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Published on May 5th, 2012 | by Melody Simpson


‘Fringe’ Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Brave New World Part 1 of 2

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The introductions to Fringe are always one of the best parts of each episode and this week’s introduction was no exception. It was undoubetdly one of the most engaging of the season, as a man came walking out of a cafe and collapsed before his death just as others around him were finding the same fate. But this wasn’t your typical case of the week scenario. David Robert Jones was behind it all. With the season finale airing next week, can’t say we’re surprised. But there were still plenty of jaw dropping moments intertwined, making this one of the best episodes of the season.

We were treated to Lost alum, Rebecca Mader as a guest star this week, playing Jessica Holt, one of the victims who came in contact with what resulted in spontaneous human combustion. Kudos to the random woman who said, “Don’t move. I think when they move, they die. Nobody move.” In such a panic, it is hard to know how focused one would be on the cause of the problem rather than the disaster itself. As for Jessica, she is taken to Walter’s lab as a subject for Walter so that he can find the antidote. But it’s Olivia who saves Jessica’s life, discovering that she has more inside of her than even Walter can understand. Great job writers with the consistency here, letting her powers grow over time. It goes beyond the simple touch and heal though as we saw on the rooftop when Olivia helped Peter knock Jones out. Powers are a blessing and a curse, could her powers be the death of her? But if Bell essentially regenerated, doesn’t this mean that she could too? Doesn’t that mean that Bell, Jones, and Olivia are immortal? So then how can Olivia die in every outcome? Sometimes living is death in itself, could this be the route that this story is going? Probably not so what are your theories?

“I know none of you believe me…which is why I have conducted this little experiment.” – Walter

Even if Jones and Bell can be stopped, Olivia cannot save everyone individually, especially with Jones and Bell teamed up. Bell’s return is thrilling yes, but in a good or bad way still remains to be determined. Bell might have good intentions and is teaming up with Jones because that’s the card he feels he needs to play to get the job done. Who knows. And Nina Sharp might be in denial about Bell being alive and involved but she won’t be in denial for long. it is unfortunate Walter’s certainty about Bell’s being and proving such may have gotten Astrid killed. Peace out Astrid? What a very well kept secret!

We all knew that someone would bite the dust but we would have never expected Astrid to be a strong possibility here. Millions of viewers across the nation shouted obscenities at their television screen as soon as the shot was taken. And to end the episode on that note! What a wild ending! Excellent cliffhanger, excellent episode! This is an episode that fans can watch repeatedly and think, “Now this is why I love Fringe.” It truly was that magnificent. The promos for “Worlds Apart Part 2″ show some very intense, wild stuff happening, guns blazing and all. Part one of the finale ride definitely delivered but we haven’t seen anything yet so stay tuned for more Fringe !

Favorite Moments:
* Walter’s “What will they think of next?” comment was hilarious after Astrid explained to him that people make purchases (even simple coffee purchases) on their cell phones. Walter has crossed universes and is still amazed at the advancements in the everyday world. That’s pretty hysterical.

* “Alex?” – Astrid
“I was on a roll.” – Walter

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*Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/FOX

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  • Mdgorham15

    We already saw that Astrid is in 2036 so clearly she doesnt die. Shouldnt actual fans of the show write the articles so they know what they are talking about

    • Mystinvegas

      The 2036 episode was only a ‘possible’ future timeline, it was not a definate future.

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