Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Over 60 Photos of New Toy Line Based on Upcoming TMNT CG Series

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Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a lot to look forward to this fall when their heroes in a half shell return to TV. The new series will be an action-comedy with a lot of slapstick, wacky humor from Michelangelo. In the initial preview we saw, there was a lot of physical humor surrounding Mikey’s character that should immediately grab younger audiences.

Playmates Toys have once again has partnered with the franchise to bring fans an excellent toy series. We’ve assembled over 60 photos of the new toy line, which is scheduled for release later this year. All of the toys are full posable, and there are a lot of different varieties of vehicles and figures to collect. There is also one RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME PLAYSET that any TMNT collector will have to own. If any of the adult collectors out there remember the He-Man Castle Grayskull playset, you should note that this turtles playset is almost twice the height.

Some of the TMNT figures have multiple expressions. For instance, this picture of Mikey on his skateboard shows the more traditional action-packed turtle.

However, this Mikey expression, shows off the nunchaku master’s more wild and crazy side:

Michelangelo isn’t the only turtle with multiple styles. Check out this cartoony Leo, letting loose a battle cry.

Once again, the TMNT crew will have a turtle van. Instead of a blimp, however, we’ll have more traditional vehicles like this stealth cycle pictured below with Raphael:

Okay, so remember that playset I mentioned? Here it is below in all of its glory. There are three levels of play: the sewer level, street level and the second story of a building.

This picture shows off the top level of the playset, featuring Donatello and Krang going at it. Yes, the brain from Dimension X is back in CG this fall!

There are several more photos of the set in the gallery so you’ll want to check it out below. There are zip lines, computer terminals, ladders… this will bring endless hours of fun to kids and adults.

Playmates is also releasing a Classics line that harkens back to the original 80s series:

For children looking for role-play fun, each turtle will have his own mask and weapon set available this Fall.

Check out this monstrous TMNT gallery below. Click thumbnails to enlarge.

There are so many great toys here it’s truly incredible. This will easily be one of the biggest toy line releases of the year so start planning from now.

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