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Published on May 2nd, 2012 | by Kelly Sater


‘Glee’ Episode Season 3 Episode 18 Review: Choke

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There was a lot riding on last nights episode of Glee. Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) had their NYADA auditions. The boys rallied to help Puck (Mark Salling) graduate. And we got a glimpse into Beiste’s (Dot Marie Jones) unhappy marriage.  The episode started with hope but ended on a somber note for everyone.

It turned out that Puck wasn’t quite ready to graduate. He was struggling in geography and his plan to pass was to woo the teacher. When she blew him off he performed a rage flied “School’s Out.” After a few days of playing hooky Pucks dad (Thomas Calabro) came along. At first you would think he came to talk to his son, but what he wanted was money. Seeing his father was the wake –up call Puck needed to graduate. After Puck came back to school he enlisted the boys to help him cram for his final exam. He did his best but was it enough to graduate?

Roz Washington (Nene Leakes) was back to deliver an important message about domestic violence. “Black Sue (Roz) and original recipe Sue (Jane Lynch)” joined forces with Coach Beiste to educate the Glee club girls on domestic violence. Sue challenged the girls to sing a song about women’s empowerment.  Mercedes (Amber Riley), Sugar (Vanessa Lengies), Brittany (heather Norris), Santana (Naya Rivera), and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) performed a sexy version of “Cell Block Tango.” During the performance we saw Beiste’s husband abuse her.

Beiste went on to tell Sue and Roz about what happened. She told them she was afraid to leave because no one will love her again. Coach Sue invited Beiste to stay at her house to be safe from her abusive husband. To apologize to Beiste for their previously insensitive performance the girls sang an emotional “Shake it Out.” At the end of the performance we saw Coach Beiste return to her husband. It was a good choice for the writers; it usually takes a lot more than songs for a woman to leave an abusive husband. I’m glad they didn’t chose to end this storyline neatly since it is a very messy subject.

While Beiste’s world came crashing down so did Rachel’s. She and Kurt had their auditions and they did not go as planned. . Whoopi Goldberg guest stared as Carmen Tibideaux, the icy dean of NYADA in charge of auditions.  At the last minute Kurt decided to go in a completely different direction than he rehearsed. He went with  “Not The Boy Next Door.” The performance was very Kurt: energized, empowered and, well, a little flamboyant.  Tibideaux commended him on his performance and bold song choice.

Instead of going bold, Rachel performed her stand-by “Don’t Rain on my Parade” This is the second time she’s performed this hit on the show but it did not go down well. Rachel forgot the lyrics and Tibideaux wouldn’t stand for it. It was devastating.

After everyone’s hard work there was little success. Puck failed his exam and will most likely have to stay back. And Rachel’s NYADA dreams are gone. There are only 4 episode left in the season hopefully these kids can get it together before they graduate.

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    Block Tango” was awesome and glad to see sexy version of Mercedes, Sugar,
    Brittany, Santana, and Tina.

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