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Published on March 2nd, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Are you Ready to Leave Skyrim? Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer Signals the Next Gaming Addiction

On March 6, the shooter and Skyrim loving world will come to a halt for one game.

Mass Effect 3.

Okay, maybe that was a little boisterous, because not all Skyrim gamers are shooter fans. However, after watching this latest trailer from Bioware, you may just think twice about your Skyrim addiction. At least for a week or two as you fight to save Earth.

I know a lot of die-hard fans have been avoiding news on Mass Effect 3 so that they can savor every moment and reveal the game has to offer. This trailer doesn’t give away too many spoilers, but it will definitely wet your appetite for more. It might also remind you to get your preorders in from now so that the game is waiting for you when you get home if you’re not a wait-in-line-on-launch shopper.

EDITOR’S PICK: Mass Effect 3 Take Back Earth Impressions

We’ve also got the word from Bioware that they’re working round the clock to make sure that the servers are ready for a barrage of online multiplayer gaming on launch. So that’s just another reason to get excited for this game (not to mention the awesome energy blade).

Check out the Mass Effect 3 launch trailer below. How excited are you for this release?

Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3 on PS3

Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition on PC

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  • Markie Straub

    Still sticking with Skyrim, Skyrim blows all of the new games out of the water for me! I’m sorry, but I will not play Mass Effect 3.

  • Nuck Chorris

    Sorry, since ME2 and DA2 where basically 8-month shit-spawns I’m gonna pass in the knowledge that this will likely be the same, besides I’m still playing Skyrim- that’s all i need. :D

    • Josephtalusan

      Yeah you said that wrong. If you’re gonna pass the knowledge that this game will be the same as having bad spawns, then you’re saying that it won’t have bad spawns. Fail my brother.

    • Guest

      DA2 was quite shitty no doubt but ME2 definitely wasn’t. 

  • T2k123

    Lmao are you kidding, as if ied pass up skyrim for ‘CRAP EFFECT 3′ no chance fan-boy

  • Jacob

    lol at the people commenting. “oh iam going to stick with skyrim and not play ME3″. I love the mentality of fan boys. But ill have fun playing both games.

    • T2k123

      are you just looking for an argument it soming, grow up child

    • T2k123

      are you just looking for an argument it soming, grow up child

  • T2k123

    umm..not really fan boys they chose the better game (skyrim) obviously not much love for ME3

  • T2k123

    umm..not really fan boys they chose the better game (skyrim) obviously not much love for ME3

  • Guest

    No way this will be better than Skyrim, I’m just expecting it to be another massive let-down like ME2 was.

  • Anonymous

    “Your ME3 suk!”
    “No, yur sKYrum sucz!!”
    “No, you suk!”
    “No your!”

    Oh, please people, get over yourselves! There’s plenty of room on my HD for both games. I love Skyrim, still play it. And I’ll probably play ME3 too.

    No bigs.

  • Yal

    You can’t compare the Elder Scrolls and Mass Effects. You just can’t. Elder Scrolls are games which puts confidence in the player, and are pretty much epic sandboxes. Mass Effects are much more linear, but also epic in a whole new spectrum.

    Either way you can’t compare, they are two completely different kinds of RPGs

  • Yal

    One thing is 1000% sure though, you will get WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more playtime out of an Elder Scrolls game. Once you’re done with the 40 hours ME3 will give you, you can go back to the endless hours Elder Scrolls games will give you. 

    Especially if you’re a PC gamer (which hopefully you are).

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