Heroes of Ruin Trailer Shows off First Potential Killer 3DS Title

by Bags Hooper on August 15, 2011 · 0 comments

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Since March, the public has been waiting for a 3DS game that says, “Hey, I want to own a 3DS so that I can play that game.”

While we can only hope that this mystical game comes before the end of 2011 in the form of one of Nintendo’s first-party Mario titles, Square-Enix has us anxiously awaiting its upcoming action-adventure game Heroes of Ruin. Check out the trailer above for the game developed by n-Space. It has some terrific graphics and promises several giant boss battles as we well as a unique co-op gaming experience.

Let us know your thoughts and what 3DS games you’re playing? Or are you holding out for the Playstation Vita?

About Heroes of Ruin:
- Battle alone or with friends, chatting with your team in real-time using the 3DS microphone, trade items with them, forge new alliances and engage in tactical team play to overcome enemies

- Choose from four diverse and powerful classes then customize your appearance from the outset, and as your character evolves, your fighting style, armor set

- Be a mercenary fighter doing battle against deadly fiends and powerful beasts battling forth on your own in single player or join forces with other heroes online

- Explore and fight through dynamic environments; battle against a wide variety of deadly creatures who?ll stretch your combat and tactical skills

- Play in new ways and access more rewards and achievements by completing challenges sent to your 3DS everyday, or download frequent new game content.

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