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Published on September 29th, 2011 | by Melody Simpson


‘Revenge’ Episode 1.02 Review: Trust

The second episode, “Trust” of Revenge will reel viewers in even more than it did last week. Emily Thorne is out for revenge and has taken her time to research how to target her victims best. After connecting the dots that her “Uncle Bill” lied on the stand about her father, David’s actions, Emily was hellbent on taking Bill down. Bill put his identity and actions onto David so that he would not be taken responsible for illegal trades and laundering money for a company responsible for a terrorist attack. But based on what we learn in the final minute of this episode, Victoria may be what initially got between David and Bill. David’s lesson for Emily…don’t give your trust away too easily. Something tells me Emily will not have a problem taking this advice to heart. Really, she already has and uses it as a vehicle to move her further and a crutch to knock out from under others.

“Trust is a difficult thing… whether it’s finding the right people to trust or trusting the right people will do the wrong thing. But trusting your heart is the riskiest thing of all. In the end, the only person you can truly trust is yourself.” – Emily

With this in mind, Emily single handedly takes Bill down in stocks and has given us so much to look forward to in the coming weeks. Who else will she take down and what other creative ways does she have for destroying these rich folk? Emily does get help keeping her beach house after Nolan outbid Victoria who secretly attempted to outbid Emily. Victoria’s look of shock when Emily told her of her success was exhilarating. Victoria may have been the Queen B before, but Emily is rising to the top and cannot be stopped.

As for her partner in crime… Nolan seems like the male version of Emily, though it does not seem that he has been through the same pain as her. While Nolan may be out to help the daughter of the man that helped him become a success, he enjoyed playing Emily’s game far too much to be going anywhere anytime soon and that’s alright with me. It doesn’t seem like a lack of games would push Nolan away. Nolan is clearly very lonely, buying a boat only to sell it back if Declan’s brother will be friends with him. Perhaps Nolan should make a friend in Declan. He sure needs one, a friend and a mentor. Perhaps with Nolan by his side, he wouldn’t get beat up by the posse of Charlotte’s boyfriend. Both Declan and his brother though need to stick closer together in this economically discriminating town… especially with the health of their father declining. Then there’s Lydia who is attempting with what little might that she has to get money from her marriage after the pre-nup promises were dissolved due to her infidelity. The exact opposite of an independent woman is what Lydia here represents. Less Lydia, more of everyone else please. The suspense began the moment Revenge came on but fizzled out when Lydia appeared on the screen. Maneater party of one.

Trust was the theme tonight but it will be every week with a series titled, Revenge. And while watching Emily get her revenge is thrill, finding out what she was up to between the ages of 16 and 18 will be just as exciting. Though there’s so much to get to on this show, so hopefully the writers will get the opportunity to go down as many avenues as possible. There’s definitely a lot to touch on here for seasons to come, let’s just hope enough viewers agree. Soapy as it may be, Revenge is riveting. It is the ultimate TV guilty pleasure of the season. So make sure you tune in so you have something to chime in on at the water cooler.

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    What kind of watch does Emily have on during episode 2 ‘trust’ when she is calling all the investors…..I want it!

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