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Published on November 30th, 2011 | by Bags Hooper


Top 10 Moments from Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Finale: To Be, Act 1

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Sons of Anarchy‘s Season 4 finale kicked off with a blast and then some. Here are our picks for favorite moments.

Otto Part 2 Introduced?
When Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) reveals that Juice (Theo Rossi) and Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) are missing, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) learns that Bobby checked into Stockton prison but never checked out. He then meets with Lenny, the person Otto negotiated visitation rights for as part of his deal. Lenny tells Jax that Otto has probably flipped on the club.

It looks like Lenny will become the new Otto going forward. If that’s the case, Lenny will have to deal with Juice, Bobby and Otto depending on the fallout from the IRA-Cartel deal.

Clay Survives
One of Opie’s bullets hit Clay’s lung. However, he was saved thanks to surgery. Why is this a good thing, especially when we’ve come to loath Clay so much?

Because now Jax can kill Clay. The tag team theory prevails.

Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) Perfect Aim
When Opie (Ryan Hurst) realizes that Clay (Ron Perlman) is still alive, he makes a move to shoot Clay one more time (who are we kidding, he probably wanted to shoot Clay about a dozen more times). However, Jax shot Opie cleanly in Opie’s right wrist without even flinching. Jax saved Clay for the moment, but there would be hell to pay once Jax eventually learned the truth.

Happy (David Labrava)
After SAMCRO saved Tig from the Niners, Tig says that it had to be Laroy who went after Clay.
Happy tells Jax: “He’s right. Had to be Laroy. He’s got to die. Like a lot.”

This is quite possibly the best Happy line yet. Nuff said.

Ryan Hurst
Opie’s been in the background for most of season 4. He was one of the prominent characters in season 2 and then gave us an awesome revenge ending in season 3. It was great to see Hurst’s performance in these last few episodes after Opie learned about Piney’s (William Lucking) murder.

After Jax cleared the scene at the club, leaving Clay in the garage with Unser. Jax took Opie away to try and talk some sense to his club brother. Then Jax promised to find out the truth about Piney’s murder.

“Just what I need, another promise.” – Opie to Jax

My man, Hurst!

Tig (Kim Coates) Initiates a New War – Thanks – AGAIN – for Nothing, Clay!

Clay told Unser (Dayton Callie) to blame “the blacks”, aka the Niners, for shooting him. Tig blamed himself for Clay’s hospital stay.

“Brother asked for help. I turned my back.” – Tig.

So, Tig decided to go on a one man rampage against Laroy (Tory Kittles). Tig went into Niner territory and tried sloppily to run Laroy over. Unfortunately, the only victim was Laroy’s girlfriend who jumped through a store window to avoid the car. Although it’s not clear exactly what happens and if she’s dead, it pisses Laroy off and begins another Niner vs SAMCRO war.

Laroy and his gang went after Tig. Luckily for Tig, the club came through to help him shake Laroy. It was a temporary victory. One of Laroy’s men was shot. Expect the fallout from this attack to be major and ripple into Season 5. Once again, this is all Clay’s fault. He could have blamed the cartel or anyone else, but decided to create an even bigger mess for SAMCRO.

Supplemental Moment: Tig cries in hospital. Whoa.

The Jax Jaw Drop
Seeing Jax’s expression when Gemma (Katie Sagal) laid down the truth about Clay and JT’s murder was priceless.

Jax learned that Lowell senior, the only person JT trusted with his bike, was paid off or threatened by Clay after first Mayan ambush on JT’s life failed. Then, Lowell Sr. was killed by the Mayans.

“I know how dangerous secrets can be and it’s time we all knew the truth.” – Gemma to Jax

It was a lot of history and duplicity to take in. Throughout it, Jax maintained a look of stunned surprise without ever exploding in anger. The quiet storm has begun.

Classic Gemma Scheming
Gemma revealed the truth to Tara about Piney’s death. Then she told Tara that Clay killed Piney because of the letters. Instantly, Tara knew the truth about her own attack, but Gemma put it into words.

“Clay hired those men that came after you,” Gemma said to Tara. “Clay will keep on hurting everything and everyone that gets in his path until he gets those letters.”

Gemma persuades Tara to give her the letters. Then Gemma removed the letters that would implicate her and Unser in JT’s death, before revealing the truth to Jax.

Do you love me?
Tara (Maggie Siff) initiated one of the most emotionally charged segments of the Jax-Tara-Gemma relationship. She asked Jax to tell her that he loved her. Jax does and then he asks Tara the same question back.

Tara says,”If I could stop I would.” Then Tara tells Jax that she loves him.

This scene was made even more powerful by a later scene when Tara asked Gemma if she loved her daughter-in-law to be.

“Gemma, tell me you love me.” Tara to Gemma
When Tara asked this question, I saw the most ominous and dare I say the scariest look I’ve ever scene cross Tara’s face.

Gemma said she did love Tara, but the subtext was laced with several layers of unspoken words and emotion.

Tara Rises Up as the Queen
There was a time when a small faction of viewers questioned Tara’s relationship with Jax on Sons of Anarchy.

In Seasons 1 and 2 it seemed that Tara (Maggie Siff) was pulling Jax (Charlie Hunnam) out of SAMCRO. Now, we can officially say that it has always been the other way around.

In Episode 4.13, “To Be, Act 1,” we were introduced to a different kind of Tara. One who had been dragged through the ringer by Gemma and survived a an assassination attempt initiated by Clay through the cartel.

Gemma thought she would be able to get Jax to take his place at the head of the table by giving him JT’s letters. She asked Tara for the letters so that she could give them to Clay and end Clay’s bloodlust. However, Gemma really planned to give the letters to Jax. Tara preempted the move. Tara showed up at the club after Jax read the letters and then gave Jax the means to kill Clay. She gave Jax blood thinner to put in Clay’s IV. It would be a subtle way to kill the head of SOA.

“What are you doing?” – Gemma
“Everything you taught me. He’s mine.” Tara responds.

I freakin’ love Tara (apologies for the colloquialism). She kissed Jax and told him to kill Clay and take their boys out of Charming. Then, she stared down Gemma without remorse.

Now we have to wonder if Gemma will respond to Tara’s actions.

I’d hate to see Tara die, but I can easily see Gemma paving the way for the cartel to take out Tara to ensure Jax stays in the club.

That’s it for “To Be, Act 1″. I’m hoping for some great moments from Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) and Linc (Ray McKinnon) in Part 2.

What were your favorite moments in “Act 1″? What are you looking forward to in “To Be, Act 2″?



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  • Mandy

    The new Queen? PUH-LEASE. She is being inspired by rage, letting her emotions control her, and it was so blindly cocky of her to say she was smarter than Gemma. I am not even on #TeamGemma, I just really don’t like this new Tara. It feels so forced and I do not get the hype over her deadpan facial expressions. She is a terrible actress. Bring back Wendy!

    • Breaultt

      I do not know what show you are watching Tara is great and there
      would be know show with out her..Tara brings Love And war to the show ..Her
      acting is the best.. The show has to keep Tara, Jax has loved her forever…


        You obviously don’t know anything about “Shakespeare”!! It’s obvious that Tara will ruin Jax, just like Gemma did to JT!! This is similar to how the women in Tony Sopranos life contributed to his mental & emotional problems. Good writers can foreshadow reality through symbolism. Maybe you should read more?! Tara’s character is beyond confused & has NO clue what’s going on! Once she realizes she’s the new queen, she’ll start to act like Gemma, without realizing it & Jax will start to drift away, just like his dad!

    • Xenajaxon

      I agree. That face of hers with no expression and her lips never move when she talks. Not attractive nor realistic. just saying

  • Mandy

    The new Queen? PUH-LEASE. She is being inspired by rage, letting her emotions control her, and it was so blindly cocky of her to say she was smarter than Gemma. I am not even on #TeamGemma, I just really don’t like this new Tara. It feels so forced and I do not get the hype over her deadpan facial expressions. She is a terrible actress. Bring back Wendy!

  • Admingog

    Jax – naked – in the shower! Jax – wet- in only a towel and shoing off his stunning body!

  • Wally

    I have a problem with Romeo saying that Otto didn’t turn rat. I think Potter is involved more than we see.

  • Stephaniebriggs810

    So is got to be the most interesting an intriguing TV series that has ever played!

  • Stephaniebriggs810

    Bring back Wendy the crackhead? Excellent idea! Hell no! Maybe just to watch he die

  • David Phillips

    Tara will die in a Niner retaliation hit!
    Bitch for a bitch!
    And yet another bad move for the club thanks to Clay!
    Can he be dead already!

  • DocStien

    Yes, I agree, hope  Tara bites the dust.Her, and Unser, are getting a bit old. Not great acting or interesting enough to hold a candle to most of the rest of the cast and story.
    Romeo, git her. 

  • Buddy Mannari

    Jax and Tara reminds me of me and my Ex old lady in some ways, I trained her and Jax has to educate her, and he has been trying doing what seems to be at safe pace at a club stand point, Not jaxs falt the irish bitch put the history of truth under his nose, Tara in the courting of her educating mind found it..  thus she never has seemed to be the Old Lady type connection as they do not wear colors with property of on the I think she plays the role very well to show that image always kinda backing off and with that why the hell did I get in this Look, uncertainty for sure this is why the dead pan looks I see her showing some But not always, she wanted a Family with Jax and now its the only one! shes in it Like it or not she must stay true to her certain path unveils for her and Jax even if it be being with him as his old lady for good as Jax holds the gavel as Pres..and then maybe they would get hitched tie the deeper knot in the now only world she knows, Shes Deep already and can never look back, she Just hasn’t had it to hit her yet or has she with that stare she gave Gemma, and Gemma caught it right off!
     I would say she has done very well for the Club also from the start But not so for Jax,s Mom Gemma.
    Treason? yes her and clay behind the curtain and used there own Blood to do it with the Sons by the use of the Sons something Tara knows and has her own plan. I seen that when she handed Jax the Needle to get it done silently perfect timing..
    I would say death awaits , And so I wait for it to unfold in the next episode 14… I’m so into this show!!

    Buddy Mannari .

  • Barry Robinson

    Did anyone else recognize Lenny? Sure looks alot like Sonny Berger to me. Didn’t get a chance to read the credits.. whats going to happen? Crew will get busted with the Irish, saving Clay(for now) Tara “may” get killed in payback hit, causing Jacs to take gavel But Clay will go.. Ron Perlman has other bigger roles in different pictures.. just a guess!

    • Taranasis

      That is Lenny Barger

  • Barry Robinson

    I made a comment; that “Lenny” looked like Sonny Barger, founding member of the Hells Angles… After a little research, I learned it was in fact Sonny Barger, and this is a re-accurance of a part he played as lenny, in the show…I expect we will see more of him in thie role

  • Spice

    I can def see Tara getting killed by the Cartel or by the Niners and if this happens I don’t think there is any way Jax would leave the MC and Charming.  Honestly, there is no show if Jax leaves the MC.
    So I see him staying by some twist of circumstances.

    In the closing scenes of last week Tara told Jax to finish Clay and then come and get her and the boys to leave.  I don’t see this happening and somehow Gemma will be involved.

  • Guest

    hells angels turn up and shoot the lot

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