Mad Rapper Strikes Back Against Cartoon Network’s Toonami Returns Joke

by Bags Hooper on May 8, 2012 · 1 comment

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Remember Toonami? YouTube hip-hop artist Richie Branson sure does.

Toonami was that great block of afternoon TV that featured some of the best anime series this side of Japan. Cartoons like Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing dominated the afternoons. And, for this cartoon lover, it was a great time for my family to bond as Goku charged up to Super Sayan (which took about 3 years).

On April’s Fool Day 2012, Cartoon Network teased fans with a Toonami afternoon, but sadly it was all a one time thing. Now, Branson’s got a new rap to let fans, and most especially Cartoon Network, know that Toonami needs to make a come back.

It’s a pretty cool rhyme, which begins with the creepily sung line: “Never never die…never never die.” I have to empathize with Branson, when he talks about all the cool merchandising based off of Toonami. Who didn’t go out and pick up a few new massive Gundam models because of Toonami? I know I did. That was back when going to Toys R Us was like going to an afterwork lounge/club.

Branson also gives a shout out to the original Batman animated series as well as several great anime shows like Yu Yu Hakusho and Full Metal Alchemist. He also makes a plea to bring back the original Thundercats and Voltron. I’d be all on-board for some Voltron, but I’m enjoying the new Thundercats right now. If anything, I’d want to see Transformers G1. I can watch that series all day. Nuff said.

Do you agree with Branson that TV is not the same without Toonami’s presence?

Listen to the rap now:

  • Ruben

    It’s more than a 1 time thing since Cartoon Network and Adult Swim pretty much launched the #BringBackToonami campaign. Toonami should definitely come back.

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