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Published on May 16th, 2012 | by Melody Simpson


‘90210’ Season 4 Episode 24 Review: Forever Hold Your Peace

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The season four finale of 90210 hit our television screens this week and what a satisfying finale it was! Aside from that typical car crash scene that we’ve all seen a million times before and are so completely over, this finale really challenged our favorite characters, making “Forever Hold Your Peace” the perfect title for the episode. What a night of decisions!

Naomi has been the most engaging character all season long. Her growth throughout the series and this season in particular, with true love being involved has been quite a sight to see. A character we all once loathed is the one we are rooting for the most to find happiness. Our hopes for her happiness were higher than ever as the days loomed closer to Max’s wedding. This entire ordeal says a lot about Max. Granted, I’ve never been in this situation before but had Naomi not been so bold, Max would have married a girl he loved but was not in love with like he was with Naomi and he would have been stuck until he couldn’t hide from the truth anymore. He would have led a content life but his heart would not have been whole. He was willing to have a broken heart for the rest of his life out of guilt in leaving his fiance at the alter. A people-pleaser until the end. This is a blessing and a curse.

Thankfully, Max called off the wedding before going in too deep but what is his ex-fiance going to do with the house that she bought across the street from Naomi? And how could she be so blind? Then again, with marriage, more often now than ever people are blind (knowingly and unknowingly) going into marriage so this is not all that surprising. What season four holds for Naomi and Max… well, hopefully they take it slow. Max has hurt Naomi so much and while these two are great together, Naomi has to guard her heart.

Then there’s the love triangle. Liam and Navid have been fighting over Silver. Even though Silver doesn’t deserve Navid, these two will always be it for me if Navid never gets back together with Adrianna. Silver can go off and date whoever she wants but in the end, it comes down to her and Navid. The writers can go as far away as possible from this as they want but Navid will always be there. A lot was said when Silver chose Teddy to be the father of her child, the sperm donor rather, instead of Liam once she understood and then grew uncomfortable with the reality of what having a child with Navid meant. What a cop out. Silver may be independent but that does not mean that she always allows herself to think everything through. Navid had to spell it out for her his desire to be hers and start a family and she was the one who had the idea to have a child. Mixed intentions. Mixed messages won’t get Silver anywhere… especially until she finally lets go and is completely honest with herself because she’s clearly refusing to see what good is standing right in front of her. It’s like she’ll go every way except for the way leading to Navid. Sometimes taking the long way is the only way to learn for the stubborn. Stubborn Silver. Better luck next season.

Side stories include Annie, Adrianna, and Ivy. Annie bored us to tears with her priest boyfriend. If the writers do not do a 360 on Annie in season five, she mine as well head to Mexico with Ivy and Diego never to be seen again. Annie has the least amount of depth of all of the characters and really needs to be reworked so that our eyes do not roll every time she’s in a frame. But Ivy and Diego aren’t quite headed to Mexico just yet. Although it would be best if this story line not be drawn out next season so as to keep the series at its best. Nothing like this is ever fun when it’s drawn out nowadays. There’s a fine line between satisfying and completely unnecessary and dissatisfying torture. Let’s give time to the story lines that we’ll remember years from now.

And finally, there’s Adrianna and Dixon. Adrianna has always battled with balancing her career and her friendships but the twist this time was her making the right decision and the person on the other side being delayed in meeting her there. The typical car crash we see on every teen show (multiple times on this show) will leave Dixon in the hospital and Adrianna traveling the nation playing her music until she discovers the news. Is anyone else so completely frustrated with this cliche bringing this story to a close (for the season) that it is far too difficult to even care about what happens next? Aside from this terrible ending, all of the other story lines came to a close in a very satisfying way. With the series being renewed for another season, there is so much to look forward to come the fall. What did you like the most and least about the finale?

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