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Published on March 9th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


23 Photos of Bandai’s Upcoming ‘Ben 10: Omniverse’ Series

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We recently got a sneak peak at the new Ben 10: Omniverse product line from Bandai and the toys look awesome. The new cartoon, scheduled for release later this year from Man of Action, features both a younger version of Ben Tennyson -at age 10 – as well as the older version currently in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. The teenage Ben in Omniverse will be sixteen.

The style of cartoon has a more anime vibe as you will notice from the teenage figure of Ben 10, which has a sleeker, narrow-bodied design. There

The new series includes three sizes of figures, including mini size with stand. These toys are mostly non-posable toys that show Ben 10 characters and transformations in action.

The standard action-figure size ranges are about four inches tall. You will get four to six points of articulation at the knees, shoulders and elbow joints. Here is teen Ben on a skateboard.

There will also be several translucent variants of Ben as well as transformations:

The largest size follows suit with Ben 10: Ultimate Alien’s Hyperalien releases, standing at approximately eight inches high. These will be transformation and enemy aliens only (no Ben 10). Pictured below is Khyber the Huntsman, a new villain appearing in Omniverse.

Once again, Bandai is releasing role-play toys. Pictured below is Rook’s Proto Tool.

Check out the gallery of alien transformations and toys from the upcoming series. There is also a plumber base that you’ll want to see.

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  • Teddy

    The hyperalien figure you show is actually called Khyber (the new villain). It’s just in Gravattack’s packaging because it was a quick mock-up by Bandai.

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