‘American Idol’ Season 11 Review: Top 10 Revealed! Who’s Going on the Summer Tour?

by Melody Simpson on March 16, 2012 · 2 comments

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In a first of the season, this week’s results show of American Idol was actually very captivating. From the top 11′s Ford commercial and special musical guests right down to the elimination… everything about the results show was entertaining and more than reassuring. A few weeks into the live shows have gone by and America has made it clear which contestants they are behind. While we can never predict when the jaw dropping moment will actually happen, that moment when we’re all blind sighted and the Pia Toscano of the season will get the boot… so far, all is well. No complaints here. Our top ten has been chosen. Looking back on all of the hopefuls who have been eliminated so far this season, the judges and America really did a wonderful job choosing the finalists. Who else is looking for to the summer tour?

Joining the American Idol team this season is fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger as image advisor for the show’s finalists. What a fitting choice. Hilfiger and America are both ready to see these hopefuls look the part while finding and perfecting their own styles. Looking the part long before them is super star, Demi Lovato who came to perform her new hit, “Give Your Heart A Break.” Of all of the special guest performances, Lovato delivered the best performance of the season. What a talent. Her voice is phenomenal and wildly underrated. There’s no doubt that Lovato gained more “Lovatics” last night. This was truly the best night of special guest performances this season so far and will undoubtedly remain one of the best weeks of special guest performances this season. Why? Not only did Demi Lovato take the stage, but American Idol alum, Daughtry returned to the show to perform “Outta My Head” and he rocked it! What a fantastic night of music this turned out to be. The contestants’ Ford commercial was also quite entertaining with its haunted house theme. If the Ford commercials keep going the way they that are going, this might be the first season where we don’t get cheesy commercials. What do you think?

“If she goes home, we should all go home.” – Jimmy Iovine on Jessica Sanchez

Before getting to the results, Ryan Seacrest reminded us that the judges can rescue one eliminated contestant from the season up until the top five is revealed. We would naturally expect a save on Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, and Hollie Cavanagh. But who else do you think the judges would save if the votes didn’t come out the way that they are rooting for? Skylar Laine stands out among the rest as one to save. The other contestants could learn a thing or two from her about putting on a killer performance, not over-thinking the performance, and pouring your heart and soul into the song. Aside from Jessica Sanchez, who else is excited to see Laine the most on the summer tour?

Along with 16 year old Jessica Sanchez and Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh will also be on the road for this year’s summer tour. As for the guys, wild card, DeAndre Brackensick, Phil Phillips, Joshua Ledet, Colton Dixon, and Heejun Han were all given the good news and rightly so. During Jimmy Iovine’s critique of Brackensick’s performance from Wednesday, he took the time to explain how the contestants pick their songs. The singer comes to Iovine with three songs and if those songs are not flattering, Iovine then gives his suggestions. Ultimately the song is the contestant’s choice. Hmm. That’s not reassuring. Like Randy Jackson said, a great singer can sing the phone book so song choice cannot be the ultimate excuse for a mediocre performance. Thanks Iovine for clearing up the big mystery but it really did not help the argument. He did however confirm exactly what was written in our review of Wednesday night’s show in regards to Steven Tyler’s comments about Colton Dixon’s performance. If there’s any one judge for Dixon to pay attention to the most it’s the born rocker, Steven Tyler.

With Dixon safe another week, the bottom three included 28 year old Elise Testone, 16 year old Shannon Magrane, and wild card, Erika Van Pelt. Wille Testone and Van Pelt find themselves in the bottom three until their ultimate eliminations? It seems very likely. What a shame it is to see that America continuously is not there for Testone. She may not have a large audience supporting her but the people that are supporting her are fierce and will continue to be by her side long after her eventual elimination. And if anyone is crazy enough not to sign her, Kickstarter will be right there waiting. Even the judges commented on how bizarre it was that Testone found her way into the bottom three after the stellar performance she delivered Wednesday night. But her voice is so distinct that no matter how wonderful the performance, some viewers simply will not budge. Thankfully, Testone was safe another week and will indeed be joining hew fellow contestants on the summer tour. Also joining Testone is Van Pelt, leaving Shannon Magrane alone in the dust. The end of the road came for Magrane and after her performance from Wednesday, this is not at all surprising. Magrane is a talented young woman but still needs some maturing and training before she can kill it on a summer tour. So the right decision was made this week, but it will be surprising if someone other than Testone or Van Pelt is eliminated next week. What do you think?

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*Photo Credit: Michael Becker / FOX

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Fatima March 17, 2012 at 6:57 am

Demi Lovato killed the stage. Her voice was pure love. it was a sensational performance.

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