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Published on November 8th, 2011 | by Bags Hooper


Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 6: Sexual Frustration, Royal Pee, Dan Zuckerberg & Elizabeth Hurley

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Gossip Girl kicked off November sweeps season in a big way in “I am Number Nine”.

Gossip GirlThe series got back to basics, the ongoing sexual frustration between Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). There is also another couple that may get reignited before Gossip Girl goes on break for the holidays: Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan (Penn Badgley). Oddly enough, Nate Archibald (Chase Crawford) has found himself in one of the most interesting relationships he’s been in over the past three seasons. Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) is heating things up in a big way on the Upper East Side and giving GG the gentle boost it needs to keep the drama stakes high. Her relationship with Nate and mysterious back-story have helped to push all of our key couples back together – if only to stay farther apart.

The Blair, Chuck and Louis (Hugo Becker) Love Triangle:
In “I am Number Nine” we discovered that Louis planned to buy out Chuck’s therapist so that she could set Chuck up to self-destruct. The therapist went over to Chuck’s room at the Empire to give Chuck a nudge over the edge. Unfortunately, when she confronted Chuck about Blair, Chuck decided to come clean. He revealed that he was holding on the engagement ring he had bought for Blair. He then gave it to the therapist to give to charity.

Shortly after, Chuck’s therapist decided to call off her deal with Louis and return the money Louis had given her. Chuck caught her in the act and decided to set her up in public at Diana’s party that night. Louis’ plan ended up backfiring in a big way when Chuck exposed Louis and the therapist in front of the party to Blair. When Louis confronted Blair about the paternity test, Blair turned the tables on him by stating that he was becoming more like Chuck.

Chuck’s therapist gave Chuck back the engagement ring. She told Chuck that he could heal and find redemption. Chuck took the words to heart and went to Blair to apologize for several seasons of bad choices and emotional abuse.

In that moment, we saw that Blair saw a new Chuck being reborn; one that was not as destructive as his past self. However, we then saw Chuck put the engagement ring down in front of the jeweler that made the ring for him. Now that Chuck is ready to let go, what will the future hold for Mr. Bass? Perhaps a new love interest that will inadvertently push Blair into a jealous fit?

Serena and Dan
Dan’s new book has caused a backlash of emotional outbursts between him and Serena. First Serena was angry with Dan for her characterization in the book. Then, Dan was angry with Serena for announcing that her boss owned the movie option on his book. Next, Serena’s boss bullied Dan into giving up the movie rights on Dan’s book and handing it over to Aaron Sorkin. The only catch was that Dan would be characterized as the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Serena decided to make a deal with Diana to shut the movie down, but the fallout caused Serena her job. Now Dan is without a movie deal and Serena has been setup to be Diana’s new Gossip Girl. What’s more interesting is how much the “minor” choices that Dan and Serena have made have constantly caused the other to explode in a fit of rage. It looks like it is building towards one final blow up before the two get back together.

Nate and Diana
What’s the deal with Nate and Diana? Is Diana really interested in Nate or is she just using him for sex and a headline? One thing is for sure, Hurley has been a great addition to the cast. Unlike other Nate love interests, Diana seems like a very believable character and a perfect fit for the Upper East Side. Her new rivalry may be the rejuvenating factor that the series needs to push to a sixth season.

Favorite Moments:
Blair as a drill sergeant was one of the funniest scenes on GG. During the “minion test”, Blair had her minions from high school and Columbia do a wedding dress test.

Blair yelled, “Penelope, she has to pee!”
Then Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski), dressed as paparazzi, started yelling: “Where is secret wedding location? Who designed wedding dress?”
There is nothing like faithful minions scurrying about in a Blair-induced panic.

Looking Forward:
Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) is coming back. Will she be the one to expose Charlie/Ivy (Kaylee Defer)? Also, when things don’t work out between Nate and Diana, will Nate and Charlie/Ivy become a real thing just to be disrupted by the truth? Or, now that Ivy is a royal bridesmaid, maybe that will be the ideal moment for the truth to be revealed?

What are your thoughts?

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    yay derena and chair!!!!!!!!!!! (a lil bit)
    finally i thought i was dying without those 2!
    and i’m liking diana… i mean how can u not she’s hot, older 
    and a bitch!
    but i think i prefer nate with chalie/ivy they look adorable with each other!
    blair and chuck are sexy and have this perfect chemistry and they look like they really
    r in love! serena and dan are just a beautiful old-fashioned princess/pauper love story
    and for the first time i’m seeing some sparks with nate and his women
    i think charlie and nate have the ability to go to the level of chair and derena!

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