June 2011

Film & Movies

Xerxes Film To Be Retitled; Two Potential Directors Found

June 28, 2011

Despite the box office juggernaut that Zack Snyder’s 300 was to moviegoers, raking in more than $450 million worldwide on a mere $65 million budget, the spin-off film that was [...]


‘Weeds’ Season 7 Premiere Review: Kohan Reboots Series Direction

June 27, 2011

After every third season of Weeds, creator Jenji Kohan decides to take her beloved series into a new direction. In the Weeds Season 7 premiere, Kohan took her characters three [...]

True Blood

‘True Blood’: Tara Turned-Out Poll

June 27, 2011

In Season 3, True Blood showrunner Alan Ball had us wondering if Tara (Rutina Wesley) would be turned by vampire Franklin Mott (James Frain). In the Season 4 premiere, Ball [...]

Falling Skies

Falling Skies Episode 1.02 Review: Skitter Done

June 27, 2011

After lots of set up in the two-hour pilot, Falling Skies’ picked up the pace in its second week. Both sides gained leverage by capturing a prisoner. Tom (Noah Wylie) [...]


‘Cars 2′ Siddeley Foam Glider is Great for Outdoor Summer Fun

June 27, 2011

Growing up, my parents never had the money to buy most of the toys I asked (or rather begged them) for. So, I used to improvise. I would piece together [...]

Film & Movies

Tom Hanks Says ‘Toy Story 4′ is ‘Being Worked On’

June 27, 2011

So Cars 2 is an apparent critical failure (which sucks because I thoroughly enjoyed it), but does that mean Pixar should hang up the sequel game for now? According to [...]

DVD/BR Announcements

Jurassic Park Trilogy Invades Blu-ray this October

June 27, 2011

Like many trilogies, the Jurassic Park franchise started off with an amazing first installment (back in 1993) and then cranked out two so-so followups (The Lost World in 1997 and [...]

E3 2011

'Saints Row 3' Babes-Wash Preview and Soap Suds Pics

June 27, 2011

Why limit booth babes to a booth, when you can give them the run of an entire parking lot? THQ booth babes took over the Los Angeles convention center parking [...]


Comic-Con News – Sarah Michelle Gellar Attending to Show Off ‘Ringer’

June 27, 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans that will be on hand at San Diego Comic Con next month have a reason to rejoice: Sarah Michelle Gellar is confirmed to attend the [...]

Boardwalk Empire

'Boardwalk Empire' Seeks to Return with a Vengeance – New Teaser Trailer

June 27, 2011

Not to be overshadowed by its overachieving HBO sibling Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire looks like it’ll back with a vengeance this Fall, according to the Season Two teaser trailer [...]