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Published on December 8th, 2011 | by Mo Fathelbab


‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 2 Finale Preview: Know Who’s Behind You

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After last week’s amazing — yet insanely Oedipal — episode, who knows what the hell is going to happen in the season two finale of Boardwalk Empire. (You can read our recap/review here.) All we can do theorize. And a theorizing we go!

1.) Nucky (Steve Buscemi) is still in a boatload of trouble with the Feds. He needs to keep two people quiet: his brother Eli (Shea Whigham) and his girlfriend Margaret (Kelly Macdonald). With Nucky’s enemies pretty much dissipating by the minute, Eli could simply re-pledge his allegiance to his big brother which could prompt a last minute effort by an awesome lawyer hired by Nucky to get the sheriff out of hot water. Or Eli could sing like a canary, which only means that Nucky has no other choice but to have him offed.

Getting Margaret to cooperate should be rather easy: marry her. This way Nucky has a wife who wouldn’t be able to testify against him AND Margaret gets the piece of mind of being in a marriage (you know, with her Irish Catholic guilt eating away at her and all). They could live happily ever after or….

Margaret tells Nucky that she slept with Owen (Charlie Cox), Nucky gets super-pissed prompting two things: either Margaret goes on the run and thus won’t be able to testify or she looks to the Feds for witness protection.

Somehow, with both Eli and Margaret involved, something tells us that Nucky isn’t going to get what he wants cleanly.

2.) Jimmy (Michael Pitt) not only has to deal with a dead wife and father (and a mother who’s Lady Macbeth bonkers), he still has to deal with the wrath of Manny (William Forsythe) without the help of his little band of gangsters. The only guy who seems to be on his side is Richard Harrow (Jack Huston). One theory we all seem to be sharing is that Richard will somehow be involved in the avenging of Angela’s (Aleska Palladino) death. And those scenes will be both cool and awesome.

Of course, Jimmy could make most of his troubles go away if he could just make things right with Nucky. The only person standing in his way is his mother Gillian (Gretchen Mol). She wants her son/former one-night-stand to be the king of it all. It’s made her blind. It could also make her a target.

3.) In the meantime, Chalky (Michael Kenneth Williams) is still leading the strike of most of the African-American workers in Atlantic City. He won’t stop until he gets the KKK members who killed his men in the first episode this season. That could all change if either Nucky is able to take back control of the city and strike a deal with the man, or things get so heated that Chalky becomes a victim of an angry White mob. We’re all praying that Chalky’s outcome is something similar to the former theory.

4.) Mickey (Paul Sparks) is looking for a way to stop Jimmy’s former associates from continuing to profit from his “hard work”. Though it would be a pleasant surprise if he does succeed, if we know the history of guys like Lucky (Vincent Piazza), there’s no way that doesn’t end with Mickey’s head on a silver platter.

5.) And there’s Agent Van Alden (Michael Shannon). Dude is on the lam now for the baptism/killing of his partner last season. He could finally seek Nucky’s help or not. Either way, he won’t be a factor in the case against the former Atlantic City treasurer.

Please do to share your theories about the season finale in the Comments section below. And do watch this preview clip to get your appetites ready for Sunday night. We all know it’s going to be a doozy.


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  • Grapechowder

    I think Van Alden changes his mind and returns to the wise guy to arrange the takedown deal for half the money.

  • alan

    eli is out of jail in the previews. that has to mean the murder charges get dropped and only the election fraud is relevant. chalky is seen counting money so jimmy (in making things right) has given chalky the 3 K per family he demanded. then we see trucks heading into an area where there seems to be a meeting and i see white sheets in the distance and jimmy emerges in a mask. obviously jimmy is delivering up the 3 klansman to chalky while keeping his own identity hidden. i read in a local NY area blog where a scene-i think the barn scene in the rain is filmed. it mentioned the alderman, fleming, that turned on nucky was one of the actors there. since the final shot is eli shooting someone with a shotgun my guess is fleming is murdered which helps cancel out one witness against him in the election fraud case.leaving only the guy “patty ryan as the only remaining witness. i like the mucky/Margaret marriage which may relate to the shot of champaign popping i originally thought that was because he gets his trail dismissed which i believe he will, it could be the marriage celebration. esther can continue on a mission to get mucky into next year so there’s always a hound on his tail. van alden is a suicide waiting to happen. i think we see the villains next season being esther randolf and jillian with an always uneasy margaret and a jealous house maid. anyway just one man’s opinion

  • Jacobean Webster

    I hope they dont kill Jimmy……Im worried because some news sites write that he has been fired and that the final scene is Nucky killing Jimmy and dragging him in the rain

  • steveone

    Owen gets nailed saving Margaret .

  • Mary Carlson

    I’m all through with this show, and HBO too. Vampires are tired. Game of Thrones is AWFUL, and sans the only character I liked at all, nothing to see.

    • Tidal71

      Game of Thrones is awful? To each his own, but that is the best show to come out in YEARS!

  • Oklahoma53

    Jimmy kept the story real by trying to please everyone in a disfunctional family of dynamics. I am sure, I am not the only viewer that is disguested that Jimmy was killed. Now, Boardwalk Empire will be just another thug show. 

    From day one the writer’s made sure the audience knew that Jimmy was damaged goods. As a viewer, you wanted Jimmy to win, to be the generation that made life better. Now the family structure has been eliminated.  Who are the viewer’s going to cheer for next season?

    Why would viewer’s invest their time in a show that kills off the main characters they like? Hollywood has started a new fad that viewers would like to see eliminated. Please don’t kill off your main characters.

    All ready this year we have lost Ed Stark of Game of Thrones and Jimmy Darmody of Boardwalk Empire.  Next week, we will see Carrie Mathison on Homeland gone, too.  You can certainly see the Hollywood pattern.

    • Anonymous

      I read that he had gone off to film “Pinkville” which is based on a Vietnam incident.

  • Mista_sinista03

    Best character killed off. Not interested anymore…

  • Ju


  • Anonymous

    So angry. What a joke. Hope the writers enjoy their artistic circle jerk because they will be the only people watching the Season 3 premiere.

  • PAM1

    Adios Jimmy.  Hate to see you go.  I still love the series.  It brought out the evil, unforgiving, scarey, dark side of Nucky. I have to admit i never saw this one coming.  Jimmy was a main character.  I wonder if he asked for a raise?  One thing for sure if i was an actor/actress on this series i sure as hell wouldn’t buy a house!!!!!

  • straight from the source

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