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Published on May 12th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Supernatural Season 7 Finale Expectations: Ultimate Fate of Bobby & the Leviathans

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The Supernatural Season 7 finale is almost here, and their is one big question on everyone’s mind (especially mine).

What will be the ultimate fate of Bobby?

supernatural season 7 finale

When Castiel vanished early on in the season, most fans agreed that Castiel would come back. After all, he’s an angel – despite being a fallen one. However, when Bobby died, there were only two things that could happen: Bobby would stay dead or through some supernatural story arc Bobby would return.

Sadly, Bobby returned as a ghost. Personally, I was hoping for a return similar to that of Sam when he returned from hell. At first, Bobby was just around to help Sam and Dean, while his spirit was bound to his old drinking flask. Now, Bobby is quickly becoming a vengeful spirit – seeking out Dick Roman’s death at all costs. He injured Charlie (Felicia Day) when going after Dick and now he’s causing Poltergeist-level chaos whenever the Winchesters don’t obey his orders.

Sam may be ready to put Bobby’s spirit to rest, but Dean is still hoping that Bobby can be saved. After all, Bobby is helping the Winchesters in their Leviathan hunt in his own angry-ghost sort of way. At the least, Dean doesn’t want to be the one to wipe Bobby from the WInchesters’ lives forever.

There’s going to be a major showdown in the Supernatural Season 7 finale, and potentially the Leviathans may finally be destroyed or sent back to some eternal prison. Of course, first Sam and Dean will have to get Crowley’s blood from Dick. Unfortunately, Dick has imprisoned Crowley. When Bobby does show up in the finale, he could be used as the diversion the Winchesters need to get Crowley’s blood. However, if they do manage to chop off the head of the Leviathans, they’ll then need to decide what to do with Bobby.

Remember, whenever Bobby gets closer to Dick his rage only increases. And, then he loses control. He’s already engaging in body possession, something I never imagined Bobby would do. The final showdown will no doubt push Bobby over the edge. Once the Leviathans are gone, it will be Sam and Dean vs Bobby. Sadly, the Winchesters won’t simply be able to burn Bobby’s flask since it’s now in the angry spirit’s possession.

Perhaps, this would be a good time for Castiel to step in and come up with a solution. Too bad, he’s turned into a hippie of sorts similar to the flash forward episode two seasons back of Sam dressed in white as a Lucifer who had won the war.

While the future may not be clear for the Winchesters or Bobby going into Supernatural Season 8, one thing is imminent. The Alpha will return.

In Episode 7.22, “There Will be Blood”, the Alpha says, “See you next season.” Dean replies, “Looking forward to it.” Needless to say, Dean may regret those words.

What do you hope will be the outcome of the Season 7 FInale? Let us know your thoughts.

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  • cas ryan

    tbh i dont care about bobby but i do think they should never have brought him back its pointless imh

  • Jenna Harris

    ‘Perhaps, this would be a good time for Castiel to step in and come up with a solution.’ I dont think so, as they are now always depending on him for a solution in my opinion

  • Carlos Floresta

    I just hope the writers find a way to bring Bobby back to life.

  • Whitefalcons1980

    Actually some times I get confused brcause yull never know what is going to happen and thats what makes it so pretty honestly its my favorite show and hope it never ends, boby my guess he will get his revenge by the end of the season and then vanish .

  • KS Winchester

    I am expecting the next episode to be as good as 1st, 2nd and 21st episodes of this season. I am hating Ghost!Bobby a lot. I hope they bring him back to life soon. Season finale is Sera Gamble’s last episode on the show, so she is hopefully gonna make it one of her best episodes on the series. I want them to end this Bobby problems as soon as possible. 

  • Cindys842

    I don’t think it’s pointless that Bobby remained instead of going with the reaper.  Over the years Bobby became an important father figure to the brothers. He was the one they went to when they were in trouble.  So it looks like they will have to find a way to send him to his permanent rest and that will be heart wrenching for both Sam and Dean. 

  • Vornimay

    I hope Bobby get’s the rest he deserves, I don’t really want him back in any form. Hopefully the boys just destroy the flask. I don’t have high expectations for how they handle Bobby, really. They seem to love to beat the horse dead. I mean, look at Castiel’s line. That arc has been stale and boring since season 5 and they still keep that up.

  • what u see in the shadows

    If they do find a way to bring Bobby back, I hope they find some way that’s not cheesy. Cas can come back again and again and still be believable due to the fact that he’s an angel, but Bobby’s just a normal guy. Realistically, I think the only move is to let him RIP even though I like the character and know that losing him a second time will be a hard blow to the already emotionally crippled Dean.


    Why kill him off if they were just going to bring him back? he should have just ‘almost died’ but got through it. Or just left him dead, and figure it out next season, with maybe Castiels help. I love Cas, and it makes more sence when he comes back again and again. I’d love to know why God favors him so much? Despite breaking all the rules he always returns from the dead, it would be something to explore in season 8, and maybe the key to getting him back to sanity. Although, i can’t lie i think his new personality is entertaining, i think it will get old fast. Bobby’s character no longer makes sense, they destroyed his home and that was a main part of the show, and i feel a staple of Bobby, Sam and Dean relationship. It was fun in season 4 and 5, and a little in 6, but know its just annoying, and not needed. His character has gone as far as it will go, Bobby should RIP. Cas is just too fun, and frankly pretty handy. And this whole Meg thing needs to go! OMFG its needs to go!! I hate her, like i hated ruby! She did so much in the first few seasons, i don’t understand what she is still doing around, i would have rather their have been a new character rather than Meg! They are not thinking about the first few seasons when they right her, she does not even seem the same, and i can tell. I love Crowley though, and i would not mind him sticking around for a while. 

  • Novemberlane

    Simply put-since Gamble took over the show Supernatural turned upside down! Just about everything that meant something to the show was taken in one way or another ie: The Car, the Boy’s relationship, the awesome music, the gripping storylines, Dean’s amulet, Cas, and Bobby. The list goes on and on. The cast says things that don’t even line up with the characters we’ve come to know- like when Dean in reference to Bobby’s return as a ghost frustratingly said, “There’s just a natural order to things.” Did he really say that?! This coming from a guy who’s gone to hell and come back and the same guy who has and would again search the world over to bring Sam back from Hell? Yet, nothing was done to try and bring Bobby back when he passed. 

    In addition, and maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stand the lighting or coloring they’ve got going on-everything is soo dark!!!! Often I find I’m straining to look into the dark to catch what’s going on in the scenes. The great majority of the past two seasons have been ridiculous and I am beyond elated that Jeremy Carver is coming back!! I have high hopes that we won’t be looking forward to watching each weekly show just to be left with too many questions, no answers and completely disappointed. Me personally, I’d love for Carver to pick up where he left off by having one or both of the boys do the time travel they’ve done in the past such as when both Cas and Zachariah chose to do so by giving a glimpse of what could happen or to stop events from taking place.  

    So why not rewind and undo the blah, the ruinous relationships and deteriorating characters back to when Supernatural and our favorite cast were at their best?  I’m more than ready for the real Supernatural to come back with a bang!

  • Spursfan56

    Bobby gets so furious when he sees Dick is because Dick caused his death.  He took him from his “idjits”.  I’d be furious also.  Afterall, Bobby has helped the boys more than their “real” father did.

    Castiel is still an Angel.  He can save Bobby and bring him back to life.  He would not have let him die in the first place if he hadn’t gone power crazy.  The boys deserve to have someone in their lives who love them and who they love.  It was wrong of Sera to kill everyone the boys cared about.  Bobby deserves better!

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