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Published on August 5th, 2011 | by Ernie Estrella


The First Photos Surface of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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anne hathaway catwoman dark knight rises

Warner Brothers released their first image of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman on The Dark Knight Rises official website. It shows a single high-resolution photo of Selina Kyle sitting atop Batman’s Bat-Cycle. Let your speculative mind run free! But first, hear our thoughts. If you zoom in on the thumbnail below, you’ll see a hi-res version of the above photo.

selina kyle official hi res anne hathaway

Let’s put on our glasses of analysis. First things are first, Nolan got rid of the ears, and while they’re a silly little costume gag, so is a guy with a cowl with bat ears. I get that Christopher Nolan is trying to drive a hard, gritty and more realistic approach with all of his character designs but there’s not much else that’s costume-y about Catwoman otherwise. Unless of course this is a scene either before the full Catwoman outfit is revealed, or she was in a disguise and just needed to wear a stripped (no pun intended) down version of the full costume. Hathaway’s goggles look to keep in line with the Nolan designs. I imagine these goggles allow her to see in night, see the thermal grade of those around her, access a computer or whatever gadget a thief would need. Hathaway was also able to keep her long hair for Dark Knight Rises, where many thought she might cut her locks to mirror Kyle’s contemporary look in the comic. It makes sense for her line of thievery to be as sleek as possible.

darwyn cooke catwomanI’d still love to see how Hathaway looks in a truly faithful reproduction of Darwyn Cooke’s redesign which has been accepted by many modern comic readers as Catwoman’s definitive look, even if it’s just for a production photo. I’d love to see helmet-like headpiece, big bubble cat-eyed goggles, and a big giant zipper ring that can be pulled down to reveal a tiny bit of Selina’s curvy figure. But for now we’ll just have to let this be the foundation for what will hopefully be a few different looks for Catwoman.

If you look closely at Hathaway’s shoulders, you’ll see she is wearing a padded catsuit, with some texture on the outer part. Thankfully there are no cut-outs or dreadful literal “cat” or “clawed” designs. She looks like a thief, she looks stealthy, and Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway’s role in Princess Diaries) looks damn good in this tight, black. Now, is this her final look? Or just her riding attire? That’s possible.

Maybe she’s on Batman’s cycle for a reason. Maybe she’s working with Batman as she sometimes does in the comics. Maybe Batman or Lucius (Morgan Freeman) built this intermediate suit for her and she’s carrying out a reconnaissance mission for Batman. Or maybe this scene is a production shot of Catwoman stealing the bat-cycle outright.

As for these other photos, they look like Hathaway or a stunt woman riding the Bat-cycle in the melee scene that was photographed earlier in the week and gave us glimpses of Christian Bale and Tom Hardy dressed to the comic book nines. Someone seriously needs to put a lockdown on cellphone and paparazzi photos. At this rate, we’ll be able to see release of the Dark Knight Rises in a flipbook from all of the bystander pictures.

catwoman dark night rises 2

You’ll see from the side angles that she has a utility belt with pouches, and that her boots come up into her mid thigh. To echo this in the upper half, it looks like she may have gloves that come up to her mid-bicep region. She’s almost has a Baroness from G.I. Joe/Black Widow look to her. I’m not going to be up in arms because she doesn’t hit exactly what I pictured because we don’t know where this scene comes into the film, and whether or not this is her full and final outfit. She looks realistic while inspired by how Catwoman looks today in the comics (thankfully) but I’d still like to see her with the short hair and the head piece.

catwoman anne hathaway dark knight rises

Hopefully, there will be some scenes shot in the future by more paparazzi or cellphone onlookers and we’ll be able to confirm whether or not there will be more looks to Anne Hathaway and the Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises.

Okay, now let’s hear what you have to say. Like it, don’t like? Do you think this is the final look for Catwoman, or is this just one of many looks?
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