March 15 Marks The Return of ‘Community’

by Ernie Estrella on February 21, 2012 · 1 comment

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community castPass a paczki, now there’s a real reason to gorge on delicious sweets treats on Fat Tuesday and celebrate the start of Mardi Gras. The internet waited and waited and yes, waited for word of when Community would get back on the air and finally, we have a date. Creator Dan Harmon jumped on twitter Tuesday afternoon to say that Community‘s third season will resume with the first of 12 unseen episodes on Thursday, March 15th and 8pm.

“What you call 8:00, we call home,” tweeted Harmon before announcing the return date.

• Yvette Brown who plays Shirley responded: Here’s your answer, everybody! :)
• Alison Brie who plays Annie replied on Twitter: “YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!”

NBC’s Bob Greenblatt was reluctant at TCA’s to discuss the future of Community, only saying it would return at a later date. On the internet, outrage was expressed that Community was the one who was sacrificed in the original mid-season schedule while shows like Whitney were considered safe. 30 Rock took its place in the 8pm time slot to begin its sixth season as Up All Night was added to NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup.

Now that our favorite show about community college classmates is returning, changes are needed to the schedule. On March 15th, 30 Rock will get pushed back to 8:30 to make room for Community. Parks and Recreation will go on hiatus until Thursday, April 19, when Up All Night has completed its debut season. This move shows that NBC believes that Community is going to succeed or fail on Thursday, in fact with all the shifting and waiting for other comedies to end so that others can take their place, Thursday nights are the one thing that NBC has faith in, well that and The Voice.

Regardless of what sacrifices will be made (none, really) this is great news. And if you really want to see Community succeed past this season, watch the remaining 12 episodes live, tell your friends about how great the show is, especially if they have Nielsen boxes. Spread the word because there’s no time like today to start the rally. We should savor this for a moment and take the streets and dance as Alison and Danny have taught us. Everybody dance now.

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