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Published on August 9th, 2011 | by Bags Hooper


‘Supernatural’ Exclusive Interview: Jensen Ackles Talks New ‘Evil’ & Dream Series Finale

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Get ready for a new “evil” in Supernatural Season 7. Recently, we spoke with Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester on the series.

Jensen Ackles

In this interview, Ackles discusses betrayals, what makes good TV, and he tells us that that he expects this to be one of the most intense seasons yet. Also, for fans looking for Supernatural to return to its roots, exploring urban lore rather than issues of Heaven and Hell or God vs the Devil, Ackles hints at a “new lore” that will be explored this season.

We sparked a debate on Supernatural‘s future in our interview with Jim Beaver (Stars as Bobby). But, in this interview, we get Ackles to discuss just what a Supernatural Season 10 Series Finale would look like. Can you say Butch and Sundance?

Let us know your thoughts on Supernatural Season 10 possibilities and reactions to Ackles responses regarding the series finale in comments below!

Also, be sure to see how Misha Collins (Stars as Castiel) makes us laugh during our interview. It’s hard to keep a straight face, when Collins is delivering his dry comedy.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for asking all the right questions. It’s not Jensen’s fault he could tell anything specific about what would Dean feel about Cas.

  • Debie2469

    love suoernatural

  • guest

    BUTCH & SUNDANCE??????!!!! Haven’t they died enough already?????

  • Tessa

    Thanks so much for this interview.  You asked great questions and I think Jensen answered them as well as he was able given the position of his character.  It’s true Dean is always getting betrayed and somehow it’s always getting brushed under the rug like Dean shouldn’t be upset about it or worse, they try to sell it as somehow he deserved it – when he hasn’t done anything to deserve it.  He’s always been a good team player as well as leader and yet his “teammates” are always lying to and/or betraying him and claiming it was somehow for either his own good or the greater good, even though it usually makes things even worse.  So I’d really like to see that change this season and for Dean to insist on a little more respect in that regard.

    • Jasmine

      So agreed!

  • Sleepless

    Really great interview. A new lore – well one can only guess that the battle will be with the dead…. That which is left behind after the souls are gone. Saminga?

  • kristhel Rubby

    good… well I think he’s right. the boys got to say bye as heros cuz that’s what they are.
    I must say I don’t want there to be 10 seasons… it’ll finish when it gotta and not like smallville (I’m not against it it’s just I think it wouldn’t be the supernatural right movement)
    I still wish this line at the end of it: We’ve got work to do.

  • Jmj

    i would love there to be 10 seasons yay!seriously i think any show should go on as long as people like watching it and i don t mean the vocal online community but all viewers that just enjoy it as reflected in the ratings , for example some like earlier seasons only, but i loved season 6  the most

  • Jasmine

    I know I’m gonna cry a whole hour if they die in the end, but Jensen is right…

  • @shfly3424’s wife


  • Shelby Dowell

    Personally it would break my heart if Dean and Sam bite the bullet at the end of series but Jensen is right it would only be fair to have the boys go out heroic because thats truely what they are are heros that doesnt mean i wont scream and cry and through a fit xD
    and Ill miss cas if Cas’s story is rapped up in the first two eps of season seven but yet I think it’s time the boys stand on there own two feet once again ill miss cas and Ill miss the boys if they die but at least theyll finally get a break….

    I think it would be awesome to have 10 seasons hell i dont want it to end anyway after they reach 10 seasons i wanna have em keep going but its not up to me…. 7 seasons 8 seasons 10 seasons Im fine with each ever but ill break my heart either way.

  • 0elysium0

    Tried to post…back for a 2nd try…w/ more to say.
    Yes it was interesting to watch Jensen figure how much he should/shouldn’t say, but he did well. He always seems so serious in interviews :)
    I don’t like too many spoilers, main exception perhaps with his directing episode as he did a hellova job the first time!!
    I agree with Tessa, and esp so because i personally have a lot in common with Dean, I can relate to probably too many things.

    As far as Seasons…rumored to be 10. I could keep watching SN forever, but that wouldn’t be good for the show. As long as the stories remain good, and the character arcs progress, and remain that way till the last show. It would be terrible for one of the best shows ever to downgrade into crap and get cancelled, and not go out on it’s own terms. But It has to end, and I totally agree with Jensen on that (i mentioned my thoughts about Sam and Dean character needing to die in the finale 2 weeks ago) They do need a kick ass heroic ending!

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