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Published on August 21st, 2011 | by Melody Simpson


‘The Lying Game’ Episode 1.02 Review: Being Sutton

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The second episode of The Lying Game begins where the series premiere left off, with the mystery of the missing laptop. Many questions will be answered tomorrow night, including the question of who stole Sutton’s laptop. The reveal will have to wait until the very end of the episodes, but it is definitely worth every moment of anticipation. Viewers will also find out about Sutton’s well being and progress on the search for he girls’ biological parents. While the search does not progress much this week, stay tuned for episode three when the lid is almost blown off this case! But as for “Being Sutton,” just know that Emma is not the only one working with Sutton to find their biological parents. Spoiler alert… cue in Mads’ brother, Thayer.

“Where did you learn to dance like that?” – Emma
“Sutton taught me.” – Ethan

And lucky for you liars, that’s not the only fresh face we’ll see this week. The parents have much more screen time than in the series premiere, as one of the settings in this episode is the Father-Daughter Dance. Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) makes his arc debut as Mads’ alcoholic father, with a vengeance it seems. Villain he may be, he’s just as much a mystery as Thayer is and all of Sutton’s friends. With The Lying Games mentioned and explained within the first five minutes of the episode, it is even difficult to put complete trust in any of Sutton’s friends. Surely, there are lines to be drawn in the games, but which of her friends is willing to cross those lines? Which of her friends really has her back when the going gets tough? Clearly, Sutton does not know the answer herself, keeping the secret of her long lost twin from all of the ladies.

The dance studio where Mads and Char attend is also an important setting tomorrow night as it leads to a very emotional moment that shows viewers the less than dazzling family dynamic between Char and her mother. Seeing the different family dynamic is very important since this is ABC Family after all, so learning more about each family will be an eye opener within itself each week all season long. Though as far as happenings at the dance center, Char receives some bad news and Mads shows off her stiff ballet arms. Talk about ungraceful. Anyway, Char and her mother are not the only parent-daughter duos at odds. Mads tells her father (Pasdar) who is also Sutton’s god father how she really feels at the Father-Daughter Dance while Ethan struggles to attempt to get his father, a cop to see Sutton in a more angelic light. Tough gig for Ethan there. His goal is going to take some time to be reached (if at all), as it should.

Speaking of the cop, readers do get to see the moment that Emma reveals herself to be Emma Becker and not Sutton Mercer. Only, Sutton has pulled a dozen too many tricks on the police and has officially cried wolf. While an unfortunate moment for Emma, the cop’s disbelief enables this mysterious and dare I say mischievous original plan of the twins’ to go on in a much more thrilling way, so it works. Sutton’s sister, Laurel goes on her own mystery hunt after overhearing who she believes to be Sutton talking with Ethan about being a fake at the father-daughter dance. She comes to the conclusion that Ethan is her secret boyfriend and this secret spreads like wildflower, which is hilarious considering how well Sutton keeps secrets when Emma clearly cannot.

While not being able to keep secrets does not necessarily say a lot about one’s character, it does here. Emma is a “do the right thing” type of person, so to see her mixed up in not only The Lying Games but the big secret that she and Sutton are sharing, it’s quite a learning experience. What makes this journey so enthralling is that viewers get to see Emma learn things about herself while Emma is too while coming to terms with all of it in such a short amount of time. Everything about her character is questioned by Emma herself when she is making moves as Sutton and she acknowledges that. Emma assesses the situation and makes big moves that she may not have normally taken in everyday life. Those risk taking moves are what establishes Emma as Emma and Sutton as Sutton but the two different approaches collide with Emma acting as Sutton and that is one of the reasons why this show is so captivating. When Sutton’s mom answered Emma’s phone when Travis called and Emma later lied about the phone being someone else’s, that was a moment where Emma’s world collided into Sutton’s. So we’ll get a back and forth collision, which is exciting to know.

Also worth pointing out is the chemistry amongst the cast. While there’s still lots of room left to learn more about and connect with each of the characters, the cast members seem much more relaxed in their characters which makes the dialogue flow right off the tongue and seem as natural as ever. There are also quite a few jokes that stand out which could probably lead to a “Top 25 Favorite Quotes From The Lying Game” list. Although a more fascinating list might be the “Top 10 Lies of The Lying Game Season One.” With what is being questioned and revealed tomorrow night, it is hard to say who is in the lead for the number one spot on that list. That makes waiting for what’s to come all the more fun. And if you thought that the extent of the mysteries was not as intriguing and captivating as those on The Lying Game’s sister show, Pretty Little Liars, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Lying Game is getting into its groove and it just might knock you off your path, so stay tuned.

Watch The Lying Game Mondays at 9/8c on ABC Family.


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