‘Fairly Legal’ Gets New Blood for Season 2 – Enter Ryan Johnson

Fans of USA Network’s Fairly Legal will be seeing a revamped show for Season 2, with a new cast regular to boot.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Australian actor Ryan Johnson has joined the cast as an “up-and-coming trial attorney with the knack for making money.”

As if Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) is at a loss for slippery people in her life, Johnson character sounds like he’ll add more drama (and humor) to the mix. THR describes his character as ethically challenged, one that concerns himself with lining his pockets rather than choosing right over wrong.

As Shahi mentioned to us in an interview, expect Season 2 to be different than the first. It sounds like the writers and producers are making an earnest effort to spice things up. Just how that plays out onto the screen remains to be seen.

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 4 Episode 9 Preview: ‘Kiss’ – Who Should Kill Clay?

OK, let’s get a show of hands. How many people not only want Clay to die, but to also die a miserable death?

We all saw it coming, but Sons of Anarchy took the blood spilling to a personal level this week as Piney unceremoniously met his end at the hands of Clay. Of course, this isn’t the first time Clay struck against the Winston family, having put a hit on Piney’s son Opie back in Season 1 that mistakenly killed his wife Donna.

Sons of Anarchy is pulling a Dexter – its fourth season is shaping up to be its greatest. Season 4 has been like a runaway train; it’s flirted with running off the rails the entire run and with “Family Recipe,” that chaotic scenario may have just happened. Things have the possibility of going a number of ways, with the amount of collateral damage to SAMCRO appearing to be very large.

As we’ve waited from week to week, it has been an ongoing contemplation of who the greatest threat to SAMCRO is. But all of that time, the club’s cancer has truly been Clay. And it’s time to rid the club of its death wish. With all he’s done, it’s seemingly impossible that he survives this season. The only fathomable reason that Clay gets to walk away from this all is that the Tara hit doesn’t go down and Jax shows some mercy on Gemma and chooses not to make her a widow. But if Clay gets on Romeo’s bad side or lands in jail, he’s going six feet under.

But I’m assuming that Clay has a meeting with the undertaker. Someone’s going to have the duty of doing him down. Should it be Jax? That would be the most logical way to go, especially if he finds out about the hit on Tara. Jax would speak on behalf of the entire club for all of Clay’s misdeeds. But it could also be Opie, an act of retribution for having Tig kill Donna (mistakenly as it should’ve been him) and, of course, Piney. Perhaps Unser throws his hat in this ring – as he cares about the welfare of Tara more than his own? How about a killer out of left-field? Maybe Tara completes her transition into full bad-ass by defending herself against her would be step-dad?


It’s all coming to a head and you can bet on more blood being spilled before it’s all over.

Take a look at the promo for Episode 9, “Kiss” that ran during the credits this Tuesday. To further complicate the situation, the Niners will be back in the mix.


The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 8 Preview Gallery: Ordinary People

We’ve got 13 new stills from The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.8, “Ordinary People”, courtesy of The CW.

The stills focus on Claire Holt as Rebekah and Joseph Morgan as Klaus. [Possible Spoilers] It will be a flashback episode that seems to date back to The Middle Ages. There is also a photo of Ric (Matt Davis) apparently trying to figure out the strange drawings he discovered on the Lockwood property at the end of “Ghost World“.

Check out the stills below. It looks like we’ll be in store for a hot November on TVD and Ordinary People will kick it off with an Original origin tale. What are you most looking forward to on TVD?

Click thumbnails to enlarge:

With help from Elena and Bonnie, Alaric tries to decipher the meaning behind his recent discovery. Elena and Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt) engage in a mean-girl power struggle, until Rebekah finally reveals some of her family’s ancient secrets and the violent past she shares with Klaus and Elijah. Damon tries a reckless new approach to make a breakthrough with Stefan, and they’re both surprised by an unlikely ally. J. Miller Tobin directed the episode with teleplay by Caroline Dries & Julie Plec and story by Nick Wauters.

*Photos by Quantrell D. Colbert and Bob Mahoney

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 7: Ghost World Sets Viewers Up for Major November Thrills

The Vampire Diaries gave viewers a flashback episode of sorts in “Ghost World”. However, instead of the typical voyage back in time, we got to see all of the great season one and two guest-stars that helped make TVD what it is today. Characters like Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney), Pearl (Kelly Hu), Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) and Sheila Bennett (Jasmine Guy) all made their presence known in Mystic Falls to help their supernatural counterparts.

“Ghost World” started off with Mason torturing Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Although Damon thought it was Stefan (Paul Wesley), the older brother quickly realized that he was being tortured very similarly to how he tortured Mason.

Back in town, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) was ghost cheating on Bonnie with (Kat Graham) Anna (Malese Jow). The two exchanged private giggles, while Ric (Matthew Davis) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) eyed Jeremy suspiciously. Then, Damon showed up to tell Bonnie and Caroline (Candice Accola) that Bonnie’s spell to send back Vicki (Kayla Ewell) to the other side didn’t work out correctly since Mason was back.

There was no real explanation about how Damon freed himself from Mason’s clutches, but there seemed to be a few missing segments to this episode which were probably were left on the cutting room floor of editing due to time. The minor moments of explanation didn’t take away from the overall feel, but it did leave the viewer to make more assumptions.

While Caroline and Bonnie debated over whether Mason had really returned, Bonnie’s spell book magically opened up to a manifestation spell that revealed veiled matter. Bonnie then used the spell, which made all the wandering ghosts in Mystic Falls materialize for all to see. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out to Jeremy’s benefit since he was kissing Anna at the time. Of course, Elena walked in on her brother and later spilled the beans to Caroline who in turn told Bonnie.

On a positive note, Grandma Bennett was back. She died helping Bonnie and Elena. Now, Sheila had returned to tell her granddaughter how much she messed things up by bringing Jeremy back to life. One of the witches on the other side was using Elena’s locket (which is really the original witches locket) and the door Bonnie had opened to wreak havoc in Mystic Falls.

Surprisingly, Mason actually was back to help Damon instead of hurt the vampire that killed him. Mason wanted to help get rid of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) so that Tyler (Michael Trevino) could be free of Klaus’ influence. But first, Damon had to apologize to Mason in order to get the ghost werewolf’s help. It was great seeing Damon apologize to Mason. It was even better seeing Damon renege on that apology later on when he apologized to Ric – using the same apologetic words.

Damon and Mason went underground to find a possible Lockwood family heirloom that could stop an Original. As they ventured through the depths of Mystic Falls, beneath the Lockwood property, Damon was caught in a trap that thrusted several wooden stakes into his body. Surprisingly, Mason helped Damon get free.

“There’s no way this whole buddy trust act is real,” Damon said as Mason ripped the stakes out of his body

“I don’t need revenge, Damon. I need redemption.” – Mason

Lexi returned for ripper detox. She made Stefan hallucinate so that he believed that he had gone several days, months and then years without blood. After that, she forced Stefan to dive into his buried emotions – starting with hate. Lexi repeatedly buried wooden stakes into Stefan’s body while Elena watched.

Bonnie and her grandma closed down the door to the other side, much to Anna’s chagrin. Apparently, Anna tried to hide the Original witch’s locket so that the door wouldn’t be close. Then a poignant speech from Elena – about letting Jeremy live his life – pushed Anna to give in and hand over the witchly bauble.

Sadly, all of the great guest stars were sent back, including a few of the evil vampires from the Pearl era.

Although Anna was eventually reunited with her mother – and no longer “alone” on the other side – Jeremy is kind of royally “screwed.” Now, he doesn’t have his ghost girlfriend or his real one.

As for Stefan, Lexi was sent back before she got a chance to finish the detox job, leaving Elena in charge.

“Fight for it, feel something, anything Stefan, cause if you don’t you’re going to lose me forever. I won’t love a ghost for the rest of my life.” – Elena

“Ghost World” didn’t have a major cliffhanger. Sometimes its nice to not have a major shock at the end of every episode so that viewers have a chance to breath and savor the characters. Instead of a big shock, we received some new information. Apparently, beneath the Lockwood property are some old drawings that seem to be from pre-written history. Now, Alaric must decipher these findings and see if he can use them to take down Klaus.

It’s going to be a great month of The Vampire Diaries in November. The Original family will be reunited so get ready for some major thrills (see TVD plot descriptions for November).

‘Tyrannosaur’ Trailer – Stars Peter Mullan, Olivia Colman & Eddie Marsan

Tyrannosaur stars Peter Mullan, Olivia Colman, Eddie Marsan, Paul Popplewell. The film is directed by Paddy Considine.

Joseph (Peter Mullan) is an unemployed widower with a drinking problem and a violent temper. When he meets Hannah (Olivia Colman), a devout Christian who works at a charity shop, the two form an unlikely bond where secrets are revealed and salvation is found in dark places. With striking performances and a deeply moving story, actor-turned-writer/director Paddy Considine’s film is a stunning debut about the emergence of grace and redemption from the least likely of places. Winner of the Sundance Film Festival’s World Cinema Jury Prize for Breakout Performances and the World Cinema Directing Awards.

Tyrannosaur opens in theaters on November 18th, 2011.

‘Elite Squad: The Enemy Within’ Trailer (Video)

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within is directed by José Padilha and stars Wagner Moura, Irandhir Santos, André Ramiro, Maria Ribero, and Seu Jorge.

The sprawling favelas that surround Rio de Janeiro are some of the most dangerous places in the world… and it’s Captain Nascimento’s job to take down the gangs that run them. Although his methods are violent, he’s very good at his job. When he’s promoted to a powerful government position, he thinks he’ll finally be able to finish the job- but instead finds out that he’s only made things easier for the dirty cops and corrupt politicians that are truly running the show. From the director of BUS 174 and the Oscar-nominated writer of CITY OF GOD, ELITE SQUAD: THE ENEMY WITHIN will not only thrill you in the theater, but have you thinking after you leave.

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within opens in theaters on November 11th, 2011.

Exclusive Interview: Maggie Q Explores the Tough & Nurturing Sides of Nikita in Season 2

Nikita star Maggie Q recently spoke with BuzzFocus on changes to her character in Season 2.

In this interview, Maggie Q gives us the 411 on how her relationship with Michael (Shane West) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) will progress following the recent events on the show. She also tells us how difficult a few of the fight scenes have been this season and points out the train scene in the “Partners” episode. Maggie explains how much she was involved in planning out the scene and hints at plans to potentially direct a few fight scenes herself.

Often Nikita has to face tough choices, so we asked Nikita about a few tough decisions Nikita would have to make if her back were against the wall. Would she take a bullet for Alex? How important is Michael, really?

Check out the interview and let us know your thoughts on this season of Nikita.

Exclusive Interview: Samurai’s Blood Creator Owen Wiseman Takes Us Back to Feudal Japan

Recently, we spoke with Owen Wiseman, creator/writer of Samurai’s Blood from Benaroya Publishing & Image Comics.

In this interview, Wiseman gives us background on the Samurai’s Blood plot and discusses what sets this samurai story apart from other samurai fiction tales we’ve seen on TV, Anime and in comics. Wiseman also discusses his plans for the series beyond the 6 issue mini-series. If you’re hoping for a new Samurai/Ninja movie, then this may be one story you’ll want to pick up. He also tells us a little bit finding inspiration from IDW’s Locke & Key.

At 2:46, Wiseman dives into his next limited series – The Fires of Avalon. The story takes place in an alternate world where Camelot’s kingdom continues to exist beyond Arthur’s reign. Once you hear the story, you’ll definitely be able to imagine this one as a TV script. With Once Upon a Time and Grimm on the air, this story is primed for a Hollywood option.

Check out the interview above, and if you’ve had a chance to read Samurai’s Blood let us know your thoughts on the series. I had a chance to check it out and I’m really enjoying the the realistic story arc mixed with Nam Kim’s intensely cinematic illustrations.

Exclusive Interview: Strike Back Star Philip Winchester Discusses Section 20 Life & Season 2 Expectations

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Philip Winchester (Camelot), who stars as Sgt. Michael Stonebridge on Cinemax’s new action series Strike Back. Although he plays an extremely serious character, Winchester is actually quite laid back and much more talkative than his on-screen alter ego.

In this interview, Winchester dives into the depths of the Stonebridge-Scott relationshionship and tells us what it’s like to work with Sullivan Stapleton (Sgt. Damien Scott).

If you’ve seen the series, you’ve probably noticed the jovial relationship Stonebridge and Scott share during the heat of battle. At 4:00, Winchester gets into the fun dialogue moments he shares with his co-star in the cars. He gets into the give-and-take banter the two improvise on location.

Finally, Winchester tells us his hopes for Season 2 given the results of the finale and hints at some potential role reversal.

Cinemax recently announced that it will air an encore presentation of season 1 throughout the duration of the year. Production begins on Season 2 in 2012.