Once Upon a Time Finale Lead-in (Episode 21): An Apple a Day is just as Deadly

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In one of the first fairy tale flashbacks on Once Upon a Time, we witnessed Prince Charming waking Snow White from the curse. Since then, we’ve been waiting to see just how the Evil Queen tricked Snow White into biting the poisoned apple.

In “An Apple Red as Blood”, we got our answer and I’m even more enthused, now, for the season finale.

Snow White willingly bit the apple in order to save Charming’s life. Well, sort of save Charming. As far as we could tell, after the Evil Queen saved Charming from getting beheaded by his pseudo-father, she trapped Charming in one of her cells. Snow was able to see him, but only through a looking glass. Then, in a later scene, Charming rose from a state of unconsciousness after Snow bit the apple. All magic has a cost. Unfortunately, Charming was still trapped in the Queen’s cell.

It was just the setup we needed to see magic interweave itself into Storybrooke one final time.

“The Stranger” ended with Emma trying to kidnap Henry from Regina. Although Regina was unaware of the kidnapping, her subconscious suspected that things were going horribly wrong. She had a dream that the entire town of Storybrooke discovered the truth and Emma squeezed Regina’s black heart.

Regina was getting more paranoid and rightfully so. Luckily for Regina, Henry wasn’t ready to leave Storybrooke yet. As Emma drove off to reveal her dastardly kidnapping plan, Henry nudged the wheel so that her car would veer off the road. The minor accident temporarily shocked Emma to her senses and was later followed by a stern “talking to” from Mary Margaret.

In an interesting turn of events, Regina decided to enlist the help of the Mad Hatter (aka Jefferson) who had disappeared after his kidnapping attempt on Mary Margaret and Emma went wrong. Regina also revealed that she had Jefferson’s hat from the other side. Unfortunately, without magic in Storybrooke, Regina had to sacrifice her magical artifacts from fairy tale world in order to bring Jefferson’s hat back to life. She gave the hat her last piece of magic, a ring from her true love, in order to revitalize the hat and open a gate to the world of magic. The hole wasn’t big enough to allow the Hatter to travel to the other side, but it was big enough for him to retrieve a single object. He brought the apple the Evil Queen used to poison Snow White to the real world.

I had to laugh at the Hatter’s bargain with Regina.

“I want to forget. I want you to write us a new story. A fresh start here,” Hatter said to Regina.

I thought the line was humorous since it was a throwback to The Matrix, when Cypher asked Agent Anderson to plug him back into The Matrix, without any memory that the Matrix existed. The Hatter wanted the same thing, except he didn’t want to return to fairy tale world and wanted to stay in the real world with his daughter.

Regina decided to chop up the magical apple and baked it into an apple turnover. On cue, Emma showed up to state that she was leaving Storybrooke. However, Emma still wanted permission to visit Henry. Regina agreed to the bargain, but still slipped Emma the turnover.

Sadly, the Evil Queen forgot that all magic comes at a price, a fact that Mr. Gold couldn’t help but mention. Sure enough, in the closing scene we saw what price Regina paid. Henry spotted the turnover in Emma’s apartment. Instead of tossing it away, he bit the turnover to once and for all prove to Emma that fairy tale’s are real and very deadly.

Sadly, this means that Henry is now in a coma. Unlike Snow, Henry doesn’t have someone in his life to wake him up with true love’s kiss.

Once Upon a Time has managed to deliver one helluva episode before the season finale. I’m looking forward to seeing how Emma will react in the next episode. It’s about time she realized the truth. If she accepts the reality of the bizarre situation, she’ll also be able to see Pinocchio’s affliction.

What are your thoughts on the finale.

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