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Published on January 7th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Supernatural Season 7 Episode 11 Rundown: Monster of the Week & Daddy Issues are Still Great

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After the shocking mid-season finale, Supernatural gave fans a chance to breathe with a popcorn-popping, monster-of-the-week episode in “Adventures in Babysitting.”

While Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) world may have come to a screeching halt following Bobby’s (Jim Beaver) death, the monster-filled world hasn’t taken a vacation.

Dean, as always, has built up a wall around his emotions, blocking his brother and anyone else out. He’s got tunnel vision, focused squarely on one word “revenge”. Head leviathan Roman (James Patrick Stuart) has got to die. In the weeks following Bobby’s death, Dean has been researching the “45489” numbers that Bobby wrote on Sam’s hand before he passed. It tracks down Frank Devereaux (Keven MacNally) seeking answers and return on his fifteen-thousand dollar, information investment.

Sam receives a call from a young girl (Madison Mclaughlin) looking for her father (Ian Tracey). He decides to divert his attention from mourning by getting back to work. He tracks down the girl and ends up on a mission to find her father, who just happens to be a hunter as well.

Dean finds Frank. Unfortunately, Frank suspected that Dean might be a Leviathan. He also just happens to suspect Gwyneth Paltrow (Glee, The Avengers) as well. It seems you just can’t trust celebrities these days. The two greet each other with guns drawn. Dean takes it upon himself to issue a Leviathan test. He takes out his knife and cuts his arm to show Frank that he bleeds red and not black. He then covers up the gash with his coat. Not the most sterile test, I would have to say. After wiping the blood on his jacket, Dean then gives the knife to Frank to perform the same test.

Yes, in times of Leviathan war, when the life expectancy of a hunter is short, sanitation and blood-borne disease concerns are tossed to the wind. Sure enough, Frank cuts his wrist (really, the wrist? Well, it was more like the base of the palm) to prove that he is not a Leviathan.

Frank then reveals that a number was missing from Bobby’s final message. He discovered that Bobby gave them coordinates that might be related to the Leviathan problem. The two travel to Wisconsin to setup surveillance of a Dick Roman related operation, before Dean gets called away.

Sam is in trouble — again.

Dean tracks down Krissy, but gets swindled into taking her along to save both Sam and her father. It hunter parent worth his weight, teaches his or her child to be a shrewd negotiator, with an attitude that is tough as nails.

It turned out for the best since Krissy helped save Sam, Dean and her father.

Will this be the last we hear from Krissy? Dean may have convinced her father to turn away from the hunter life. Dean saw Krissy and her father as a modern day version of the Winchester family. However, I think Krissy was a great addition to the story. I wouldn’t mind seeing her return. She and Dean developed a big brother, bad-ass little sister relationship in the short time they had together.

Sound off if you agree.

While I’m sure most fans yearn for the return of Castiel (Misha Collins) and Bobby, I’d say that Krissy would also be a great call back for the occasional story arc (of course she could never compare to any of our favorites –yet).

What did you think of Supernatural’s 2012 return?

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  • Rmoats8621

    I liked this episode even though I thought there were so flaws. Krissy was a nice addition. I would like to see her appear again.

  • Mickey

    I really enjoyed this episode! I thought they hit a perfect balance of dealing with the aftermath of Bobby’s death and giving us a “popcorn-popping episode” as it was time for a breather.

    I’d like to see Krissy again too. I think the female characters have really been improving in the last few years, probably in large part due to Sera’s growing influence.

  • Dsatthebeach

    This show will never be the same without Bobby! I really hope they find a good way to bring him back. I would have enjoyed the show and Krissy too, if I were not so heartbroken.

  • rince1wind

    I liked this episode a lot. It was a bit rushed, but they fit a lot into the episode. I liked Sam and Dean each taking care of something different, both ‘working’ to make some sense of Bobby’s passing. They each got to interact with people other than each other; Frank and both Krissy and her dad were good characters (and were played well) and the monsters weren’t mouse-y.

  • Shukarb

    Gamble loves to write cliche female characters

    • TLeap

      I actually loved Krissy and found her a refreshing female character for a change. Kripke liked to write cliche female characters: Hot, sassy, always in trouble, expendable. 

  • Mel

    I really enjoyed this episode.. Some great acting by Madison and Jensen. Especially the last scene… It astonishes me everytime how much emotion jensen is able to pack in one little facial expression…

  • impalagirl

    This was a great episode!  rissy was a great addition.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see her again, since no hunter has ever been able to leave the life.  I am sorry to see Bobby gone, but I think it was handled well.  The boys are obviously grieving, but they must go on.  Even though the boys were separated, they were still together.  This opens the door to get on with monster hunting.  Dean’s obsession for killing Dick Roman isn’t all consuming, it’s appropriate.  I want to see him get some payback for what he did to Bobby and their “family” 

  • bsim

    OK – anybody notice that scene where Dean has a just-opened beer and sam gets himself a beer and then Dean notices HIS beer is empty and accuses Sam of drinking it, but Sam didn’t?  Anybody else think that’s a sign Bobby’s still around as a ghost?

  • Get the facts

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