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Published on August 31st, 2011 | by Melody Simpson


‘Big Brother 13′ Review: Week Eight POV

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Big Brother last ended with the opening of Pandora’s Box. Since Porsche decided to open Pandora’s Box for $10,000 to split with a house guest, all of the original duo rules apply for the week. In tonight’s episode, Porsche admitted that she regretted opening the box though she would have been awfully silly not to. Pandora’s Box is not worth opening so close to the end of the game. Then again, Pandora’s Box may have been a blessing in disguise, as it gave Porsche and her partner, Kalia a final four deal with Rachel and Jordan. The odds were in their favor whether they won the veto or not as Rachel and Jordan seemed very sincere in their plea for a final four deal. Though if they did win the veto, either Rachel or Jordan would be going home this week. Plus, Porsche chose Kalia as the house guest to win the other $5,000 so they at least walk away with more than the former house guests at the end of the competition.

“From hereon out, only you control your destiny.” – Adam

Of course things did not go the best route possible for the newbies, with Rachel winning the POV competition, holding onto dummy, Brendon for dear life. Four minutes into the competition, an unfortunately overweight Adam fell off his dummy and just four minutes later, Jordan, who cannot tolerate pain, fell as well. Adam did not excel in this competition, but he did try and was clearly very devastated and embarrassed with his fall. Meanwhile, there’s Jordan who seemed to fall with not much of a care in the world since she can’t tolerate pain and knew that Rachel was a better competitor. No matter how many times she said “Sorry,” to Rachel, everyone knows that Jordan is the ultimate floater, letting all of the stronger veterans string her along. It’s a shame that she won’t be going home this week but there is always next week. The POV competition was a close one, which left Rachel and Kalia in the final two spots. Rachel’s noticeably physically stronger than Kalia and her position on the dummy kept her in good shape for the entire ride, so it came as no surprise to see Rachel take the POV.

Rachel’s win meant that the only duo left in the house, Adam and Shelly were on the block. With Shelly as Rachel and Jordan’s main target and Adam not seen as a threat by anyone other than being a wildcard, which at this point is a moot point, it is safe to predict that Shelly will get evicted live tomorrow night. While her future eviction is the effect of her own game play, she does not deserve the childish “I’m ignoring you” behavior from Jordan… though Jordan is a child, so our expectations of her behavior cannot be very high. Nor does Shelly deserve the death threats that people from Jeff’s camp have been sending to her family since Jeff’s eviction. The show has not mentioned anything of the sort, but it’s everywhere on the gossip sites and is a loud cry of how desperate and greedy Jeff’s camp is. What a shame. Shelly and Jordan made up, maybe what’s going on outside of the house can settle down as well.

No matter, Kalia and Porsche are looking up about the given predicament and have acknowledged that they are pulling all of the weight in the newbie alliance. So with Shelly and Adam on the block this week, it would be safe to say that the final four will be all females, Rachel, Jordan, Kalia, and Porsche. It’s actually quite funny to see Adam talking about fighting to stay in this competition when he hasn’t actually earned an opportunity to do so this entire summer. As far as the final three goes, Rachel has done far more than Jordan so it would be appropriate to see Rachel, Kalia, and Porsche head into the finals. If Rachel wins, it’s a toss up as to who she would take with her to the final two. Kalia earned HoH twice but also sent Brendon packing. Porsche has some wins and many close wins under her belt but no major game moves in sight. If Porsche or Kalia make it to the finals, they would regret it for the rest of their lives bringing Rachel to the final two. But either way you spin it, it seems that Porsche or Kalia will be in the final two. At least that is the hope. With the season finale in just two weeks, the competition is getting down to the wire and if you’ve continued watching this season, you may be forced to root for house guests you never intentioned to root for. What a wild ride this season has taken us on, and in two weeks we’ll find it if that ride was worth taking.

Big Brother 13 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and LIVE on Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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