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Published on March 18th, 2012 | by Alan Danzis


Spartacus Vengeance Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Balance

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Once that wagon opened, and the trap was set, I’m going to bet Spartacus was awfully glad a wounded Oenamanus wasn’t there fighting by his side. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…

In Spartacus’ mind, the way to achieve vengeance (hey! That’s the sub-title for this season!) is to obtain balance (and hey! That’s the title for this episode!)

Gannicus kidnapped Ilithyia last week to deliver her to Spartacus—not because he actually wanted to be involved in the fight, but because he believed her death would achieve the vengeance and balance Spartacus sought, meaning no one else would die by cruxificion for being associated with him. Gannicus wanted to give Spartacus the blood he wanted to spill, so no other blood would be spilled in his name.

Spartacus was all too happy to spill that blood, until he learned she was carrying his baby. You knew that secret would come out eventually, but color me surprised, and ready to believe she was going to actually kill her, when Mira’s hands were around Ilithyia’s throat. (This show has never been shy about killing major characters in the middle of seasons.)

He learned that he couldn’t kill her—this would make him just as bad as Glaber. Glaber himself, instead was the one that deserved to die. And if that meant turning Ilithyia back over to him in exchange for weapons, so be it—he wasn’t even going to double-cross Glaber.

My favorite moment of the episode came when it appeared that Spartacus was going to reveal that Ilithyia was carrying his child, not Glaber’s. Perhaps he changed his mind at the last second. Or that little pause before he clarified to say that Glaber would merely see him in his baby and Ilitythia because he spared their lives was meant to screw with us (the audience)—either way, it was well played by Liam McIntyre.

But most of all—he couldn’t kill her because it wouldn’t help him achieve balance. Glaber no longer cared for her. So he let her go. I knew he wouldn’t kill her after the betrayal by Glaber, but I thought she actually would throw her lot in with the freed slaves. (Also, doesn’t she kind of have a crush on Spartacus? Even if he tried to kill her?)

Now… will she run back to Glaber? Or will she join up with someone else?

Other thoughts:

  • Did Ashur steal that bracelet from Seppius and allow it to be so easily seen so that his master would be found out? Or is he just stupid and arrogant and drunk on power?
  • Speaking of Ashur—each scene with him and Lucretia gets more and more depraved. I have a feeling Ashur isn’t long for this world and Lucretia will wind up being the one who has a hand in his death. (Who would have thought I’d root for her against him?)
  • I get why the show needs to insert Liam into scenes from Blood and Sand, but man, it’s weird and a little distracting for this fan.
  • It was incredibly satisfying to start to see history match the show as Crixus and Gannicus start to stand by Spartacus’ side as friends (thanks Wikipedia!)

Glaber clearly is going to die this season—especially with news of next year’s new characters. But who will do it? Spartacus? Or Seppia…

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