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Published on May 11th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale: An Impressive Display of Storytelling Prowess

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Now, that’s how you end a season. The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale was everything that a fan could hope for. And, this fan in particular, was impressed at the brilliant storytelling and performances presented in “The Departed.”

While we can always speculate on what will happen in a series beforehand, nothing could quite prepare us for the level of chaos and bedlam that we witnessed. Choices were made. Characters died. And, hearts were broken. It was a well-articulated blend of smiles and cries. In one instant I was yelling, “Holy shit!” In the next, I was crying out, “Nooooo!” Thank you TVD showrunners.

Now that I have successfully let you know that I was as giddy as a schoolgirl during the finale, let’s talk about “The Departed”.

The finale began with a flashback to a simpler time, with Elena’s mom and Aunt Jenna. It was great to see Jenna back even if it was only a flashback. This was sophomore year of high school and Elena was still with Matt. Then, we learned the truth. Elena was lying in a hospital bed. Jeremy brought her to see Dr. Fell, who said that his sister had a minor concussion. Apparently, Elena was feeling the repercussions from losing so much blood to Klaus.

Although Jeremy did what normal people do when someone is injured, the Salvatore brothers rebuked him for taking his sister to the hospital. Why go to a hospital, when you have an army of vampire friends at your disposal?

Since the brothers were still on the way to the Atlantic to dispose of Klaus’ body, one of them had to go back to protect Elena.

“Our life is one big proverbial coin toss.” – Damon

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Once again, Damon grabbed the losing side of the toss and Stefan went back to protect Elena.

Back in Mystic Falls, Alaric had the council relieve Sheriff Forbes and the Mayor of their duties. He also reported Dr. Fell to the council for using vampire blood so that she could have her license revoked. Tyler and Caroline’s mothers told them both to run. The couple was ready to do just that, but first Caroline had to make sure that the Originals wouldn’t kill Elena to stop Alaric.

At the same time, Alaric was appeals to Jeremy’s human nature, urging the youngest Gilbert to help him destroy Klaus and the other Originals.

“Be on the right side of this.” – Alaric to Jeremy

While Alaric was brokering a deal with Jeremy, Elijah showed up to strike a deal with Elena to get Klaus’ body back. Of course, Damon was opposed while Stefan gave Elena the freedom to make her own choice. And she chose to help Elijah. It was an expected decision. Any choice left to Elena will somehow raise the stakes on chaos. Once again, Damon summed it all up.

“You know what else is her [Elena] call, everything bad, ever!” Damon to Bonnie

It’s the truth.

Jeremy tried to double cross Alaric by giving him false information regarding the location of Klaus. Of course, Alaric now has an entire police force at his disposal after taking over the council. So, he was able to track Damon and Klaus’ body down.

Damon had taken Klaus’ body to a storage unit, which he brought Bonnie to – unit 1020 to be exact. It was an eerie scene. Damon opened Klaus’ coffin to reveal one dead Original, who had a problem keeping his eyes closed. Although Klaus couldn’t speak, you could see the anger in his eyes.

We saw that Bonnie was conflicted about reviving Klaus as per the deal with Elijah. However, we didn’t get to see what decision she made.

Instead, we ventured back to Mystic Falls to see Elena and Stefan preparing for a showdown with Alaric. Stefan decided to give her one last kiss before leaving. But it didn’t seem as though Elena kissed him back.

Matt drugged Elena so that he could drive her out of town, giving us a few more flashbacks to pre-vampire life. The flashbacks had begun to give us some insight into Elena’s thinking process. She had a similar issue with letting Matt go because she was afraid of losing him. At the time, her mother was there to give her the advice she needed.

Alaric showed up at the storage unit to snap Damon’s neck, again. Rebekah was right behind, unaware that the Original hunter was on the scene. Luckily for her, Damon came back to life to pull her away before Alaric found her. But that didn’t stop Alaric from tracking them down and driving the mystical stake into Klaus’ heart.

As Klaus burst into flames, Rebekah cried out while Damon held her back. It was a tragic moment, especially since we learned that all of the Mystic Falls’ vampires were derived from Klaus – which meant that they would die next.

When Elena heard the news, Matt gave her a decision. He could drive her back to see Stefan or to see Damon. Elena chooses to call Damon and see Stefan and the rest of her friends.

“Stefan. It’s always gonna be, Stefan.” – Damon
“I care about you Damon. Which is why I have to let you go.” – Elena

It was a shocking choice, given the earlier kiss. Much like Stefan, I thought that Elena had made her decision to choose Damon in that moment.

Surprisingly, Elena’s decision to drive back to see Stefan didn’t matter. The Salvatores and Caroline did not die. So did Klaus lie? Regardless, one vampire or rather hybrid was definitely made from Klaus’ bloodline. Tyler. The hybrid turned in front of Caroline so that she would not see him die.

It was a tragic moment, but even more tragic was seeing Rebekah show up in the middle of the road that Matt was driving on. In order to avoid hitting her, Matt swerved and his truck went off the same bridge as Elena’s parents. The scene cut between Elena and Matt drowning and the flashback of Elena in the car when her parents were drowning. In both cases, Stefan showed up. However, in the flashback, Elena’s father told Stefan to save Elena. In the present, Elena told Stefan to save Matt. And, he did.

Back at the storage unit, Damon was also having a flashback as Alaric pummeled him with a barrage of punches. We learned that Damon actually met Elena before Stefan. In the flashback, he told Elena that she was looking for what everyone looks for in a relationship – a love that “consumes.”

The flashback gave Damon the burst of energy he needed to fight back against Alaric. But, the truth was that Alaric was dying. Then, Elena died and Alaric went with her. It was a tragic scene, with Elena dead under water. Then, it cut to ghost Alaric popping in on Jeremy. Apparently, Alaric will be Jeremy’s ghost protector going forward.

What was even more odd, however, was learning that Bonnie somehow put Klaus’ spirit inside Tyler. It was the only way to protect her friends, but it came at the loss of Tyler. Kind of. Since Klaus is still “alive” in a manner of speaking, Tyler is still alive. He’s just sharing a body with Klaus. It’s going to create some interesting dynamics in Vampire Diaries Season 4.

But the real curveball is the one that most fans were expecting at the end of TVD Season 2. Elena is a vampire now. So, you know what that means. Delena it is. With her emotions running wild, she’s going to want to be “consumed” by Damon. Elena will inevitably become more Kat-like.

Say goodbye to innocent, sweet Elena!

So, we’re left with an effective death count of “1”. Alaric is gone. Klaus is not really gone, nor is Tyler. And, Elena is now vampire Elena.

It was an epic finale filled with all the twists that we love so much about TVD.

What did you think of the finale? What are you looking forward to most when The Vampire Diaries returns?

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  • Sadeyesjessie

    Lovvvveeeedddd it! Can’t wait! Now the brothers fight will last for all eternity again! !!!

  • Charlie746

    I loved it! It’s a shame that Delena may only be together while her Vampire hormones are raging, and I did prefer her as a human, but it was actually a really great finale.

  • Dennis Buechau

    Ich finde die Seire ist mit Abstand die beste Serie der letzetn Jahre. Ich habe eben noch ein paar aktuelle Infos und News auf gelesen. Einfcah Hammer. Da freut man sich auf die nächsten Folgen! Coole Serienszenen gibt es dazu auch noch auf Das ist die beste Serie der Welt!
    liebe Grüße,

  • SuziQ X D

    I can’t believe it. I need more Klaroline :P I can’t wait to see how they continue this story line. I never really liked Tyler and I have fallen in love with Klaroline. Season 4 here we come xx

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