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Published on April 20th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Road to the Finale Lead-in: Woes, Alliances, Deaths and New Villains

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The Vampire Diaries began its season finale run with an episode that was heavy in relationship woes and a long list of potential victims.

Stefan officially returned to “good Stefan” status for the first time this season. So good, that he decided to let his would-be girlfriend Elena go on a road trip with Damon. Instead of preventing Delena, he decided to put the ball in Elena’s court so that she could resolve her feelings. It was a chivalrous move, but I pitied Stefan in that moment. He’s given up so much for Elena. Although Damon and Elena have an unbridled sexual tension mustering between them, seeing Stefan left out in the gutter just feels sad.

Damon and Elena paid a visit to Jeremy, who just happened to have a new friend – Kol. Once again, one of Elena’s brilliant plans to keep Jeremy safe backfired. Kol greeted Damon with a baseball bat. When the wooden bat broke against Damon’s body, Kol decided to grab an aluminum bat for a more hefty swing. Who didn’t see what would happen next? When Kol went to swing his metal bat at Damon, the Salvatore picked up the broken bat and rammed it into Kol’s chest. At first, I thought Damon shoved the bat-stake right through Kol’s groin. It was a strange perspective, but Damon was on the floor and shoved the broken bat up towards the groin area. But, after the cut, it showed that the bat went through the center of Kol’s torso. It was actually a bit of a letdown. A groin stab would have been very much the gritty, rogue Damon of Season 1.

Elena and Damon take Jeremy to a motel so that the youngest surviving Gilbert could make contact with Rose, the vampire who sired Katherine. Elena, Damon, motel – something was bound to happen.

After Jeremy made contact with Rose, Elena learned that Damon had helped to ease Rose’s passage into the next life. It made her see the good side of Damon once again. Jeremy noticed the way Elena looked at Damon and questioned her motives.

Later that night, Elena couldn’t stop looking at Damon from the comfort of her bed. So, Damon decided to join her.

“When people see good they expect good and I don’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations,” Damon said to Elena in bed. After a long bout of looking into each other’s eyes, the two grasped hands.

Then, Elena got scared of her feelings and ran out of the motel room. Sure enough, Damon followed. However, instead of Damon going for the kiss, Elena went for it. And, the result was a steamy make-out session like no other. Unfortunately, Jeremy showed up just in time to vampire-cock block.

Damon wasn’t the only vampire getting some action. Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline went to see Tyler.

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” Tyler said to Caroline. Right away, the two get into it in the underground caverns. We also learned that Tyler was able to turn 100 times in the Appalachian Mountains so we’ll find out in “Do Not Go Gentle” if Tyler has broken the sire bond to Klaus.

While Damon was making out with Elena, Stefan was waiting for Ric to fall asleep so that he could interrogate Ric’s alter ego. He needed information on the remaining stake that could kill the originals. Klaus showed up to help Alaric along the way to slumber land snapping Ric’s neck.

When that didn’t work, Ric told Stefan to take him to the brink of death to lure out his alter ego. It was then that we saw Stefan had finally broken out of his Ripper state. The younger Salvatore was able to control his blood lust when Ric started bleeding.

Alaric’s evil side came out to reprimand Stefan, “Look at you, one of nature’s most hideous creatures and you can’t even get that right.”

Now that Evil Ric was loose, Klaus had Rebekah escort him to the caves so that they could recover the Original Stake.

Damon and Elena weren’t fairing as well with their mission. The two discovered that Mary sired Rose. However, when they showed up at Mary’s home, they saw that Kol had already killed Mary. After a hefty round of beat-up-on-Damon, Kol took his leave – leaving Damon and Elena to have a heart to heart.

Elena pulled away from Damon, stating that every time there’s a bump in the road, he lashes out.

“What if I didn’t? What if there was no bump? I’m sorry Elena, but this time I’m not going to make it so easy for you. This time you’ll have to figure it out for yourself.” – Damon

It seems that both Salvatores have finally forced Elena to make a decision for herself.

So who will end up with Elena? In the words of Rose, “Damon is either the best thing for her, or the worst.” It wouldn’t be good TV, if Damon was the best thing for her, so I’m guessing she’ll end up with Damon and we’ll see just how bad that road gets in The Vampire Diaries Season 4.

In Mystic Falls, Tyler was set to stay the night at Caroline’s (on the couch) until he discovered the picture Klaus drew for Caroline. He decided that he wasn’t ready to play second fiddle either and walked away.

As for Evil Ric and Rebekah, Ric revealed the location of the final stake. Then we learned that Esther had taken over Rebekah’s body. Now, the Original family must go up against a vampire hunter and the original witch.

I have a feeling that Tyler is going to die by the end of Season 3 as well as Jeremy. By the end of Season 2, Elena lost her biological father and her aunt. It would only be natural for her to lose her brother next. Then we can see just how far Damon will take her. I’ve really enjoyed Joseph Morgan in these past two seasons, so I would hate to see him go. However, I think he’s also got a target on his head. He’s just too powerful at this point. The only way I can see Klaus living is if a new threat was introduced that forced all the vampires and hybrids to work together. If he lives and they destroy the final stake, then Season 4 would be another case of “discover a new way to kill an original.” We’ve been there. Based on the history of TVD, I think the executive producers would go for something different.

So, I’m predicting two to three deaths (not counting Originals) and at least one new villain introduced in the finale.

What are your thoughts?

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  • Helen

    uh…John didn’t die at the end of season 1, he died in the middle of season 2, same with Isobel, Elena almost lost Jeremy and Caroline at the end of season 1

  • Guest

    Actually… John died in the same episode Jenna did, the season 2 finale.

  • Shyshah2199

    I think that people will stop watching the show if delena isnt togther and at the end of s3e18 i thought that what was going to come up and rose said it perfectly. I am a true delena fan but damon needs to learn to stop killing people because he’s sad. my favorite moment was in s3e14 when damon see’s elena walking in and he looks at her like he loves her.

  • Nitikagoenka

    i think they loose the plot coz as they say Klaus is so powerful he will have a backup plan and   killing him mean Tyler killed too…. so if the kill all where will the story go……
    i hope Joseph Morgan get signed on for season 4 and im really looking forward what will Daniel Gillies will do……now if Klaus is not there and his sis is not there then

  • Hgghhh

    You both wrong John and Jenna died in the episode before the finale

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