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Published on September 28th, 2011 | by Bags Hooper


Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Una Venta – William Lucking Delivers Killer Performance

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“Buena suerte!” – Romeo

Sons of Anarchy‘s “Una Venta” episode began with SAMCRO riding off to melancholy Mexican mariachi music. The club’s first ride out as cocaine couriers felt more like a funeral procession than a celebration of new fortune to be made. Bobby and Piney have made it clear that they are opposed to the new deal, while Clay needs multiple injections to curb his grip problems on the road to Tucson, Arizona.

Episode 4.4 focused mostly on foreshadowing the future of the Redwood Chapter, by comparing its new dealings with the current problems that the Tucson chapter is facing. Tucson is already dealing crank; the vote went in four months ago. Clay is angered by this new turn of events for two reasons: he didn’t know about it and Tucson’s crank operation could interfere with Clay’s current deal with Romeo.

Clay tries to make the distinction between selling drugs and transporting drugs. However, Bobby agrees with Tucson: once you’re in the drug game, you’re in the drug game.

We got our first taste of the kind of damage that will go down this season thanks to the new drug business. Romeo’s men pointed out that Clay was being tailed. Although Clay believes that the Tucson chapter is at fault for the tail, he has no idea that Assistant United States District Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ra McKinnon) sent the tail as part of his Rico case. Tucson and Redwood end up shaking the tail by blowing up a few gasoline barrels. The explosion was major and just a small glimpse of the carnage that will come down on the club as the coke business expands.

Clay and Jax later discover that Tuscon voted in crank on a lie. One of its members was already dealing. However, the only club member who knew was sleeping with another member’s wife. Not good. Silence was exchanged for silence. Well, until Clay and Jax exposed it to the Tuscon board. Unfortunately, the club voted again and this time the vote was unanimous. The drug business was bringing in enough money to take over the club.

Everything about Tucson mimics Redwood. Tucson was split on the vote four months ago. Also, we got some precedent for what happens when one member cheats with another member’s old lady. Creator Kurt Sutter re-established the precedent inner-club loyalty. If it turns out that Clay was sleeping with Gemma before John died (or worse), Clay would get drummed out of the club. Coincidentally, Piney is after just this information.

William Lucking delivered an excellent performance as Piney in “Una Venta”. He went to see Tara (Maggie Siff) at her job to find out if Tara had any information that he could use as leverage to “save” the club. Before Tara has the chance to tell him about John’s letters, Gemma walks in on queue. Shortly after, Piney passes out due and is sent to the ER. It turns out Piney was just short on oxygen. Tara then revealed the secrets held in John’s letters.

“Leave it alone, before it kills you.” – Gemma to Piney

It was a great scene, especially seeing the fear and anger in Piney’s eyes when Gemma issued the indirect threat. Lucking is acting gold.

As a side note, the Tuscon chapter has an extremely diverse ethnic makeup. It seems perfectly acceptable to have a chapter lead be hispanic. So it’s a little strange that Sheriff Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) thinks that he can use Juice’s mixed-black heritage as information leverage over him. It’s even stranger that Juice seemed worried that Roosevelt had that information. Personally, I don’t think Juice has anything to worry about from the club should they find out that he’s part black. But, if I missed something let me know.

Speaking of Roosevelt, Gemma has made an alliance with Roosevelt’s wife, Rita. The two are in business of sorts together, trying to save Charming from Hale’s development project. This may create an interesting dynamic between Roosevelt and the club or Roosevelt and his wife, especially since Lincoln (under the guise of zoning department worker Nick Stackhouse) gave Gemma the idea to help Rita.

As if the club didn’t have enough problems, Lincoln (who turns out to be an eccentric table dancer) has given Otto information on Bobby’s relationship with Luanne before she died. Lincoln gives Otto photos of Luanne’s body and reveals that Bobby’s semen was all over it.

Episode 4.4 ended with the club staring at several kilos of pure Colombian cocaine. It looks like Samcro is in over its collective head.

What did you think of last night’s episode?

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