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Published on January 11th, 2012 | by Melody Simpson


‘The Biggest Loser’ Season 13 Episode 2 Review: Week 2’s Weak Gamble

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What an intense episode of The Biggest Loser this week! The tension rose not only between teams and within teams but also between trainers! Competition was fierce and on a lighter note, lots of jaw dropping nutritional facts were also shared. Where to begin…

“Do you know how impossible that is? You guys are terrible gamblers.” – Dolvett

Well this week started off on quite a low for the red team. Two people from each team took the leader positions and gambled for a 5 pound advantage. The red team, full of two inexperienced gamblers, bid on 94 lbs while the black team, more experienced gamblers made the smart decision to fold. What is so odd to me is how the women said that they weren’t gamblers and yet they were proud of their gamble after being told numerous times that betting 95 lbs was not a wise decision. Believing in your team is great but being grounded in reality is just as important.

The competition among the trainers came to a bit of a boil as Bob called Dolvett a child to the cameras after Dolvett wrote the red team’s goal of 94 lbs on the gym wall. Both actions were uncalled for but then again, if the writing was done with erasable marker, it shouldn’t matter. Although Bob’s anger over Dolvett “stealing” Bob’s exercise routine was understandable. However The Biggest Loser has been on for a dozen seasons and we all know Bob’s signature moves when we see them so he should have nothing to worry about.

Getting to the weigh in…The red team weighed in first. Kim lost 3 lbs and with her being one of the two leaders to gamble, her butt was on the line. The other half of the gambling team, Kimmy lost 4 lbs which was not what she wanted but as she said, “I’m still going in the right direction.” Everyone lost weight, yes, but the matter of winning the week was what really was on the line here. It’s plateau week. Every lb matters. In the end, the read team only lost 52 lbs, giving the black team a five lb advantage and a need to lose more than 48 lbs. The black team won with a 52 lbs weight loss and slightly higher percentage only had the red team not bet so stupidly, they would have been in the clear. Talk about a kick in the gut.

With Mark and Roy immune from elimination, Kim and Kimmy seemed like perfect targets to hit. In an unexpected turn given the big gamble this week the red team decided to take out the competitor with the most negative energy instead. Performance in the gym was more important than performance in the gambling seat. What needed to be done was done and that decision is greatly respected. A bad gamble move can be forgiven and everyone can rise above it but a toxic energy is not acceptable.

Now, the challenge… it was quite a doozy but well worth it since the winning team received six months of The Biggest Loser meals delivered straight to their door. What a prize! Too bad there isn’t such a giveaway for a lucky home viewer! The black team won this prize with just a second to spare. What a close win! The red team should be seething with a challenge and a weigh in loss this week. It’s clearly not their week.

As for much anticipated back story… week two had a focus on brothers, Joe and Mike since in the end, Mike was eliminated and we needed to get to know these two before that happened, of course. The two brothers met with Dr. Huizenga (who else just loves his segments on the show?) and found out that one has pre-diabetes and chewing tobacco as well as drinking alcohol are playing a bigger part in their terrible health status than they may have thought. Hopefully Mike will indeed be nicotine free by the finale. Only time will tell.

Finally, contestants were introduced to Rachel Beller, The Biggest Loser Nutritionist taught the contestants how to eat healthy by going food shopping. While many of us aren’t lucky enough to have a grocery shopping outing for a day with a nutritionist, Beller did have some incredibly shocking facts to share about sushi that are sure to be noted for you seafood lovers. Beller also made a visit to the Aqua Team also known as the brother and sister duo playing at home, Daphne, 36 and Adrian, 34. With a goal to lose 50 lbs in one month, Daphne and Adrian soaked up all of the knowledge they were given eagerly. Who wouldn’t? This week’s episode brought a lot to love and plenty to cringe at but in the end, weight was lost and by being eliminated, one contestant was able to figure out how anger affected his food habits. What a fascinating evening of television this was. And this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for Week three.

Watch The Biggest Loser Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

*Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

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