Will ‘Anarchy Reigns’ Be Sega’s Big Win in 2012? Story Trailer is Winning

by Terry Boyden on July 31, 2011 · 0 comments

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2011 has been a moderately lackluster year for Sega titles on the home console (I still wish Sega and the Creative Assembly could have magically brought Total War: Shogun 2 to Xbox 360 or PS3). After 2011′s big win with Vanquish, all has been quiet at the home of Sonic. And, while long-time Sega fans are looking out for the upcoming Sonic Generations (myself included), it would be nice to see Sega deliver a killer title worthy of its publishing name.

Right now, I think that big win will come from Anarchy Reigns. Vanquish included, Platinum Games has consistently delivered great titles for Sega. This latest story trailer has me optimistic for an early 2012 win for this developer-publisher team. For starters, it has great voice acting and character design. Now, we just need to see the gameplay deliver. If we can get a strong 10 hour game, Sega will definitely be Winning in the new year.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts:

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