‘True Blood’ Season 4 Teaser Trailer – Eric / Sookie Action Finally on the Menu?

by Alexis James-Whitehead on May 12, 2011 · 0 comments

in True Blood

The teaser trailer to True Blood’s fourth season is finally here and it looks a lot like…. Season 3.

Sookie and Eric hookup tension? Check. Tara upset at something? Check. Jason stuck in a tangential plot where he’s being tortured? Got that too.

Ok, I’m being a bit harsh, but perhaps only because this teaser plays it safe and leads us to draw any number of conclusions about what will happen. Are Sookie and Bill officially old news and does this mean that she’s finally get together with Eric OUTSIDE of a dream? Will Alcide be a part of that love triangle? And everyone seems to be in danger, but will anyone actually die (or meet the true death)? As this trailer puts it, “the wait is almost over,” so I guess we’ll twiddle our thumbs patiently to see what happens when Season 4 premieres this June.

Check out the trailer below, courtesy of Yahoo! TV:

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