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Published on September 30th, 2011 | by Bags Hooper


The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.3 Review: Kat, Klaus, Torture, Brothers and Necklaces

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The Vampire Diaries took a much needed breather from killing this week in Episode 3.3, “The End of the Affair.” That’s not completely true. We did see several kills during the flashbacks to Stefan’s life in the roaring 20s as well as one off-camera kill from the newly introduced vampire Rebecca (Claire Holt). We also saw Stefan’s kill wall in Chicago, which kept a running list of all his murders. Yikes.

The Vampire Diaries season 3

This week, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec decided to skip the Jeremy-Matt ghost tale and focus on Caroline’s family and the new Klaus and Stefan dynamic duo. Don’t count Jeremy and Matt out just yet, their story will most likely tie into taking down Klaus somehow. Mark it, wait and see.

Let’s star with the clincher.

It turns out that Klaus and Stefan were good friends back in the 20s. What the heck?! Not only were Klaus and Stefan friends, but Stefan went so far as to call Klaus “brother” at one of their favorite speakeasy hangouts. At the time Damon was out of site, out of mind and apparently out of family. Stefan also was the one who helped to build up Klaus’ current demeanor. At one point Klaus actually considered himself a freak due to his half-vampire half-werewolf blood. Stefan told him that he was not an abomination, but a “king.” What else did Stefan teach Klaus? How about good old-fashioned torture. We saw a gruesome scene where Stefan compelled a man to drink his wife’s blood. It was a vile scene that showed us just how twisted the Ripper (Stefan) was before he met Lexi, may she rest in peace.

As if this wasn’t enough new information to blow our minds, Stefan’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca turned out to be an Original and Klaus’ sister. During a vampire raid at the speakeasy, Klaus compelled Stefan to forget both Rebecca and himself. Then, Klaus “killed” Rebecca (with the sacred knife that doesn’t really kill Originals) so that she wouldn’t go after Stefan. It was a well played reveal and quite possibly one of the best flashback stories since the episode where we learned that Stefan was the one who made Damon drink blood the first time.

Now, Stefan has all of his memories back. And, they came back at the perfect time (you writers are so devious). Here’s why.

Kat reared her doppleganger face on TVD to tell Damon where he could find Stefan. Needless to say, Elena tags along for the ride. She didn’t need much convincing after waking up to Damon lying in bed with her.

Once again, Stefan pushed Elena away in order to save her from Klaus. This time, however, it came with an air of finality.

“I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to be with you. I just want you to go.” – Stefan to Elena

It looks like the path has finally been cleared for the Damon-Elena hookup that Delena fans have been yearning for. Also, it seems that Stefan will have to deal with an old girlfriend, while protecting newest ex, Elena. It would be a simple job if Kat weren’t in the picture. The episode ended with Kat lurking around Chicago with unclear motivations. Also, Rebecca lost her necklace just before Klaus. Now, she needs it back in order to help Klaus and his newest witch associate to communicate with one of the original witches. It’s not clear what the necklace does or why it’s so important. However, we do know that Elena has it wrapped around her neck right now. Sounds like trouble… trouble… trouble…

Back home in Mystic Falls, it turns out that Caroline’s father doesn’t want to kill Caroline. He simply wanted to train her to detest the site of blood by torturing her with sunlight. Thankfully, Tyler reached out to Caroline’s mom and staged a quick rescue mission. Not much got added to the Caroline story. We just learned that Caroline’s dad still loves her, even if it is tough vampire love.

This season of The Vampire Diaries continues to throw caution to the wind. Unlike most shows, there’s no filler – just great action-packed story after action-packed story. Now, if I only knew what Kat was up to, all would be right with the world.

The Vampire Diaries continues every Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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