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Published on January 28th, 2012 | by Ernie Estrella


Kurt Sutter Tweets 3-Year Extension for Sons of Anarchy

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After a season 4 full of explosive moments and big events, we still were wondering about the future of Sons of Anarchy and how far it would go past season 5. Well wonder no more. SOA showrunner and creator Kurt Sutter tweeted early this saturday morning some good news that should make fans of SAMCRO smile:

“closed my deal for 3 more years on SOA. no headlines, no pushed schedule, no stealing from paul. thank you FX and 20th for your generosity.”

This may be a slight reference to how Sutter got involved tweeting about the deals that AMC were trying to finalize, extending Mad Men and Breaking Bad for additional seasons while rumors were being spread about Frank Darabont’s departure due to the penny pinching being done on The Walking Dead. Sutter came to the defense of Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan and then-Walking Dead showrunner Darabont and that Mad Men was being afforded additional support at the expense of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

“Why darabont got fired – weiner. he held AMC hostage, broke their bank, budgets were slashed, shit rolled down hill onto gilligan and frank,”

It’s good to see Sutter has a great sense of humor. That’s incredible news to see that Sons of Anarchy will continue as planned in the fall with its fifth season–with Clay still alive–set to premiere in the fall. And theories can begin as to how the series will play out for an additional three seasons. That will make Sons of Anarchy run as long on the FX network for at least as long as The Shield and Rescue Me. Congrats to Kurt and the rest of the Sons of Anarchy cast and crew!

UPDATED: For some clarification, Sutter followed up his tweet Saturday evening with this:
“the 3 year deal is for season 5, and then if we get picked up, for 6 &7. if there is more story to tell beyond that, then we’ll decide then.”

So it looks like as we expected, SOA will likely be planned out to seven seasons and then still have the potential for more but that bridge will be crossed most likely near the end of the seventh season. It does look like season six and seven do need to be picked up by the networks but all of this still points to good signs for SOA fans.

What do you think of the news? Think you’ve got a crystal ball and can see three seasons out? Share your thoughts below!

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  • Anonymous

    That’s AWESOME !

  • Anonymous

    That’s AWESOME !

  • Anonymous

    That’s AWESOME !

  • Pennystuart80

    HELL YES !!  Can’t wait for what to come of Gemma and Tara’s ordeal…Jax is PRESIDENT and what the hell to do with Clay???? HAHAHAHEE I’m so READY for the new season to start!!!  Hat’s off too Kurt Sutter….

  • Aboveitnow

    AWESOME! Can’t wait!

  • Kathie Wilson

    This is good news. But dammit, September is STILL too far away.

  • Brandie Gries

    That’s Awesome news but eight more months to wait seems too long!


    is it because I like SOA so much that it seems to be there are fewer episodes than other shows have. And so long inbetween seasons .Cant we get another 7 or 8 episodes in the season, that would help with the withdrawl . it totaly sucks ,season ends and its to cold out to enjoy riding my scooter Anyhow great to know SAMCROW is going to be around for at least that much longer gives me a lot more to look forward to than just summer riding

  • Krisgordon24

    Me and my family love the show. We all watch together. Can’t wait for season five

  • Lholloway117

    soooooo friggin happy…cant wait for the season to begin….all SOA crew ROCKS big time….

  • Chris |

    Amazing news! One of our favorite shows ever!!! Great work Sutter, you earned this.

  • Larry Crane

    Glad to hear about this great show.Now what to do about the wait till september??.Watch youtube tribute videos to the should I guess !

  • Carmenluccia

    I LOVE SOA! I’m very happy to read this, LOVE all the crew, specially jax of course… Gotta live this life, ’til you die!

  • Lynn


  • Gw0321

    Awesome news!  SOA is the best show on the  air without exception.  I haven’t beenthis much into a show since Hill Street Blues.

  • Hellokittyhippy

    I AM SOOOO EXCITED! Sons Of Anarchy is NOT ONLY My FAVORITE Show EVER, It’s LITERALLY The BEST Show On TV! I laugh, I cry, I Scream, I Swear, I Smile, I am On The edge of My F#&$ing SEAT most of The Time! Kurt Sutter is BRILLIANT, The Actor’s & Actresses Are PHENOINAL! This Part was MADE For Katey Segal! They’re ALL GREAT! I feel like I KNOW These People, like I live In Charming, or atleast I feel like I’m SUPPOSED TO live In Charming! If You feel like THAT, You know that You’re watching ONE HELL OF A SHOW!!! EVERY SINGLE SEASON HAS BEEN EXTRODINARY! I was NEVER BORED! I couldn’t keep My F#&$ing eyes of The TV, An episode would end, or A Season would end & I’d be like F#!k, IT CAN’T end! NO I WANT MORE! I could LITERALLY WATCH Sons Of Anarchy ALL DAY, EVERY Day!!!! I bought Seasons 1-4, & just put it this way, I haven’t got much Sleep! I PRAY TO GOD That SOA Stays On for atleast 9-10 Seasons! I’m gonna CRY When it ends!!!! But I couldn’t be HAPPIER Bout The 3 year deal Signing! I can’t WAIT To see what Kurt Sutter is going To do with this FANTASTIC SHOW, In The upcoming Seasons! I LOVE YOU SAMCRO!!!! Xoxoxoxo <3

  • Rastapopolous

    I have no idea what you guys are all cheering about… every good show has to have an ending.
    why is it that nowadays every teet gets wrangled ’till theres not even a drop of milk left?

    you consume like zombies and this great show will die a slow and horrible death because of it.

  • Jodie Smith

    i love this f#@kin show . i dream about you guys saving me all the time. and yes i feel like i should live in charming as well. Please stay for a lot more years, i dont no wat me and my hubby would do without you. I LOVE YOU ALL yes even you clay

  • Lholloway117

    I am waiting patiently for the season 5…i love the show and all the actors and the fact that the show seems to be based partly on Shakespeare…..I just love the show….

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