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Published on April 10th, 2012 | by Ernie Estrella


Being Human Season 2 Finale Review: Shredded Apart

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The Season 2 finale of Being Human, “It’s My Party and I’ll Die if I Want To” completed a circle for Josh (Sammy Huntington) and Aidan (Sam Witwer) that began at the season premiere, “Turn This Mother Out.” Sally’s (Meaghan Rath) funny but poignant line–their last scene in the house together by the way–summed up the entire episode.

Sally: You two are about to go on two killing sprees for women… That is so hot.

Josh and Nora (Kristen Hager) found themselves in another standoff– this time against Josh’s maker, Ray (Andreas Apergis) and as humans, not wolves. In “Turn This Mother Out,” Aidan dug up his former love, Suren (Dichen Lachman) after an 80-year punishment and his fate is unknown after he’s thrown into the same casket that she laid in for decades but with her ashes covering his body.

At the start of Season 2, Bishop’s death brought in the upper echelon of vampires upon him. Instead of being elevated, he was forced before the council by matriarch, Mother (Deena Aziz) to unearth his long lost blood-sucking love, her daughter, to become Bishop’s successor. Aidan was quickly drawn back to his darker days, even without the influence of Bishop, simply motivated by love for Suren as well as his “son” Henry (Kyle Schmid) who had come back into the fold and proved to be his tool.

In the finale we didn’t get another flashback of star-crossed lovers, instead we see two scenes where Aidan and Mother met above her grave on the anniversaries of her grounding. Mother’s punishment was meant for Aidan as much as it was Suren.

Aidan gave up his freedom to assassinate Mother but the tables were quickly turned on him, winding up as the final test for Suren to get the keys to Boston. All Suren had to do was kill Aidan, but stayed true to her weak ways and in return was killed by her mother.

No matter what your hopes are of your children, kids are going to be what they’re going to be. Mother still wanted some type of gratitude for the immortality she gave Suren and now she’ll always know that she took it away from her too.

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What Season 3 Holds for Aidan?
The writers need to determine how much time passes between seasons. We’ve seen what 80 years does to a vampire in a coffin. He’s certainly not going to die, but who will pull him out? If, and this is a huge IF, Henry is still alive, he’s a candidate. Last we saw him he was hanging in Mother’s lair though and he was in no shape to help anyone.

But I’m betting it’s going to be old Atlee (Kyle Gatehouse) coming to Aidan’s rescue. He was there to witness the burial; he knows where he was buried and I’m willing to also wager that Mother will make her reign so unbearable that Atlee comes digging. Aidan made some deal with the Dutch, hell, he drove out to Amish country and even though that was to help ensure his and Suren’s safety, Atlee is the his best option to get out of his predicament and help him defeat Mother.

I said coming into Season 2 that Sally’s future was the most open-ended and her story of temptation could have gone any number of ways. Becoming so bogged down with the idea of passing up her door and manifesting a grim reaper alter ego though was definitely not on the list. The writers did a superb job bringing new ideas, surprises and trials for our ghost; it was an arc that provided levity as well as fear. Death is scary enough without knowing fellow ghosts may shred you to death for a second time. Possession, reincarnation, a super-stylish gray and purple intervention–Sally explored it all, watching others who are less tortured and less burdened, obtain their doors.

She managed to lose a potential love in Nick and nearly lost a friend in Zoe (Susanna Fournier). Her last ditch attempt at cheating the system was to walk through someone else’s door, even her own mother’s.

• When the door for her mother appeared, Sally finally got the approval she always hoped she’d hear. In fact that was a theme for this finale as Mother-to-Suren, Aidan-to-Henry, and Ray-to-Josh all expressed their pleasure or displeasure in their children.

Aidan to Henry: I am proud of the man you’ve become.
Ray to Josh: Your weakness is my biggest disappointment.

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What Season 3 Holds for Sally?
For whatever reason Sally sacrificed herself to limbo to rid her of the reaper alter ego, to pay for the lives she ruined. Based off of Danny (Gianpaulo Venuta) and Nick’s (Pat Kiely) reaction to limbo, we know that hell could only be worst for ghosts. I imagine that we haven’t seen the last of Danny or Nick. She not only removes herself from the plane of existence she shared with Josh and Aidan, she has no idea on how to return–all new problems for Sally to deal with. The likelihood of seeing those magical scenes with all three roommates in the house all but vanished, leaving us with the teaser that she made a big mistake.

Josh: For most people, going home is a safety net. A place to hide until the worst passes.

We know that eclipses seem to break the imprisonment of limbo but for how long? Sally will need to find a way to reach out to Zoe again, but then she’ll realize that Nick is suffering too.

And then there was Josh. Who would have thought that our judgmental, neurotic werewolf would have the most emotional story line of season 2? Ever-tortured with the reality of being a werewolf, Josh discovered he turned Nora. But instead of bonding over their added complexities, Nora embraced her inner wolf, while Josh continued to pursue a cure. Having had his ex-fiancée / rekindled lover, Julia (Natalie Brown) die in front of him after an eclipse, was one of the most heart-breaking things played out on modern television, especially when he realized that the Julia he had been speaking with was a ghost and her discovery of Josh’s secret gave no such satisfying closure like we had all hoped. It signaled the arrival of her door.  Josh’s torment would only worsen when Julia said she would have stood by him had she known. He just never believed it enough.

The seed planted by Nora to absolve him of this curse, to kill his maker, grew like a twist and wild vine, as Josh’s attempt to kill Ray, went wrong. He was enraged and motivated by being responsible for ruining Julia and Nora’s lives and this undoing of the curse was the one way to get salvation. We never did get to see who got shot. Two different guns were fired and Josh was not holding one.

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What Season 3 Holds for Josh?
Someone had to die, right? I think it would only work if someone did. If Josh dies, then one of the main three characters falls. It wouldn’t be a total shock, but then again, it would. Nora would become the wolf we follow. If Ray died, then Josh becomes human, no longer gets to see Sally and again, Nora is our werewolf. If Nora died then everything is status quo. Ray might be dead too in this case but it wasn’t Josh who pulled the trigger. Then again, how much doubt do we have that this curse could actually be lifted?

Temptation was a beast! Sally got on a one-way ticket to near destruction, it clouded Aidan’s judgment and forced him to take uncalculated risks, and in trying to keep Nora from being tempted, he experienced the most brutal fall from grace. Give Being Human, Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke credit for stirring up the successful and fun harmony established in the first season. They delivered as promised, a darker season that put our protagonists in uncomfortable positions. While the first season felt more about bringing Aidan, Josh and Sally together, this season was about tearing them apart–but for how long and how much more will they be changed when and if they reunite?

Share your thoughts on Season 2 below.

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    Can’t believe there were so many cliff hangers! GEESH!!! Can’t wait for next season! 

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    I think this review was great but if lifting the curse Nora said
    Is true…and if Ray dies at Josh’s hand true Josh will not be a wolf but neither will Nora

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      Josh wasn’t holding the gun though, Nora was.. so that is the twist there. If Nora kills ray, nothing changes, as long as ray’s shot missed. 

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    I didn’t think of how long Aiden may be down there. He hallucinates just live drinking. His mind, another concern. Poor Aiden!

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