‘American Idol’ Season 11 Review: Top 2 Revealed, Jessica Sanchez Still Stands!

The top three were in for a long night as one more hopeful’s dreams were cut short… this time, just before the finale! The top three performed three songs this week, “Judges’ Choice,” “Jimmy Iovine’s Choice,” and “Their Choice.” There were no particularly outstanding, unforgettable moments so the competition was no more difficult than it has been. Though this factor does not mean that voting came easy. All three contestants deserve the title. Now it comes down to not just favorites but who really impresses in these final moments. Everyone had three moments to shine Wednesday night but no one shined all three times. So who was great but not great enough?

Last night, the top three opened the show with a Beatles tuned and delivered a fun black and white music video, before getting to other time fillers until the results were read. This included a meeting with singer/songwriter, Ester Dean as she invited the (then) top four to record a number for Ice Age: Continental Drift and special guest performances. Lisa Marie Presley performed her new single “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” from her new album “Storm & Grace” which was a short sleeper. Season Eight Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert brought the house to life, performing his new song, “Never Close Our Eyes.”

As for the finalists… based on this week’s performances alone, 20 year old Joshua Ledet just did a good job. He’s had better nights, as Iovine pointed out when he hysterically mentioned that he was lying down – not giving a standing ovation to one of his performances. Nice dig at the judges. They’ve been giving out standing ovations like candy. Of the three songs that Ledet performed, “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige was a highlight. The judges’ choice of Etta James was predictable and like Ledet’s choice of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” boring. The entire night was boring frankly. I expected more a week before the finale. Am I alone here? The most moving point of Ledet’s journey last night was actually the footage of him visiting home. Ledet’s trip to Westlake, LA brought chills as he brought the house down at his home concert after being treated to a big parade. What a fulfilling moment… and this is only the beginning. Ledet can only go up from here. Job well done and a grand welcome home well deserved! Even though I have generally been wildly bored with his voice, he is a talent and that cannot be denied. Nor can his hard work. Congratulates Joshua Ledet for getting this far. Even though your journey in this competition is over, your music career has only just seriously begun.

Watching 16 year old Jessica Sanchez go home to San Diego, CA for her grand return was aso very emotional. Sanchez has done so much to get to where she is now. Long before her Idol and YouTube days, she was going after what she is now experiencing. I am so happy for her. If anyone has been fighting for the win, it has been her. Well deserved grand welcome home and spot in the final two. Jessica Sanchez for the win!

The “Judges’ Choice” for Sanchez was Mariah Carey’s “My All.” While a beautiful song, this performance really did not do wonders for her when it comes to viewers who do not understand and appreciate all that goes into this song. When they’re ready, she’ll be there. As judge, Steven Tyler said, I hope you get used to encores. Tyler also brought up a great point when he said that Sanchez makes people hang on every single note. This is so true! He certainly felt this way during her choice performance of Aerosmith’s own, “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing.” As expected, she didn’t blow anything out of the water, but it was a great effort. “Jimmy Iovine’s Choice” of “I’ll Be There” by Jackson 5 was just alright. It seemed like Sanchez started out as strong as she would get for the night and then went downhill. But she is Jessica Sanchez, so there was no chance she would find herself eliminated. Good job Jessica! Even when you’re not fantastic, you’re still above average. Again, Jessica for the win!

Finally, there’s 21 year old Phil Phillips from Leesburg, GA who may have won the “Judges’ Choice” round but fell into the mediocre group along with the others for the night during his Matchbox 20 choice and Jimmy Iovine’s “We’ve Got Tonight” choice. Was his first song of the night all it took to keep him safe? Surprisingly, it was. I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t you want Phil Phillips to make it to the final two? Yes, yes, I did. But after this week’s performances, it really looked like Ledet had it in the bag. Expect the unexpected is the theme of the game, eh? Sometimes the unexpected is a good thing! Who would have guessed? So Philips and Sanchez are in the finals and Sanchez is going to win it unless the extremely unexpected happens. While I adore Phillips, the win belongs to Sanchez. So make sure you all vote for Sanchez next week so that she can be crowned the winner. And if you think you’ve got what it takes, auditions for American Idol Season 12 begin June 7, 2012!

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*Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta / PictureGroup for FOX

16 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ Season 11 Review: Top 2 Revealed, Jessica Sanchez Still Stands!”

  1. Jessica in the finale can take either Joshua or Phillip. She has so much variety in her voice quality that she can adjust to either of the two guys vocal capabilities. It would have been more of a challenge if it was Joshua. Howeve,r dealing with Phillip will be very a interesting agenda for her, I’m sure she’ll play his own game in some categories but still come out victorious. Good luck Jessica!

  2. This is such a riduculous competition. if there is anybdy boring, kareoke and mediocre this is Jessica. But she is hghly protected by somene on the judges anel who’s last name also ends by an “ez”.The real winner is Joshua!  Even Philip is better than this Lopez protege. Whatever, this was all pre-staged. Joshua could easily take down Jessica, so he was eliminated, so it can all match Lo’s plan. Shallow, like she is.

    1. Jessica sings so much better than Joshua.The advantage Joshua is, he screams the note without art so that people with no music background think he is good.

      Jessica has excellent style and technique.She can sing whatever note there in without screaming it off.She takes the hight note with the sweetness of her voice and that I don’t mind listening to him all day long,

    2. And you think Jennifer is not Joshua’s pet? Have you been watching the show? He had 15 standing ovations! If that’s not favoritism then I don’t know what is. What a dumbass you are

  3. Jessica would be perfect to be the next idol. It terms of voice range,style,adoptability she has it all if politics wont interfere, i think Jessical will bag the 2012 American idol

  4. Well said.. you did good in your homework Melody. Both Joshua & Phillip got talent that can’t be denied. But the God given gift of Jessica in the like of Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce & even a li’l of Alicia Keys is more undeniable to be recognized by the world.. cheers to Jessica.


  6. American Idol producers, AT & T will pull everything they can to make Philip the winner this season.  For us, let’s just don’t forget to vote for Jessica this coming Tuesday.  Win or lose, she is the real Idol for those who love her. I will surely support her future career.

  7. I  think Jessica shouuld win because of her god given talent of the best singer to has ever hit the american idol stage. she sings every high note without screaming like joshua did (i thought he was amazing too,) but i think that unfortunately because of philips girl fan base, i’m not so sure. philip is good and i really liked his version of We’ve Got Tonight, but i think even with philip and carrie underwood and kelly clarkson and kris allen put together would not even come close to jessica’s talent. this is my personal opinion. and jessica is only 16 a sophmore in high school. man i have never heard of someone that young sounding like beyonce, jennifer hudson, and whitny houston all put together. it still surprises me how well she can sing

  8. Phillip sings passionately.. Unlike jessica she only used her powerful voice to reach high notes but hey this contest i think is not just about reaching high notes..everybody has a God goven talent and phillip has a talent too even if he can’t reach highnotes…but he sings passionately and jessica lacks in that..so i have to choose phillip…phillip has originality, he messed with the melody but delivers it wonderfully..thats phillip! Originality is with him….:)

  9. the singing voice of Jessica is very attractive….her rendition of songs is very appealing….these what makes her a winner…a big winner…

  10. I liked Phil Phillips, he is a real musician and singer…I thought that Jennifer showed her bias but she made it clear all season who her favorites are…the contestants sing their song all out and Jennifer puts them down makes assumptions about why they are singing the song like there is some in depth thought to it…they are teenagers they sing a song because they like it, the melody or the words….then Jennifer goes on to praise her favorites….They need Simon back…or someone who is honest and doesnt just pick someone based on them dressing like her or saying they like her abs…I am about thru with American Idol…

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