Interview: ‘Spec Ops: The Line’ Lead Designer Talks Characters, Weapons & Environment Hazards (Video)

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Cory Davis, Lead Designer at Yager Development for Spec Ops: The Line, talked with BuzzFocus about 2K Games upcoming shooter.

In this interview, Davis discusses the story of Spec Ops: The Line and gameplay mechanics key to the Dubai setting (hands up if you saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol). He also gives a few reveals regarding changing character dynamics throughout the game.

Key Points & Highlights
1:30 – Meet the NPC characters on your team and learn how their personalities will affect the story
3:10 – Davis speaks on the architecture of Dubai and how it will differentiate itself from other third-person shooters
4:30 – The impact of sand on gameplay
5:20 – Davis discusses the technology Yager developed for the game, and the use of the Unreal 3 engine
6:20 – Bending reality with weapon development and the use of sticky grenades
7:40 – Missions that take place in vehicles
8:02 – Sandstorms and Combat variety. Choices that will impact the story
9:10 – Davis’ personal theory on creating a great multiplayer experience for gamers
9:50 – Top reasons to pick up Spec Ops: The Line

Check out the interview below:

Spec Ops: The Line is scheduled to be released on April 30, 2012.

Let us know your thoughts on the game and if you’re picking it up in the comments below.

Spec Ops: The Line on Xbox 360

Spec Ops: The Line on PS3

Spec Ops: The Line on PC

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