorded. Reruns season!

  • blackjack

    bobby will be in purgatory. he will return with dean from purgatory. bobbys line about seeing them on the other side was too revealing.

  • Brianjohnforde

    The last few episodes of S 7 were disappointing. Prophet of the lord? They already used that before, i thought when lightning struck the Asian guy we were going to get something different here… And why would Roman dig up the very thing that contains information on his demise? Keep it buried for heaven’s sake. The last episode was quite poor, no Crowley doublecross? No twists and turns really, even the ghost of Bobby was poorly used – i mean he contributes nothing to the plot of the episode and his taking possession of the maid was pointless, what have they done to poor Castiel as well the character makes no sense now.. This is the season finale…. It didn’t feel like it – and what for 8? Dean is in a scary wood with floating red eyes and everything hunts? Not very promising.

    I would have had Meg in a plot with Lucifer to enact some ritual to bring Lucifer out of the pit using the part of him that was in Sam’s head (ie it wasn’t just an hallucination).  

    I love the series but know they can do better.

    • Phatbear

       You also have to remember, there wasn’t supposed to be a season 7, Jared and Jensen helped pay for this season to continue, and at first I didn’t quite agree with it either, but what I realized is that even tho it was steady and not just great throughout the whole season, they did a good job. Now they may have used the Prophet twist before, but Cass said there are lots of Prophets, Kevin just happened to be keeper of the word where as Chuck was a prophet of the future. Dick wanted to find the word of god before the boys did, that’s why he went looking for it, cause chances are Sam and Dean would have found out about it, and Crowley did double cross the boys, and double crossed Dick too. As for people saying Bobby going to purgatory, I don’t think that will happen, after-all he was still a spirit that wasn’t put to rest, and a hunters funeral is supposed to send them to heaven( to put the soul to rest), although I do think there will be an appearance from all the favorites like Bobby, Rufus, Ellen, Jo, Ash, and the rest of everyone who had helped, cause I’m hoping that this next season is gonna be about heaven. There were ups and downs with this season but I will give credit where credit is due, great job with season 7, I’m pretty sure all the hardcore fans will agree with me.

  • Fasfasfas

    when it is the last season ever, we need a face off, god vs lucifer  vs the brothers! 

    • XsinisterX616

       I think God will instantly disappear lucifer and the entire world if wanted to it should be the real battle that didn’t really happened as expected Michael vs Lucifer vs the brothers!

  • Strung4you

    All supernatural is badass great job on season 7 cants wait to tell dammit!

  • Ryan Kelly

    What about heaven? Heaven is still in hell and what about Cas’s regime? What about the other angels that went into hiding? What about the other levianthans, did they all die too? I think Season 8 will be focused on Sam and Dean reuniting, Cas getting his old self back, Crowly trying to take over the world or maybe Heaven and maybe fixing Heaven to its old self as well. I wonder what happened to all of Sam and Deans friends that are in Heaven and what they are thinking. If there could be a season 9 or 10, which is a lot but i think that would be epic, i hope it revolves more around Demons, Angles, God and Heaven because thats what got me into the show more and thats why i stuck with it. 

  • Jake Martin

    I think Bobby will return. No one really thought Bobby would return when he died. At first anyways. And besides since he stayed wouldn’t that make him a monster also? Therefore he would be able to go to purgatory and be one of the ones to help Dean out. Bobby already gave up his chance for Heaven and no one really knows where he is gonna be now. You can’t just assume it is Hell. Gotta look at the bigger picture! :) 

  • Nicobellic

    I just think it ended like SHIT. I love every season of Supernatural up until this season finally.Thats when I realized that Supernatural should have ended at season 5. This way it would have finish in an EPIC way. Now this can only go from bad to shit.

    • Art

      totally agree… (with season 7 end).  Have not missed one episode in seven years, but this season was pushing it….enough already with the torture of sam and dean.. both have already been to hell, and now Dean is in purgatory!

      love the fun and humour between the boys.. of which has been sadly lacking the last couple of seasons.. and leviathans!  over them.  Anything hard to kill and destined to wipe everyone out leaves not sense of hope.. move on!  and DO NOT leave Dean in purgatory beyond 10 mins into season 8!

  • Benjamin

    Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen to Dean and Castiel in Purgatory!!!

  • Tyler Montgomery

    I want to see this show get back to the Winchester story. There is no longer a sense of peril involved in any of the stories because Castiel will always save the day. No one ever really dies anymore. Bobby’s death was heartfelt and crushing but this whole ghost Bobby was a joke that made a mockery of the lose the boys felt at his passing.  Plus the constant sexual innudendo between a supposedly junkless angel and Dean is so friggin stale. Unless the CW has the sack to have two men have sex on screen, they need to let it go already because it’s boring beside Wincest and Destiel belongs in fanfiction where it would be done justice not on my TV where the network would water it down to a fade to black screen. Can this show ever measure up to the awesome days where I was sitting on the edge of my seat at every commerical break? Time will tell but hopefully Jeremy Carver can get it back on track.

  • Steven Doctor46

    Deans gonna get out of purgatory because bobbys friend is there. Remember the woman who helped with the dragons?

    • OhYeah

      good call

  • Steven Doctor46

    Deans gonna get out of purgatory because bobbys friend is there. Remember the woman who helped with the dragons?

  • Zorgleworgle

    I hope the next season is the last. Not to offend it because i love this T.V. show but lets be fair, they’ve taken down Lucifer, rogue Angels, the Leviathens and almost every monster you can think of. Short of wiping out God where can you really go with this? What needs to happen is dean needs to get outta there, crowey should be killed and one of either sam or dean (or both) needs to be killed. no going to heaven/hell/purgotory and coming back, they need to die. full stop. Honestly i think it would be better if Dean died. like someone else said on here, sam is an emo. he needs to grow up and while he’s got his big brother looking after him he will always be a little pussy. and get a frickin’ hair cut.

    • Fuckyou

      you are missing the entire point of the show.

  • Dan

    I feel like it could be possible that we might we a Divine Comedy storyline in this upcoming season. With either Sam going to hell, so he could rescue kevin and Meg, then going to purgatory so he can save Dean and finally going to paradise. 

  • Cole21

    Season 8 needs to go bigger and darker. Sam needs to go fully darkside again! Instead of just drinking demon blood, this time he should be eating demon’s flesh. His powers should expand to him having control over his own hell hound, and him being able to possess people/creatures. Sam should also expand his hunger to angels, eventually killing and absorbing Cass’s power to become strong enough to kill Crowley.
    In purgatory, Dean should (with the angels being in complete disarray), rally supernatural allies (such as an alpha werewolf, striga, wendigo, etc) and command a force of hunters and mosters to battle Crowley and his army of demons, and also Sam.      
    Ultimately I would like to see Dean become an arch angel, and Sam become the new king of hell. The show ending with the two locked in a fight of good and evil for all eternity.  

    • Supernatural4Life

      What the hell? One, Dean hates everything that is evil. Hell Meg was helping them and he still wanted to kill her. Why would he work with monsters? I think it is nearly impossible for Dean to become an Archangel. All this seems unrealistic to me.

      • Cole21

        Yeah i get that, but what if Dean didnt have a choice. I mean the angels are pretty much useless now, and he’s going to need some kinda force to take on Crowley. And from the 2nd last episode of season 7 we saw that monsters can be reasoned with. It would definitly be a change having a monster and hunter alliance. And just think about how tense things would be, both sides would just be waiting for the other to backstab them.
        How is it impossible for Dean to become an arch angel? He was the vessel for Michael.The angels need to restore their numbers, and they need a strong leader. Maybe there is some kind of ritual. Or maybe death himself can contribute. Nothing in supernatural is impossible  

  • Umb_4life

    In my opinion the ending of season 7 was poor, Castiel still week and didn’t wanted. The hole Boddy thing was useless. The only part that made me exited about season 8 was Dean & Castiel in Purgatory. I hope season 8 will be more focused about where are the boys Parents (since they are clearly not in heaven). Also I hope Sam goes back to the half man half Demon thing. Honestly Season 6 & 7 was very disappointing, season 5 could of bean a great final season, but since they kept going I hope the it will be better.

  • JayJay

    It would be enjoyable to see season 8 as a final season with Sam and Dean killing off the remaining bad guys from season seven, Castiel taking place as a heavenly leader under God of course, Meg taking over hell, and then the boys being reunited with there parents in some sort of way whether on earth or in heaven. Also if God could appear here and there once in a while or even just at the end just to talk to the boys. that would be entertaining. During the whole Arch Angel power struggle saga there was an underlying power displayed by God. For example saving sam and dean when lucifer was first released and the almost countless times he has resurrected Cas. There really is nothing left to explore and the idea of a utopian world, although done tons of times, would be a good bright ending to the darkness. I do believe until the final episode though it should continue to get even darker.

    As a side note, I remember the fairy episode with the main bad guy being a leprechaun. That whole concept would be a bit stupid for more than one return episode but as a single side venture for the boys. It would be entertaining and maybe even a lil funny to get another taste of the only world they have not been to yet.

    • Kevinsheffar

      Dean did go to the fairy world, though. That
      s how he was able to see them, they were told. He said he couldn’t see anything because it was too bright (because it was filled with grabby incandescent douche bags, haha) 

  • Adam_carter_13

    bella coming back as a demon just make my day and do it!

    • Cole21

      That would be awesome! Plus Bella was freaking hot! Bring back the supernatural hotties :P

  • Luke

    I think since season 5 its gone downhill…but its still been a good downhill, they always seem to drag the season out then in the last episiode or 2 all of a sudden perfectly kill off the seasons enemy lol, but regarding season 7…it could have been done quite simple… ‘Death’…he stated himself that he is more powerful than God and will even reap him/her one day too… so why didn’t the boys just sumon him (but not try to bind him again) and just say “kill the laviathons”. In season 8 I want to see more of Death and a return of Chuck who is rumoured to be God (from a clip with him with chucks script and “(god) next to chucks name

  • ArtQueen

    yes they can def do better

    absolutely love this show.. and have watched every single episode over the last 7 years…. but this season.. can def see the lack of kripke on the show.. it was just dark… bleak.. with no hope for mankind.. and to end with dean in purgatory..  we were promised that season seven would bring back the brotherly love/humour.. NO, not true.  if the writers make it any darker there is no point.. ying and yang.. there has to be hope.. lighter moments.. not just mayhem, darkness, misery and disaster at every turn.that being said.. I loved the ‘wayward son’ at the start.. it gave me hope.. quickly dashed.. but I still loved it… and finally the chevy makes a comeback!  I missed her.. that was the ONLY two highlights in the season finale :-(

  • Roswellfan-lisa

    Why are so many people hating on SPN! it really infuriates me! i agree with the part that maybe season 7 went a bit off track at some times but seriously!! SPN is still one of the most awesome shows on T.V! i have been a devout fan of this show since the first season and i have seen how much the characters and stories have progressed! And as for this final episode “survival of the fittest” well this totally was BAD ASS! Dean and Castiel going to purgatory! i couldn’t believe it! it was such an amazing cliffhanger! And sam left to fend for himself! omg, this show is just too amazing! and people need to stop saying that they want all the hot girls coming back….well news flash people, this show is so much more than that, maybe you should look into the storyline more eh. Its about family and sticking together when things get to their worst! I think Jeremy Carver will do an amazing job on this shows since he has wrote some of my favorite episodes. This show has become much darker and for the best really, if you go back to season 1,2, and 3 the story lines seem more armature, not denying them season totally were awesome, but it has become so much more deeper and darker now that it is so amazing in so many ways. People stop hating on this wonderful show and get a grip!

  • cindy

    bring on the next season

  • Jdub4240

    If we’re all honest with ourselves ultimately we will admit that the show should have ended with season 5.. It would have been a nearly perfect ending to (in my opinion) 5 seasons of one of the greatest shows in history. At the same time, none of us really wanted that. Season 6 was by far the worst and the show has pretty much gone downhill from that point on despite a few good episodes here and there. Season 7 was a little better than 6, but in all keeping the show going is just killing its legacy in my opinion. I’m glad its still going to some sense and still have hope somehow that it will get better, but whatever happens in season 8 it should be the end of the show. Before what was once an incredilbly great show based on an awesome concept with great story lines for 5 full seasons ultimately gets turned into a complete joke and forgettable show.. I love this show, but please get rid of that chick producer who has been killing it the last two seasons with flat out weak episodes and no direction.. The Winchesters deserve so much better!!

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