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Published on January 17th, 2012 | by Ernie Estrella


‘Being Human’ Season 2 Premiere Review: New Problems Bring New Thrills

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Ep. 201 Turn This Mother Out

Being Human finally returned to Syfy with its second season Monday night and it was great to get back on the ride that thrilled us a year ago. The theme this year is “Temptation is a Beast” and even though we’ve had hints of what that means for Aidan (Sam Witwer), Josh (Sammy Huntington), and Sally (Meaghan Rath), we got to see how one of our roommates will be forced into revisiting his dark side. Every character got a great moment in the premiere and was set up what the future holds for them in Season 2.

Rarely have I led off a Being Human review with Josh but what a great way to end the season premiere, with Heggeman (Terry Kinney) getting that final shot as the camera went black. We were so consumed with the revelation of Nora (Kristen Hager) turning into a werewolf, that Heggemen walking around with a wolf-blaster 2000 was a shock. And then there’s Nora’s poor little car that will be blown to bits since she was still strapped to it. Does Allstate cover werewolf mayhem?

being human sam huntington 201

The guilt of turning Nora will only heighten the awkward exchanges between them. Nora has always been like steel around Josh, so confident in her actions, but now she’s not so sure and as expected she’s reading through the journal and she’s trying to soak it all in but nothing prepared her for her first turn–even when she did try to reach out to Josh, subtly.

Josh now has more things to carry onto his shoulder but this season is going to be great. He can tutor Nora and help figure a out way to cope, with being werewolves but at the same time describe to her more of what it’s like to undergo these physical and emotional swings. Does this change his future as a med student? It definitely puts it in harm’s way. Nora will be enough to keep him busy or perhaps he’ll gain knowledge through med school in finding a cure? (Think Beast from The X-Men)

The important thing here is that Josh no longer has to feel alone as Nora told him, he doesn’t have to go through all of this alone. For Josh especially, who is ashamed of what he is, this is a comfort and a new fear but what was really behind that argument was that she didn’t have to go through this alone. She needs Josh more than ever.

Do you want coffee? I can pour coffee!”

Leave it to Sally to bring comedy into the mix. Seeing her struggle drawing with the pencil and work her coffee immediately drew me into her in every scene and where her season is going. What’s cooler than characters getting new powers? What’s also exciting for Sally is that she’s going to be getting out of the house, there’s no reason for her to stay pent up, locked in the house when no one is around. And what better place to revisit youthful confusion than a high school reunion?

As if they weren’t terrifying enough, Being Human found another way to make them worse. Coming to one as a ghost sucks, but being only able to cavort with others who died makes it extremely depressing unless of course someone Sally liked died too. Stevie Atkins’s (Robert Naylor) presence as a suicide victim brought the house down. Diane Alcott (Erin Agostino), as hollow as her life was, had her door appear after Sally made her realize what horrible person she was. You had to feel a little bit of empathy for Sally.

“She doesn’t even know what it is.”

Seconds prior she got to tell Diane off, “Life was easy for people like you. Death shouldn’t be.” Ah but it is. Sorry, Sally. I would hate to see Sally helping others find their door, that would torture on the poor girl, after this premiere though, I don’t think that’s a concern. It does appear that Stevie has walked the Earth for a long time and has experienced other things to fill the days as a ghost. While Sally made it clear that she’s not interested in him, her sticking up for him won her a new friend in the after-life.

Nothing in the spirit world is what it seems, rules seem to come and go and Stevie’s advice about dreaming wasn’t completely accurate. She was able to “dream” only for Sally she realizes that she let something dark come into her life by not walking through that door.

Sally faced who she thought was her biggest demon in Season 1 with Danny. No more weepy, helpless Sally, but now knowing that she is tethered more to this world means she’s not necessarily safe. Missing her door might be something she not only passed up, but whatever lies beyond that door may take it as a rejection. Is this why spirits end up haunting people? Is this why they wander aimlessly in the forbidden wing of the hospital? It makes you wonder.

being human mother deena aziz

“It’s all good”

As we all know, nothing could be further than the truth. While Josh and Sally deal with new problems in their lives, Aidan’s is one ongoing problem that just evolves into another mess. Eternal life does that I guess. We’d like to think he’s found some sympathy from his roommates. Think again.

“My responsibility is to control the chaos.” Yeah right, and lose that job at the hospital too. For someone wanting to rid himself of other vampires, this is the worst thing that could happen.

He gets rid of a 200 year-old problem with Bishop and now has to deal with Mother (Deena Aziz) and all of Bishop’s orphans. There was that great scene in this early part of the episode where all of Bishop’s orphans needed blood from him. Aidan wants nothing to do with them, he wanted mercy on all of them–There’s no way– but it’s their extinction that Mother orders.

But Aidan’s future would not be such a cakewalk and the hierarchy believes a vampire that refuses to drink blood straight from a live human and who lives with a werewolf is unfit to lead the Boston chapter. You can’t really blame them. But Mother has a stake in this as well. She wants to give her daughter Suren another chance. Something went down in the Holloway Hotel, and she wants redemption for her daughter so badly that she’s willing to let Aidan free as long as he guides her to success.

“In order to be free, truly free, I’ll have to do this… There’s a good chance I will becomes something you will not recognize. When and if that happens, Josh I’m going to need you somehow to remind me where we started.”

Can we really trust Mother to grant Aidan his freedom? Hell, can we really expect Aidan to succeed when the home base of the Boston chapter is the same place that Suren disgraced herself? Odds are not in Aidan’s favor. As for Mother, it’s a well-played gamble. She might be able to erase whatever Suren did, and she might get the old Aidan in return. At the very least she’ll get one of the two. And if it doesn’t work out, well, Mother displayed why she’s holds such a high position.

I like that the creators (Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke) chose not to bestow Aidan with the problem of picking up Bishop’s pieces. This tease of freedom though will undoubtedly be motivation to undo all of his hard work to stay “sober.”

I am thrilled that this is where Carver and Fricke are taking this season. There’s this comfort in having the roommates feel safe with one another but every living situation goes through its rough patches, even when monsters are involved. They’ve hinted at Aidan’s dark past and seeing why he was feared and revered will throttle the story. Josh’s shame and desperation of his monster is not an isolated struggle but his unwillingness to embrace it could unravel him and his relationship. And Sally’s openess to want to live after being “dead” (while in her marriage) is something that viewers can still relate to.

Everything is being propelled upward and Syfy has thrown a lot of support in this show. It’s an aggressive move and the places this season will travel will give viewers old and new something to really be excited about. Yes, this is a show about monsters but because the desire to be normal is what sets it apart.

Other Bites, Howls and Whispers
• There was the sweetest version of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” that played in front of the memorial photos at Sally’s reunion. That may be the oddest use of that song that I’ve ever seen, but this show always manages to find odd melancholic covers of well-known songs.

• My favorite scene was of course when all the roomies were in the kitchen of the house. Nora knowing about Sally and Aidan’s identity as a vampire multiplies the chemistry of the group because both Sally and Nora feel outnumbered with Josh and Aidan in the same room. We got a taste of what Sally and Nora are going to be like when they share screen time when Nora was all turned around looking for Sally (who was in the background laughing).

• There is a great punishment for ending your own life any earlier that when it’s supposed to happen. Stevie will never see a door appear to him.

Catch a new episodes of Being Human on Syfy, Monday nights at 9/8C.

9.0 / 10

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