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Published on April 7th, 2012 | by Melody Simpson


‘Fringe’ Season 4 Episode 17 Review: Everything In Its Right Place

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Fringe continued to give true meaning behind a freaky Friday this week with distorted faces in the alt-world, with not the average victim. So many time over the seasons, we have come face to face with people trying to create a better human being, a better world, or both… unaware of the consequences that it has on time, space, and more than they could ever imagine. This week, we followed a man, Canaan who turned to the one man the Fringe division knew not to trust. He turned to David Robert Jones for help with his faulty features as the first new breed of human beings. What’s troubling is that despite this man’s past or in fact because of it, the yearning to be desired and feel needed, special, to have a place… it has blinded him from knowing who to trust. And it almost killed him. “Everything In Its Right Place” did a fabulous job showing the lengths people will go to, blindly and under the impression that it is not blind at all, to have a meaningful and appreciated place in this world.

Being appreciated brings us to one agent that we barely got to see this season and now we will only see on our side. While we did not get to see a tremendous amount of what’s happening in our world, it was made clear the Olivia has completely forgotten about her relationship with Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) from the timeline she once knew. Anybody would be hurt by that, an entire friendship ultimately erased with just the groundwork there. It’s no wonder Lee decided to go to the alt-universe in place of Astrid to share with the other side their research on David Robert Jones. What a disappointment is was this week going to the other side and watching both Lees bond like never before, only for alt-Lee to die (umm, where was his bullet proof vest at?). Heartbreaking as it was, who else is ready to see another fall in our universe? Up the ante.

And after all that has taken place, we still don’t know anymore about Jones’s agenda than we did before. Pinpointing all of the shape shifters in the alt-world is one step in the right direction for both universes but how many more steps do we need to take? With a season five renewal up in the air, it would be very satisfying to get some solid answers before the finale, which we are nearing. As for Lee, was he onto something about the pasts of his and alt-Lee being so similar? What do you think? And would he be able to go to the other side permanently? The things people do for love, right? Anything is possible. Perhaps a move like this is how Lee will discover exactly what it was that set himself and alt-Lee down different paths in life. A move like this may also get him out of our hair in our universe. Admit it, we all loved alt-Lee more than our Lee. It’s a real shame that anyone had to take that bullet, especially alt-Lee. So where does this leave Lee for the rest of the season… back in the background? Or will alt-Olivia be able to bring out the best in Lee? While we’re on the subject of comparison… Seth Gabel was able to shine in this episode but Anna Torv as alt-Olivia always steals the show. Emmys should really be showering this show by now!

As for Nina Sharp… she can be caught off guard, but how blind sighted was she really? A security breach under her nose is almost laughable. She’s slipping on her game. Nina Sharp is this mighty, all powerful woman but she doesn’t have suspicions about those around her and extra precautions for loose shape shifters? If Canaan does choose the noble route, with the entire Fringe division behind him (ahem, Alt-Broyles so long as the timeline is still wonky and you are alive), Nina Sharp is really going to have to keep her eyes wide open. Right now, whatever her plan is, it’s not looking so hot.

Sometimes the alt-world is way more exhilarating and engaging than home and this was definitely one of those episodes that reeled us in, in every single way possible. From every angle, there was something to ponder, sometimes more than one thing. The title, “Everything In Its Right Place” speaks volumes moreso for the series in general and what’s coming up in the final episodes of the season than just this one episode. The Glyphs code for this episode spelled out DREAM… and could mean anything! So what do you think that is a hint to? This episode really thre a lot at us in the final minutes of the episode, so a re-watch is definitely encouraged. More will make sense the more you re-watch, but there will also be more questions as well. Great episode, but definitely take advantage of a re-watch to get the most out of “Everything In Its Right Place.”

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  • Anonymous

    Alt-Broyles is still alive and he is a mole.

  • Anonymous

    Also – I think dream could be in context with the shapeshifter wanting a better life for himself. And maybe Lincoln’s wanting of Olivia.

  • Egnirf

    Fauxlivia is fantastic and Anna Torv is truly awesome.

    And what a shame they have done so little with Over There this season, the entire shapeshifters,Jones,  altBroyles, AltNina versus Fauxlivia and co could have been played over several episodes, now it sems to go down in one.
    I love the RedUniverse mostly because every member of the team is equal and respected, where on the Blue side Walter and Peter got all the writing , and Olivia and the FBI were mostly the FBI agents.

    Interesting  to see Anna and Blair facing each other in hostile mood as Faux and Meana, where a few weeks ago they had the mother/daughter saying goodbye scene.

    I do hope that Our Olivia will finally get an Active part to play, she has been made Girl of Peter, Girl who is nothing without Peter since midseason 3 and on top of that the victim.

    Luckily Fauxlivia is still Active, bad-ass, and wanting to get Jones.Let her finish this season alive, and then lets get some double Dunham face Jones. 

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