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Published on April 27th, 2012 | by Melody Simpson


‘American Idol’ Season 11 Review: Top 5 Revealed

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The final five has been chosen for American Idol Season 11. Three females and two males remain, but who is going to take the title? This week’s elimination was the most obvious choice, due to the way things have played out each week over the past few weeks. This elimination does not make the inevitable any less disappointing, but America has spoken time and time again.. and finally they spoke loud enough.

Opening the show on the perfect note, The Queen Extravaganza (the official touring Queen tribute) performed their classic, “Somebody To Love” and brought the house down. The high energy did not stop as a not so cheesy Ford musc video set to “Magic” was shown right before footage of the final contestants at TMZ made its way to our small screen. Who doesn’t have a good time when they are at the TMZ headquarters? This is always a fun segment, it never fails to entertain. Speaking of entertaining… while the vocal talent is significantly stronger this year, last year on Idol was quite fun.

Idol alum, Casey Abrams joined host, Ryan Seacrest to announce that the top American Idol Season 11 contestants will begin their summer tour on July 6, 2012. Tickets go on sale May 11, 2012, so get ready! Shortly after, Idol Season 10 finalist, Stefano Langone performed his new single, “I’m On A Roll.” While the song is fun and positive, it’s really just fun vocal wise… it doesn’t showcase just how much he can do. Commercial wise, this is a great first single but as a true artist, well, don’t go looking for Langone to give you any of that good stuff here. Finally, on the performance route, Katy Perry performed her newest single, “Part of Me.” Katy Perry is a phenomenal songwriter and underrated singer but a performer, well, it’s usually a miss. She’s best just singing, not singing and trying to dance and do all of the extra stuff. But this was a great effort, at is usually is with her.

As for the results… 16 year old Jessica Sanchez was able to rest easy early on in the broadcast as she found out that she was in the top three. She was joined by the only two male contestants left in the competition shortly after. Hearing Seacrest read India Arie’s tweet that praised Joshua Ledet to no end was quite hysterical. While Laine and Testone definitely did not belong in the bottom three, Ledet and Phillips fans have been very loyal from the beginning, so not seeing the boys in the bottom three was expected. Not as expected was finding out that Jimmy Iovine was not a fan of 28 year old Elise Testone this week. She was very much in her element and had fantastic performances, what was there not to love? Whatever it was, America wasn’t a fan…yet again. Big surprise.

As predicted, Hollie Cavanagh also found herself in the bottom three but she hasn’t been in the bottom three essentially every week like Testone has been. So the time finally came for Testone to bite the dust. While it is sad to see this under-appreciated talent go, finally she will be able to be appreciated elsewhere. This was a great opportunity for exposure for Testone and now the people who have been waiting for a sound like that know where to get it. So the top five has been chosen and now the games begin. America has chosen who they want to see fight for the final spot. But who is really worthy of it?

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*Photo Credit: Michael Becker / FOX

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  • Luke

    I love Jessica. Really like Joshua and Skylar. Like Phillip and Hollie. All are very talented.

  • Luke

    I love Jessica. Really like Joshua and Skylar. Like Phillip and Hollie. All are very talented.

  • Ezalitious

    I prefer Jessica…shes the best singer ever…

  • Dana alianne b. Soriano

    Jessica Sanchez I am just an eleven yr. old girl and I am a big fan of yours.I know that you will be the winner in American idol season11.and I am 99%sure that you could won plus1=100%..good luck to you!!!

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