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Published on January 27th, 2012 | by Melody Simpson


‘American Idol’ Season 11 Episode 5 Review: Texas Auditions Bring the Heat

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America was in for quite a treat as American Idol hit Texas on their audition stops before Hollywood week. There was enough crazy to remind us that we were indeed watching Idol, but the talent that came through was unlike any other. Texas knows how to deliver the goods. If you thought that there were enough American Idols from this state, you thought wrong.

17 year old Skylar Laine is perhaps one of the most phenomenal country singers we have seen so far this season. Her album could easily make it to number one so the judges would definitely be crazy not to put her through Hollywood week. She made it past the auditions and was indeed one of the contestants who deserved the ticket the most. But this is just the beginning of the roller coaster that is Idol and soon it will be up to America to keep her through. So keep your eyes out for Skylar Laine. Cortez Shaw made Adele very proud and is also a contender we hope to see make it past Hollywood week. 28 year old youth pastor, Ramiro Garcia graced the stage with his heavenly voice singing the most beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” that you will hear in awhile.

Returning to the Idol auditions was a now twenty one year old Baylie Brown who first auditioned at the tender age of sixteen. The pressure may have gotten to her then but Baylie has certainly matured and the judges noticed. So now all we can hope for is that she won’t forget the lyrics come Hollywood week and that no Jersey girls will get in her way. Instead of thinking, “Poor Baylie,” we can all root for her now… take the focus off of the Jersey girls she performed with during Hollywood week the first time around who still have yet to make their mark in the music business. It seems that all things do happen for a reason in their own time. Now it is Baylie’s time.

As for the mediocre and just plain awful… Kristine Osorio has a beautiful voice but it may easily get drowned out during Hollywood week. She lacks a power in her voice that is necessary to engage the listener for the long term. This is something that can be improved upon though, so she has still got a shot! Alejandro Cazares ruined one of the most loved Paramore songs and managed to get kicked out of the audition room. How embarrassing. It really should not have to take Jennifer Lopez telling you to pick up your dignity and leave or all of the judges laughng you out of the room to take a hike. Even after ten seasons, so many people who audition still seem to think that American Idol is their golden ticket to success. There are other ways to become a successful singer and/or musician. This should not be an all or nothing, begging on your knees journey. How tragic it is to see some of these incredibly disturbed individuals with absolutely no direction and hand in reality.

Finally… opening up the Texas auditions was a young man named Phong Vu who sadly mistook himself for a female pop star. It was a little surprising that Idol did not save the best laughs for last but that’s because they saved actual talent to leave us off into the night. Texas may have brought the crazies but the talent definitely came through even harder and fifty four deserving individuals earned their ticket to Hollywood. Of all of the cities that we have seen so far, Texas has made one of the biggest marks. It would be a shame if a handful of these individuals did not make it into the top 20. We may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves, so stay tuned for more auditions!

One of the most hysterical moments of the night came as judge, Jennifer Lopez became understandably upset with her fellow judges, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler after they put through some questionable individuals only for them to say “No” to people who actually have a shot at making it. This brings up a great point because while it is clear that some contestants go through just for laughs, there are others that are cut with the parting words, “come back next year.” Lopez claims that she is a big fan of the show, so having watched it before joining, she should have been able to pick up on this happening. While that does not make these actions any less frustrating, she knows what she signed up for. American Idol is calculated. It’s not just about the talent and what really matters. With ratings down, it seems that more and more people may finally be fed up with this system and are simply waiting for the return of The Voice of The X Factor. of course that is not the only reason why ratings are down but if the judges keep bringing such reasons to light why this show is frustrating, Idol may be looking at one of its final seasons here. What do you think?

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*Photo Credit: Michael Becker / FOX

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