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Published on September 14th, 2011 | by Melody Simpson


‘Parenthood’ Season 3 Premiere Review: I Don’t Want to Do This Without You

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The best family drama on television today and one of the best dramas period is back for its third season and is just as strong as ever. The writers have done it again. They have managed to balance showing the lives of three generations Bravermans without failing to send across some sort of heartfelt message.

Couple, Haddie and Alex seemed to be going strong… that is, aside from the third wheel, Max and the drunken night that Haddie decided to have which led to Alex riding in the back of a cop car. Aunt Julia came to the rescue but there’s more to this offense of Alex’s than Haddie knows. It is unclear if Julia will take on Alex’s upcoming case, but she has quite an argument against the boy who had alcohol at a house party with underage attendees. Alex does need to come clean to Haddie about his first offense. From one of the promos, we know that this will happen but it is a matter of when and what prompts the discussion. What sets it off? The writers are good with setting their characters off in heated arguments. We got one from Amber and Sarah as Amber, with her spunky new hair do, decided to leave Sarah’s 40th birthday dance party early to pick up the key to her new apartment. This cast is amazing. They bring their characters alive and the words on the page alive in a way that no other ensemble could. What a joy it is to get to see this show back on the air.

Watching Amber move into her own apartment will be a lot of fun. Getting your own apartment for the first time is a pivotal moment in life, so there should be plenty of unforgettable moments in her apartment this season, granted her finances are in order for that long. Her mom might have better luck though in a different aspect in life, that being her love life. After bumping into and kissing Mark (Jason Ritter), as well as receiving Amber’s diploma from him after he stole it since it was being held due to unreturned library books… it is safe to say that Mark will be around for awhile. Well, that and Ritter’s series, The Event was canceled earlier this year. While seeing Sarah happy in this department of her life, Mark is definitely not the one for her but she is definitely going to and should enjoy this relationship while it lasts. And as per usual, Sarah’s son, Drew was nowhere to be seen or heard.

Then there’s Adam who is unemployed and must decide whether he should take the job offer at hand or go into business with Crosby. For someone who seemed so incredibly upset about Kristina taking on more hours at work, he sure ponder the options. We still do not know what he will choose but it is a tough decision. No easier than it is for his potential future business partner to accept that Jasmine is dating other people. Crosby is clearly hooking up with other girls but his heart is not in it while Jasmine is putting her all out there. That hurts. But enough time apart with other people may be just what the two need before they decide to come back together. Although before coming back together, they really need to court and get to know each other so that what happened before doesn’t happen again.

“Do you know what you’re having?” – Julia
“Oh it’s um a human baby so I’m pretty excited.” – Zoe

Then there’s Julia and Joel who are attempting to adopt. It seems “the latte girl at work” could be the greatest co-worker ever. If Julia is able to connect with her and lock down an arrangement to adopt her unborn baby, this season should be full of more ups than downs for her. And hopefully this adoption story line will give Julia and Joel more screen time than last season. They are just as compelling as the rest of the Bravermans. But there’s going to be plenty to captivate us all this season, adoption or not adoption. Make no mistake, Parenthood brings so much to the table and every moment is just as heartfelt as the next. The stories are real. The characters are mirrors of many of its viewers. The emotions are real. Parenthood is as real as it gets on television and there’s no other show on television that can say it has mastered the qualities that Parenthood has mastered. That’s one of the many reasons why Parenthood is worth watching every week. The season premiere is a wonderful piece of work but this is only the beginning!

Watch Parenthood Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

*Photo Credit: Byron Cohen/NBC

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    I hate Haddie and Amber’s hair.  1987 called and wants their style back.  It didn’t look good the first time and it doesn’t look good this time around either. I particularly hate Haddie’s hair.  It’s sad.  It’s poodle hair. Bleh. 

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