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Published on May 17th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Blast Off #11: Justice League of America the Movie – Learning from ‘The Avengers’

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Now that Avengers 2 has been officially been announced by Disney-Marvel, it’s time to shift our gaze towards another team movie that has been long in the making.

The Justice League of America from DC Comics and Warner Bros Entertainment.

On the 11th Team Focus Blast Off, BuzzFocus Community Manager Ernie Estrella and I discuss what made The Avengers work and what DC Comics needs to do to ensure an equally successful JLA movie – which would potentially feature Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and at least four other DC Comics heroes.

We’ll dip into the importance of the upcoming Man of Steel movie from Director Zack Snyder as well as the end of Christopher Nolan’s run on the Batman movie franchise with The Dark Knight Rises. We’ll also discuss why Green Lantern failed to raise interest in a DC Comics team-up movie and what heroes would need to shine to ensure the JLA had its own Brightest Day.

Listen to the latest Team Focus Blast Off and let us know your thoughts on the Justice League of America movie:

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  • Theo Essandoh


    Great interview

    Wow poor Wonder Woman she gets almost no respect.  However, she is one of the major KEYs to the making
    of a Justice League movie Wonder Woman the most underrated character in comic-book
    and movie history.

    She is one of the most popular superheroes in history and yet
    she has no movie? Superman and Batman get movie after movie and reboot after
    reboot.  They both have their fair share
    of movie BOMBS  even lame unoriginal
    characters from superman and batman mythos get movies Super girl and cat woman.
    Green Lantern sucked and they will probably reboot him. Then reboot him gain rinse and repeat as they swallow failure after failure.

    I mean Warner Bros owns Wonder Woman why not invest in the
    character a bit so she can pay off in the long run. She is not a difficult
    character at all 

    Wonder Woman’s touch tones are so fantastic? She is hard to do?  As a Wonder Woman fan I know she is NOT hard to do as far as coming up with a story. The only problem is that most of the good writers are not familiar with Wonder Woman at all. Its simple if you are not passionate about a character than  you will always think its hard to do. Wonder Woman as a female comic-book character simply suffers from lack of writers in the industry willing to take on the project and other politics. If that’s what you mean by hard to do then I agree but the solution is simple. We only need one good person up to the task

     Geeze  WB if you not going to use her for anything
    then just Sell Wonder Woman to Disney or something. LOL if I had the money I would buy the character 

    Wonder Woman’s powers and abilities are probably the most
    BALANCED in the Justice league. She is strong but not invulnerable. Wonder
    Woman would have the best pure action combat scenes in the movie hand down. We
    can give the audience something that’s never been done in action before. A
    female superhero tossing cars blocking bullets demonstrating awesome agility
    and fighting ability.

    Remember the last
    scene of Avengers? Imagine Wonder Woman was there? She would fit in perfectly. In
    fact she is the only Justice League superhero who would fit in very well as a
    member of the avengers :P

    A Justice League movie MUST HAVE Superman Batman and Wonder
    Woman. It cannot deviate from this which leaves only one more primary member. (based on a rule of story writing/telling only focus on a maximum of 4 main characters)
    Green lantern? Flash? Martian Man Hunter? Aquaman? Green Arrow take your pick
    because it does not matter. As long as Superman Batman and Wonder Woman are the
    major stars you can call it a Justice League movie.

    The number one issue is going to be how good Superman: Man
    of Steel is. If it sucks then a JLA will not happen.

    If Man of Steel Works then Wonder Woman MUST take center
    stage a huge effort must be made to market, develop and Update this character. She
    does not necessarily need a standalone movie prior to a Justice League movie
    but there certainly should be some emphasis on the character.

    Eventually Warner Bros will realize they totally squandered the DC comic franchise if they keep doing Batman after Batman Superman after Superman and pissing on the rest. While marvel dominates the movies.


  • Nayzdawn91

    I love justice league… I even watch young justice too… I feel that a JUSTICE LEAGUE movieis long overdue… when it does happen, the first should contain the originals… I mean superman, batman, wonder woman, hawkgirl, martian manhunter, and green lantern(the black one yes it matters)…

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