April 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Must Watch: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3

April 30, 2012

“I’m Gotham’s reckoning.” -Bane The summer movie season may kick into full gear this weekend with The Avengers, but don’t forget a little Warner Bros. tentpole called The Dark Knight [...]


Girls Episode 1.3 Review: ‘All Adventurous Women Do’

April 30, 2012

The Girls are still trying to figure it all out in last night’s episode. Hannah (Lena Dunham) learned she has an STD, Marnie’s (Allison Williams) storyline finally got interesting and [...]


‘Fringe’ Season 4 Episode 20 Review: World’s Apart

April 28, 2012

This week on Fringe, the teams from both universes came together in their endless effort to find and stop David Robert Jones. While Fringe has been renewed for a fifth [...]


Supernatural Season 7 Episode 20 Rundown: Geek References Rule and So Does Felicia Day

April 28, 2012

In “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo,” the Winchesters had their first major run-in with Dick Roman since Dick shot Bobby. It was a great episode, filled with [...]


Fox Gives ‘Fringe’ (and Fans) 13 More Episodes – Plus a Trailer For Season 5

April 27, 2012

Never underestimate the power of the internet or an avalanche of Red Vines. Fox gave Fringe fans something to cheer about on perhaps the best “Fringe Friday” of the fourth [...]

American Idol

‘American Idol’ Season 11 Review: Top 5 Revealed

April 27, 2012

The final five has been chosen for American Idol Season 11. Three females and two males remain, but who is going to take the title? This week’s elimination was the [...]

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale Lead-in: Rebirth of the Ultimate Hunter

April 27, 2012

So it begins. So it ends. The mother of vampires, Esther, has initiated a new gambit in her centuries long quest to undo the evil she created. Unfortunately, her move [...]


Blast Off #9: Bully, Marley & Comic Con IV: A Fan’s Hope – Podcast

April 27, 2012

The ninth Team Focus Blast Off is here, featuring BuzzFocus Community Manager Ernie Estrella. This week we discuss three of the hottest documentaries to hit the theaters and VOD: Bully, [...]


Photos: ‘Knife Fight’ Red Carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival, with Rob Lowe & Jennifer Morrison

April 27, 2012

This week, the cast of Bill Guttentag’s Knife Fight descended on the Tribeca Film Festival to turn heads on the red carpet. In attendance were: Writer/Director Guttnenag, Co-Writer/Producer Chris Lehane, [...]

GI Joe

GI Joe Retaliation Takes its Script Cues from GI Joe Renegades Cartoon

April 27, 2012

After failing to give GI Joe fans or movie goers in general a decent movie in GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, the creative team has apparently decided to take [...]